CHAP. in Christ Jesus concerning you. the coming of our Lord Jesus CHAP.

'Quench not the spirit. Under- Christ. He who called you may 20 value noi ? prophesying. Prove all be relied upon for a performance 24 21 things; hold fast the best. Ab- of his promise. Brethren, pray for 22 stain from all appearance of evil. us. I charge you, by the Lord, that 27

23 Now, may the God of peace this letter be read to all the holy Apostolic make you altogether holy! and brethren. The favour of our Lord 28 benedic , tion and

may your spirit, and life, and body, Jesus Christ be with you. Amen. conclusion. be kept entire, and blameless unto




CHAP. DAUL, and Sylvanus, and Timo- flaming fire, executing vengeance CHAP 1.

I thy, unto the church of the on them who know not God, and ! The ade Thessalonians in God our Father, obey not the gospel of our Lord Je-8

and our Lord Jesus Christ : favour sus Christ. These will suffer a 9
2 be to you, and peace from God our sentence of long-lasting ruin, be-

Father, and from vur Lord Jesus fore the presence of the Lord and

This glorious power, when he is 3 We ought to thank God always come to be glorified by his saints, Their for- for you, brethren, as it is fit, be- and to be admired on that day by 10 titude a subject of

cause your faith thriveth, and the every believer of our testimony, grateful re. love of every one of you towards which was established aniong you joicing ; each other encreaseth. So that we by proof. For which * purpose in- Il

4 ourselves glory in you among the deed we are always praying on your

churches of God, on account of behalf, that our God would count your patience and trust, under all you' worthy of this calling, and the wrongs and distresses which ye fully execute with power all the 5 endure; a proof of the just ap- gracious pleasure of his goodness, pointment of God, in vouchsafing and your work of faith : that the 12 unto you that kingdom of God, for name of our Lord Jesus Christ which ye can even suffer.

may be glorified by you, and ye by 6 Now God will be just in recom- him, according to the favour of our persecutors pensing affliction to those who af- God and of our Lord Jesus Christ. will be se- Airt grand to vou that

e. Aict you, and to you that are afflict- Now, we entreat you, brethren, CHAP verely pu. nished ed, rest with us at the manifesta-concerning this coming of our

7 tion of our Lord Jesus Christ from Lord, and our assembling unto him,
heaven, with his mighty angels, in that ye be not easily moved from

i By an abuse of its gifts.

to give the Thessalonians more particular
. The exercise of the powers and duties directions how to conduct themselves to-
of a prophet, of which teaching was a chief wards those who walked in a disorderly

3 This epistle was written from the same 4 That ye may have rest with us.
place, and in the same year as the former was 5 By his power assisting you here, and
The design of it is to correct a misunder-) glorifying you hercafter.
standing of some part of his first epistle, and



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s their

CHAP, your judgment, nor troubled by loved by the Lord ! because God CHAP.

. any pretended declaration of the chose you at first unto salvation,bye cau. spirit, nor by any expression, nor a spiritual purification, and a belief Repeats

om by any letter as from us, as if the of the truth; for which end he hath fu deceiv- day of the Lord were at hand. Let called you by the gospel which we

no one deceive you by any means : preach, to the obtaining of the glo- 14 3 for that day will not come, unless ry of our Lord Jesus Christ. there come a falling away first, and so then, brethren! continue to 15 the man of sin, the son of mischief, hold fast the doctrines delivered un- Exhorta4 be displayed; who opposeth and to you by us, whether by word of a raiseth himself up above every one mouth, or by letter. Now, may wishes. that calleth himself a 'god, or de- our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and 16 mandeth reverence; so as to place God our Father, who hath shown himself in the 2 temple of God, as a his love for us by graciously giving

god, 3 declaring himself to be a us an everlasting comfort, and a 17 5 god. Do ye not remember that good hope, encourage your hearts, when I was yet with you, I told you and establish you in every good these things.

word and work. 6 And now ye know what 4 hin- Finally, brethren ! pray for us, CHAP. he man dereth; so that he will display that the doctrine of the Lord may

bed himself in his proper time; though have free course, and gain glory, He rete the indeed this mystery of wickedness even as with you ; and that ye may go ming of is showing itself already ; but he be delivered from unstable and

who now hindereth must be re- wicked men ; for all are not steady
8 moved, and then this 5 wicked to the faith. But the Lord may be 3

person will be displayed; whom relied on that he will establish you,
the Lord Jesus will consume with and keep you from evil. And we 4
the breath of his mouth, and will have this confidence in the Lord

destroy with the manifestation of concerning you, that ye both do,
9 his presence: even him whose ap- and will do, the things which we
pearance is according to the opera command you. And may the 5
tion of 6 Satan, with all imposture Lord direct your hearts unto the

of miracles, and of signs and won- love of God, and unto an endu10 ders ; and with all iniquitous de- rance of Christ.

ceit among those that are prepared Now, we charge you, brethren ! 6
for destruction ; because they re- in the name of our Lord Jesus Charges
ceived not the love of the truth that Christ, to keep yourselves from the

Mavoid the 11 they might be saved. And for this every brother who walketh disorder-company

cause, God will permit to prevailly, and not according to the doc-ofthe

among them a mighty working of trine which he received from us. idle, $sc. 12 error; so that all will be con- For ye know that ye ought to imi-7

demned who believe not the truth, tate us ; and we were not disorder- S

.but have pleasure in iniquity. ly, among you, neither did we live 13 But we ought always to thank at any man's cost, but worked with

God on your behalf, brethren, be- labour and weariness, night and

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* Above magistrates, kings and emperors. cessors.
• The Christian church.

o With fraud and delusion, such as might
3 Ostentatiously displaying, not only a be expected from the greatest adversaries of
spiritual, but a temporal power.

Christ, 4 He means the Roman empire

An endurance of such afflictions as your 5 The Bishop of Rome, and his suc- Christian profession exposes you to.


CHAP. day, that we might not be bur-| And ve, brethren, be not weary CHAP

thensome to any of you : not be- in well-doing. And if any one disc
9 cause we have no authority, but obey our orders in this letter, mark 13

to make ourselves a pattern to you that man, por keep company with and to mark 10 for your imitation. For indeed him that he may be ashained. Yet

whilst we were with you, we gave do not regard him as an enemy, his orders. you this charge, that if any one but admonish him as a brother."

were not willing to work, neither Now, may the Lord of peace 16 Il should he eat. For we hear that give you his peace every way at all Concludes

some among you walk disorderly, limes! The Lord be with you all. With
doing no business of their own, The salutation of me Pant'is with

but prying into the business of my own hand; which is my mark
12 others. Now we charge such, and in every letter; so I write. The 18

entreat them by our Lord Jesus favour of our Lord Jesus Christ be
Christ, that they labour, and eat with you all. Amen.
their own bread in peace..

with his



CHAP. DAUL, an apostle of Jesus Now, the end of this charge to CHAP.

I Christ, by the appointment of thee is love out of a pure heart, and to Address to God our Saviour, and Christ Jesus, of a good conscience, and of faith Design of imothy, who is our hope, to Timothy, my unseigned: from all which some

2 true ? son in the faith ; favour, having erred, have turned aside to is going to
mercy, and peace be lo thee from vain talk, desiring to be teachers of give him
God our Father, and Christ Jesus the law, yet not understanding 7
our Lord.

what they say, nor concerning 3 As I besought thee to remain at what they strongly affirm. A former. Ephesus, when I went into Mace- But we know that the law is 8 request se donia, that thou mightest charge good, if we use it suitably to its Use of the

some not to teach other doctrines, purpose ; knowing this, that the law. 4 nor give heed to fables and endless law is not made for a rightcous 9 . genealogies, which occasion dis-1 man, but for the lawless and disoputes, rather than that godly edify- bedient, for the ingodly and for ing which is by faith, so I now be- sinners, for the unholy and impure; seech thee.

for murderers of fathers, and mur


It appears from the Acts of the Apos- ment of the church of Ephesus ; what ought
tles, ard several passages in the Epistles of to be the qualifications of those who were to
Paul, that Timothy was a young man of be appointed ministers; how false teachers
most excellent qualities, and alınost con- should be withstood, erroneous notions re-
stanily the companion of the apostle. This futed, and perfect order and harmony re-
first epistle to him was written, A. D. 56, stored.
from some place in Macedonia. The de- ? Whom I converted to Christianity.
sign of it was to instruct Timothy with re- ; Which arises from belief in the gospel.
spect to the superintendance and manage-1


is gratia

CHAP. derers of mothers, for murderers of ander, whom I have delivered to CHAP.
to mankind, for fornicators, for those Satan, that they may be taught !
10 who defile themselves with men, not to blaspheme.

for manstealers, for liars, for per- I exhort therefore, first of all, that CHAP.
jured persons, and if there be any * supplications, ' prayers, interces-
other thing that is contrary to the sions, and thanksgivings, be made For whom
wholesome doctrine of that glorious for all persons; for kings, and for pray

" ought to be 11 gospel of the holy God, which has all that are in high station; that we made.

been committed to my trust. may lead a quiet and peaceable life 2 12 And I am thankful to Christ Je- with all godliness, and becoming > xpresses sus our Lord, who giveth me behaviour; for this is good and ac- 3 de rolle strength, for counting me faithful, ceptable in the sight of God our Sa. .. s Christ, and putting me into the ministry ; viour ; who willeth all men to be 46 13 who was before a blasphemer, and saved, and in order to that to come

a persecutor, and an injurious per- to the knowledge of the truth.
son: but I obtained mercy, because For there is one God, the same 5

I acted ignorantly 'through unbe- both of Jeu's and Gentiles, and one Gospel in. 14 lief: and the favour of our Lord mediator also between God and tended for

was exceedingly abundant, with men, the man Christ Jesus ; who ****
that faith and love which are by gave himself a o ransom for all, a 6
Christ Jesus.

doctrine to be declared upon due 15 These are true words, and wor- evidence in its proper time; of 7 sign of thy to be received by all, that Christ which I have been appointed a

Jesus came into the world to save I preacher and an apostle (I speak the

sinners ; of whom I am a chief | truth, I speak not falsely,) an in16 sinner. However, for his cause 1 | structor of the Gentiles in the true

obtained mercy, that in me a chief faith. sinner, Jesus Christ might show I will therefore that men pray in 8 forth great long-suffering, for an every place, lifting up holy hands, How wą. example to those who should here without anger and disputing. In mehe ought

after believe on him to everlasting I like manner that women also adorn 17 life. Now to the King cternal, I themselves in decent apparel, with 9

immortal, invisible, the only God, modesty and sobermindedness ; not be honour and glory for ever and so much with plaited hair,or gold or eyer. Amen.

pearls, or costly array, as (what be- 10 18. This charge I commit unto thee, cometh woinen professing the woron of son Timothy, according to the ship of God) with good works. Let 11 h hele prophecies which went before the woman learn in silence, with eds to concerning thee, that by them thou all subjection; but I suffer not the 12 in mightest war a good warfare, hoid woman to teach or to usurp autho- ' : iter. ing faith and a good conscience, I rity over the man, but command

which some having put away have her to remain in? silence: for Adam 13 20 made shipwreck as to their faith ;was formed. first, and Eve after

of whom are Hymeneus and Alex-wards; and Adam was not deceiv- 14



In my state of unbelief.

6 A ransom is a price paid for the deliver. • Some prophets in the Christian church ance of a captive ; and the great end ofChrist's had foretold 'thit Timothy would be a life, and his dying in the cause of truth, was faithful minister of Christ. See 1 Tim. to persuade all men to renounce the slavery iv. 14.

I of sin and folly. 3 Bodily diseases. De top

? Unless she was under an immediate ima * For averting evil.

pulse of the spirit. Sec 1 Cor. xi. 5. * For obtaining good.

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CHAP. ed, but became a transgressor I write these things unto thee, CHAP II, through the error of the woman. hoping to come unto thee shortly: ". 15 Notwithstanding, their offspring but if I delay, that thou mayest Reason of

will be saved, if they continue in know how thou oughtest to behave writing faith and love, and sanctify with thyself as a pillar and support of

this epistle CHAP. sobermindedness. This is a doc- the truth in the house of God, which 15 III. trine worthy of belief.

is the church of the living God. Qualifica- If a man wish for the office of a And the mystery of the true reli- 16 tions of

superintendant, he desireth an gion is confessedly great. He who Christian ministers honourable employment. A super- was manifested in the flesh, was and super- intendant then must be blameless, justified by the spirit, seen by intendants. a husband of one wife, sober, of a angels, preached to the Gentiles,

sound mind, orderly, hospitable, believed on in the world, after he 3 ready to teach ; not riotous, no had been taken up into glory.

striker, but mild ; not contentious; Now, the spirit saith expressly, CHAP. 4 not covetous; ruling his own fami- that in latter times some will fall "

ly well, and having his children in away from the faith, giving heed to Apostacy 5 subjection with all decorum ; (for deceitful spirits, and doctrines, con

of latter if a man know not how to rule his cerning demons, through the hypoown family, how can he take care crisy of those who speak falsehoods, 2 6 of the church of God ?) not a new whose conscience is seared with an

convert, lest he be puffed up with hot iron ; giving commands about 3 vanity, and fall under the reproach abstinence from marriage, and from 7 of the accuser. Moreover, he meats, which God created to be 'must have a good testimony from partaken of, with thanksgiving, by those who are yet unconverted; those who believe and know the lest he fall into reproach, and the truth ; for every creature of God is 4 snare of the accuser.

good, and nothing is to be refused, 8 In like manner, the deacons must if it be received with thanksgiving, Deacons. be grave, not'' double-tongued, not for it is made clean, or fit for food, 5

given to much wine, not greedy of by divine appointment, and by 9 base gain ; holding the mystery prayer.

of the faith with a pure conscience; Lay these things before the bre-6 10 and let these first be proved, then thren, and be a good minister of Timothy

let them use the office of deacon, Jesus Christ, nourished up in the charghita 11 being found irreproachable. In doctrines of the faith, and those brethren

like manner, the women, deaconess- good instructions with which thou of it.

es, must be grave, not slanderers, art acquainted. But reject profane 7 12 sober, faithful in all things. Let and old women's fables, and exer

the deacons be husbands, each of cise thyself to godliness; for bodily 8

one wife, ruling their children and exercise is profitable for a short
13 their own families well ; for those time only, but godliness is profitable

who perform the office of a deacon for ever, having a promise not only
well procure for themselves an of the present life, but of that also
honourable station, and acquire which is to come.
great freedom of speech in the faith These are true words, and wor-9
which is in Christ Jesus.

thy to be received by all ; for on 10

" Hollow and deceitful.

The long concealed, and peculiar doc- 4 Or messengers, meaning his apostles
trines of the gospel

P after his resurrection.
3 Proved to be the Christ, by the mira-1 5 Good men have reliance on God, peace
cles which the spirit of God enabled him to of mind and conscience, hope of future hape

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