obtain it.

CHAP. TAMES, a servant of God, and of temptation, for when he hath been CHAP. Address to J the Lord Jesus Christ, unto the proved, he will receive the crown Jews in twelve tribes scattered abroad, of life, which the Lord hath pro- Every.. general. wisheth health.

mised to them that love him. Leto

is from 2 Account it great joy, my bre- no man say, when he is tempted, God. He recom thren, when ye fall into various “ I am tempted of God ;" for God 13 mends Christian trials, knowing that such proof of is unacquainted with evil, nor doth perfection, your fidelity produceth patience ; he tempt any man; but each is 14 and how to and let patience have its full effect, tempted by his own evil desire, and

that ye may be perfect and entire, is allured by the bait of it. Then 15 5 deficient in nothing. Now, if when desire hath conceived, it

any of you be wanting in wisdom, beareth sin, and sin, when her full
let him ask of God, who giveth time is come, bringeth forth death.

liberally to all without upbraiding, Do not deceive yourselves, my be- 16 6 and it will be given him; but let loved brethren. Every good gift, 17 him ask in confidence, without mis- and every perfect benefit, cometh trust ; for the mistrustful man is down from above, from the Father

like a troubled sea, moved by the of lights, with whom is no change,
7 wind and tossed about. And let nor shadow of turning. By his will 18

not that man think that he will re- he brought us forth unto the doc-
8 ceive any thing from the Lord; he trine of truth, that we might be a
is a man of a divided mind, un- first fruits of his creatures.
steady in all his ways.

| So then, my beloved bre- 19 9 Now, let the brother of low de-thren! let every man be swift to Hearing The gose gree glory in his exaltation as a hear, slow to speech, slow to anger; Without

the truth, pel is a blessing to

to Christian : but the rich in his for the anger of man accom- obeying it, rich and lowliness, because as the fresh- plisheth not the righteous designs will be of poor. ness of a flower will he pass away ; of God. Wherefore, lay aside all no avail.

11 for the sun riseth with its scorch- defilement, and wickedness which 21,

ing heat, and withereth the blade, is superfluous and unsuitable, and
and the flower falleth off, and the receive with meekness that word,
beauty of its appearance is gone : which is implanted among you,
so also will the rich man fade in which is able to save your souls.
his course.

But be ye, doers of the law of 22 12 Happy is the man, that endureth Christ, and not hearers only, de

This epistle was written by James the parts of the epistle are applicable to Jewish
Less or Younger, so called to distinguish him converts to Christianity, whom it was the
from James, the son of Zebedee, and bro- apostles design to exhort to constancy in suf-
ther of John. He was the son of Alpheus, tering, and to warn against certain Jewish
or Cleophas, who married a sister of Mary, Ivices, yet it is probable that it was intended
the mother of Jesus; and brother of Judas, for Jews of every denomination throughout
or Jude. He is believed to have suffered the world, whether Christians or otherwise,
martyrdom in the former part of A. D. and many passages seem to be particularly
62, and to have written this epistle a addressed to unbelieving Jews.
short time before his death, from Jerusalem, In possessing that humiliating knowledge
or some part of Judea. Though many of himself, which the gospel teaches.


and ten

CHAP. ceiving yourselves. For if any one and drag you into courts of justice? CHAP.

be a hearer of the law, and not a Do they not speak evil of that ho- 1

doer; he is like a man looking at nourable name by which ye are 7 24 his natural face in a glass ; for he called ?

hath no sooner looked at himself, If indeed ye perform the royal 8

and gone away, than he forgetteth law according to this scripture, being con25 what sort of a man he was. But “ Thou shalt love thy neighbour as

the law of whoso looketh with attention into thyself,” ye do well : but if ye love. the perfect law of liberty, and keep- have respect of persons, ye do Lev. eth to it, he, being not a forgetful wrong, and are convicted of trans- xix. 18. hearer, but a doer of the work com-gression by this law. For whoso- 10 manded, will be happy in his ever shall keep every other part of deed.

the law, but offend presumptuously 26 If any one think himself religi- in one point, he is guilty of an ofBeneficence ous, and bridle not his tongue, but fence similar in kind to that of rance are

tempe. deceive his own heart, this man's breaking every commandment. principal religion is vain. The religion For the same law, which saith, 11 parts of which is pure and undefiled before “ Thou shalt not commit adulte

be our God and Father is this ; to ry,” saith also, “ Thou shalt do no gion.

take care of orphans and widows in murder.” Now, though thou coin27 their affliction, and to keep one's- mit no adultery, and yet commit

self unspotted from the world. CHAP. My brethren! hold not your gressor of the law. So speak ye, 12 II.

glorious belief in our Lord Jesus and so act, as those who will be Paying Christ, with respect of persons. judged by a law of liberty : for the 13 the rich,

For if a man come into your ' as- sentence thereof will show no merand ne' sembly with a gold ring and a pur-cy to the unmerciful ; but in the glecting the ple robe, and a poor man also come case of the merciful, mercy will poor cen. in with mean apparel, and ye look triumph over punishment. sured ;

with favour on the wearer of the What doth it profit, my bre- 14 3 purple robe, and say unto him, thren, if a man say that he hath Faith

obes con without ir Sit thou here in an honourable faith, and have not works? Can

1 works, place,” but say to the poor man, faith save him ? Suppose a bro- useless ;

is Stand thou there, or sit here un-lher or a sister be half-naked, and 15
4 der 'iny footstool,” do ye not in want of daily food, should any

then make wrong distinctions one say unto them, “ Depart in
among yourselves, and form your peace! may ye be warm with 16

judgments from evil ? reasonings ? clothes, and filled with food !” but
5 Hearken, my beloved brethren! give them no necessaries of life ;
Hath not God chosen for himself what good is done them ? Thus, 17
the poor of this world, but rich in faith by itself without works is
faith, to be heirs of that kingdom | dead. Moreover, a man may say 18
which he hath promised to them unto thee, “ Thou hast faith, and
who love him whereas ye re- I have works ; show me thy faith

gard the poor man with disdain. without thy works, and I will show 6 Do not the rich domineer over you, thee my faith by my works.” Thou 19

Christ, withof in our Lord Jesus gressor of the accomest a trans

court to

to the hereof will senty: for the

3 purple avour on apparel, and also comes

1 For public worship.

der the hope of their favour and protection • The reasoning here condemned, was and to neglect the poor, as if their salvation that which led the Jewish Christians to be was a matter of comparatively small importanxious for the conversion of rich men, un- ance.


CHAP. believest that there is but one God: subdue the tongue,that ungovern- CHAP. 11. thou doest well ; but even the ' de-able mischief, full of deadly poimons believe and tremble.

son. By it we bless our God and 9 20 But dost thou wish to be con- Father, and therewith we curse shown in , vinced, ( foolish man ! that faith men, made after the likeness of the case of is dead without works. Was not God. Out of the same mouth 10 Abraham.

Abraham our father proved righte- proceed blessing and cursing.

ous hy works, when he brought his These things, my brethren, ought 22 son Isaac to the altar? Thou per- not to be so. Doth a spring send il

ceivest that his faith acted together forth out of the small place, sweet

with his works, and that faith was and bitter water ? Can a fig-tree, 12 23 made complete by works ; and this my brethren, bear olives? or a vine,

scripture was fulfilled, which saith, figs ? So neither can that spring Gen.. " Abraham believed God, and it which is salt, yield sweet water. xv. 6.

was counted to him for righteous- Who is a man of wisdom and 13

ness ;” and he was called a friend knowledge among you ? let him Nature 24 of God. Observe, then, that a man show by his honourable course of of

wisdom is thought righteous from works, life, the effects of his wisdom, with and not from faith alone.

meekness. But if ye have bitter 14 CHAP. Be not many of you teachers, my envy and strife in your heart, must

ali brethren! knowing that by teach-ye also boast and lie against the Speech is ing others, and doing wrong our truth? This is not that wisdom, 15 capable of selves, we shall receive a greater which cometh down from above, doing the greatest punishment. For in many things but is earthly, sensual, demoniacal; mischief ; all of us are faulty: if any offend for where envy and strife are, there 16

not by word, he is a complete man, is disturbance and every evil work.
3 able to bridle the whole body. Be- But the wisdom which is from 17
hold, we put bits in the inouths of above is first pure, then peaceable,
horses, that they may obey us, and gentle, tractable, full of mercy and
we manage their whole body. I good fruits, without partiality, and
4 Behold, ships also, though so without hypocrisy. And the peace-18
great, and driven by fierce winds, able fruits of righteousness are sown
are guided by a very small helm, for, and are to be reaped by the
whithersoever the pilot chooseth. I practisers of peace.
5 Thus the tongue is a little mem-| Whence come contests and fight. CHAP:
ber, but boasteth great things. ings among you ? Come they not

IV. Behold, how large a heap a little hence, from your sensual desires Danger of 6 spark can set on fire. And the that wage war in your members ? 10

bad propene tongue is a fire, the varnisher of in- Ye desire, but possess not: ye sities. justice. The tong!le is that mem- commit murder in your rivalships, 2 ber which defile: h the whole body, but are not able to gain your purand setteth on fire the whole course pose: ye have fightings and contenof life, and is itself set on fire by tions, but obtain nothing by them: ?hell.

ye ask, but receive not, because ye 3 7 For every kind of wild beasts and ask with wicked views, to be lavish and liable birds, of creatures that go on land in your pleasures. Ye ungodly &

or live in water, are managed and men ! know ye not that friendship abuses. subdued by man; but no man can with the world is enmity with God.

to the greatest

1 The supposed separate souls of wicked passions. men deceased.

Of wicked men, or his own, without the • By the most malignant and hellish greatest vigilance and resolution.



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CHAP. Whosoever, therefore, wisheth to So then, to know what is right CHAP.

be a friend of the world, he becom- and not to perform it, is sin.
5 eth an enemy of God. Do ye Come now, ye rich men, weep CHAP.

think that the scripture speaketh to and lament for your miseries which IV.
usin vain ? Hath that spirit are approaching. Your store is Wicked,
which dwelleth in us, and which corrupted, and your garments are rich

threatened, we derived from the gospel, the moth-eaten. Your gold and silver 6 desires of envy! It rather pro-is rusted, and the rust of them will 3 duceth greater favour from the be a * witness against you, and will Lord, as the scripture saith, “God eat your flesh : ye have laid up resisteth the proud, but showeth fa- treasures to be as fire unto you in vour to the humble."

the last days. Behold! the hire 4 7 Submit yourselves, therefore, of the labourers that have reaped Humility unto God : withstand the devil, I your fields, which is unjustly kept enforced.

. and he will flee from you: draw back, crieth against you, and the

nigh to God, and he will draw cries of the re.pers have entered 8 nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, into the ears of he Lord of Hosts.

ye sinners! and purify your hearts Ye have lived in luxury, and lice:l- 5 9 ye doubled-minded : be afflicted, and tiousness in the land ; ye have remourn, and weep : let your laugh- galed your hearts, as in a day of sa

ter be turned into mourning, and crifice. Ye have condemned, ye 6
10 your joy to sadness. Humble have murdered the just man who

yourselves before the Lord, and he did not resist you.
will exalt you.

| Be patient, therefore, brethren, 7 11 Speak not against each other, until the coming of the Lord. Be- Patience Detraction brethren! he who speaketh against hold! the husbandman waiteth pa meridiona

mended to · his brother and judgeth his brother, i tiently for the precious fruit of the the virtu,

speaketh against the law, and earth, until he receive the early ous.
judgeth the law ; but if thou judge, and the latter fruit. Be ye also s

the law, thou art not a doer of the patient ; establish your hearts : for
12 law, but the judge of it. There the coming of the Lord draweth

is one Lawgiver, and Judge, who is near. Murmur not against each 9
able to save, and to destroy. Who other, brethren, lest ye be con-

art thou that judgest another ? dernned ; behold ihe judge stand

13 Come now, ye who say, " To-eth before the door. Take, my 10 Dar con- day, or to-morrow, we wiil go into brethren, for a pattern of hardship inual de

dance such a city, and continue there a and patience, the prophets who
pon God, year, and trade, and get money ;' spake in the name of the Lord.
hould be when ye know not what will be to- Behold! we call them happy who 11

morrow. For what is your life? | suffer patiently. Ye have heard of
it is a vapour, which appeareth for the patience of Job, and have seen

a little time, and then vanisheth what the Lord did in the end ; for
15 away. Whereas ye ought to say, the Lord is of tender mercy and full

“ If the Lord be willing, and we of compassion.

live, then we will do this or that.” But above all things, my bre- 12 16 But now ye boast in your presump-thren, swear not in your cominon Various

is useful din tion ; all such boasting is wicked. discourse, either by the heaven, or



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I Every enemy of religion.

mans. This is addressed to the unbelieving
• The evangelical law, for not cordemning Jews.
actions of an indifferent nature to Christians. Of your avarice and want of benefi

3 In the course of the war with the Ro-cence.

CHAP. the earth, or any other oath, but other that ye may be healed. The CHAT.

, let your yes be yes, and your no, fervent prayer of a righteous man

no, lest ye fall under condemna-, availeth much. Elijah was a man 17 13 tion. Is any one among you in of like infirmities with us, and he i Kings,

trouble?, let him pray. Is any I prayed earnestly that it might not ***

cheerful ? let him sing praises to rain, and it did not rain upon the 14 God. Is any sick among you ? let land for three years and six months:

him call the elders of tne church and he prayed again ; and the hea- 18 to him, to pray over him, and to ven gave rain, and the earth brought

anoint him with the oil, in the forth its produce. 15' name of the Lord ; for the prayer Brethren ! if any of you have 19

of faith can, recover the sick, and wandered from the truth, and anothe Lord will make him well, and ther bring him back; know ye 20 although he have committed sins, that whosoever bringeth backa

they will upon true repentance be sinner from the error of his way, 16 forgiven him. Confess your sins saveth. a man from death, and *co

to each other, and pray for eachvereth his multitude of sins.



dress t

CHAP. DETER, an apostle of Jesus / Blessed be the God and Father CHAP.

T Christ, to the sojourners scat- of our Lord Jesus Christ, who acThe ad-, tered abroad in Pontus Galatia, cording to his great mercy hath He tha

th Cappadocia, the proconsular Asia, caused us to be born again to ad in the and Bithynia ; chosen agreeably to hope of life, by the resurrection of blessings Lesser Asia. a determination aforetime, of God Jesus Christ from the dead; even to of the

2 the Father, by a sanctification of spi- an inheritance incorruptible, unde- gospel;

rit unto obedience, and to a sprinkfiled, and unfading, reserved in 4
Jing of the blood of Jesus Christ ; heaven for us ; who are securely 5
favour and peace be multiplied un- kept by the power of God, through
to you.

faith, for a deliverance ready to be

• According to the custom of that time, ed of sedition, or other crimes which would
Mark vi. 13. Probably anointing with oil injure the peace and welfare of civil socie.
is put for the procurlng of all necessary me- ty; and to exhort them to lead holy and un-
dical aid.

blemished lives, that they might stop the
· Requesting the blessing of heaven on mouths of their enemies, put their calum-
human endeavours.

niators to shame, and win others over to 3 Elijah feared from God's threatnings their religion, by their amiable and worthy against idolatry, that the whole land might behaviour. In this and the other epistle of be destroyed; he therefore prayed for a Peter, many attentive readers have observed, drought in order to bring the people to re- that without much regularity of composition, pentance by a slighter punishment.

or clearness of expression, there is a peculiar
4 By causing them to be forgiven. dignity and energy exceeding any thing in

5 This i postolic letter was written A. D. the writings of Paul, and worthy of the
64, from liome, and addressed to all Chris-prince of the apostles.
tian converts, but chiefly to those of Gen. 1 6 A readiness to suffer in the cause of true
tile extraction. The design of it was to di- religion.
rect Christians how to behave under perse- 1 As that afforded the most convincing
cution, to avoid all grounds of being suspect- proof of the truth of Christianity.

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