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CHAP. displayed in the ' last time. Where- your Father, who without respect CHAP,

in ye greatly rejoice, though now of persons, will judge every man

for a short time, (if need be) ye be according to his work, pass the 17 7 grieved by various trials ; that this time of your sojourning, in this

proof of your faith, which is much world with reverence ; knowing 18
more precious than of gold that that ye were not bought off from
perisheth, though proved by fire, your un profitable course of life, de-
may be found praiseworthy, and livered down from your fathers, by

honourable, and glorious,at the ma- perishable things, such as silver and
8 nifestation of Jesus Christ : whom, gold; but by the precious blood of 19

though ye knew him not, ye love ; | Christ, as of a lamb without ble-
on whom, though ye see him not mish, and without spot, predeter- 20
now, ye believe, with transports of mined indeed of old before the foun-
9 joy unspeakable and glorious: be-dation of the world, but showing
ing to receive the end of your faith, himself in these latter times, for the
even the salvation of

your souls. sake of you who, through him, rely 21 10

Concerning which salvation, the on God' that raised him from the

prophets who foretold this kind-dead, and gave him glory; so that ere foreide by the ness, which has been shown to us, your trust and hope are upon

"God. cient

searched with diligent enquiry; ex- Having therefore purified your 22 ophets. amining what time, or what kind souls, by obeying the truth unto an to love one 11 of time the spirit of Christ which unfeigned brotherly kindness, see

sincerely ; was in them signified, when it de-that ye love one another with a clared beforehand the sufferings of pure heart fervently : having been 23

Christ, and the glories which were born again, not by a perishable 12 to follow. To whom it was re-birth,but by an unperishable, through

vealed, that not for themselves, a divine doctrine that liveth and
but for us, they were ministering endureth for ever. For all flesh 24
those things, which have now been is as the herb, and all the glory of
told you by those who preached man as the flower of the herb : the
the gospel to you with a holy spirit herb withereth, and its flower fall-
sent from heaven; things which eth off; but the word of the Lord 25
even * angels are desirous to ex-endureth for ever; and this word is

the gospel, which has been preach13 Wherefore, gird up the loins of ed to you.

your mind, be sober, and hope en- Laying aside, therefore, all ma- CHAP. in a

iirely in that kindness which is lice, and all guile, and hypocrisy, ner why of tion of Jesus Christ. Like obedi- new-born babes, the pure milk of highes

coming to you at the manifesta- and envy, and slander, desire, like and to aima I call.

ent children, conform not to the reason, that ye may thrive thereby Christian j former lusts of your ignorance; but to salvation, since ye have tasted excel.

lence; 15 as he who has called you is holy, the kindness of the Lord. Come

be ye also holy in the whole con- unto him as to a living stone, re: 4 16 duct of your lives; because it is jected indeed by men, but elect

written, “ Be ye holy, for I am and honourable with God; and 5
holy.” And since ye call him build yourselves up as living stones,


exhorts m to


Prepared for the righteous at the great

4 This is a strong

and beautiful


of exday of retribution.

pressing the high value and importance of * Whether warlike or peaceable, whether the Christian dispensation. under the Mosaic covenant or a new one. 5 Who is the original author and giver

3. That prophetic spirit which pre-signified of all the blessings of the gospel. Christ,


CHAP. into a spiritual house, for a holy I love the brethren, fear God, honour CHAP.

priesthood, to offer up spiritual the king.
sacrifices acceptable unto God Servants! submit yourselves with 18

through Jesus Christ, according to all reverence to your masters; not Duty of Isaiah,

this portion of scripture, “ Behold only to the kind and gentle, but al- servants. xxvii, 16.

I place in Sion a chief-corner stone, so to the froward and peevish. For 19 6 choice, honourable, and he that this is deserving of reward, if any

trusteth on it will not be disap- one under a consciousness of what · pointed."

God is, endure grief, suffering 7 To you, therefore, who trust wrongfully. For what credit is 20 as becomes thereon, this stone is honourable ; there in bearing chastisement for the peple but to those who are not persuad- faults ? but, if ye endure it, when

ed to do so, it is a stone to strikeye suffer whilst ye do your duty, 8 upon and stumble against ; at this will be rewarded by God.

which they stumble, who believe For unto this ye were called ; in-21 not the word, even the gospel to asmuch as Christ even suffered for Christ was which they were appointed to be us, leaving yoụ an example, that apartement 9 called. But ye are a chosen race ye should follow his steps; who with

of kings and priests, a holy na-did no sin, neither was guile found the greattion, a people gained from the in his mouth : when he was reviled, est pas world, that ye may show forth the he reviled not again ; when he sufvirtues of him who hath called you fered, he did not threaten, but re- 23

out of darkness into his marvel- signed himself to the righteous
10 lous light; you, who were once no judge ; and bore the ill effects of 24

people, but are now a people of our sins in his own body on the
God; who had not obtained mercy, cross, that we might die to sin,

but have now obtained mercy. and live to righteousness; by whose

11 Beloved ! I beseech you as stran- | bruise ye have been healed. For 25 Purity and gers on earth, and sojourners, to ab- ye were as sheep going astray, but sion to civil

stain from fleshly lusts, which war have now turned back to the shepmagistrates against the soul; having your herd and guardian of your souls. enforced. course of life blameless-amongst the Likewise ye wives, submit your- CHAP.

12 Gentiles; that in whatsoever they selves to your own husbands; for

speak against you as evil-doers, even some, who are not persuaded Duty of they may glorify God for the good by our doctrine, may be won over

wires ; works which they have seen in without believing that doctrine, by 13 the day of 'enquiry. Submit your the behaviour of their wives, whilst 2

selves, therefore, to every appoint- they consider the chastity and re

ment of man, for the Lord's sake ; spectfulness of your behaviour. 14 to the king, as supreme ; to gover- Nor let your ornament be that out- 3

nors, as commissioned by him for ward ornament of plaited hair with
the punishment of evil-doers, and braided gold, or of costly raiment;

the praise of them that do well. but let it be the hidden person of 4 15 For so is the will of God, that by the heart, with the unperishable or

well doing, ye put to silence the nament of a meek and gentle mind, 16 ignorance of foolish men; as free, which is in the sight of God of

but not using your freedom for a great price. For so indeed the ho- 5 17 cloak of mischief; but as servants ly women in former times, who

of God be respectful unto all men: trusted in God, used to adorn them


? When you are brought before a civil dience to the ruling powers. magistrate to answer to the charge of disobe

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of hus.

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CHAP: selves ; submitting to their own eth you a reason of the hope that is CHAP

husbands (as Sarah, whose children in you : having a good conscience,
6 ye are, obeyed Abraham, calling that in whatsoever they speak 16
him master), living virtuously, and against you as evil-doers, your slan-
alarmed by no terrors, so as to actderers may be put to shame by your

good behaviour in Christ. For it 17
7 Likewise, ye husbands ! live with is better that ye suffer, if the will

yoitr wives under a conviction of of God be so, for doing well, than bands,

the woman's being the more weak for doing ill : because Christ once 18
person ; giving them honour also suffered for sin, a righteous man
as fellow-heirs of the gracious gift for the unrighteous, that he might
of life, that your prayers be not bring us unto God, being put to
* hindered.

death in the flesh, but restored to
8 Finally, be ye all of the same life by the spirit of God; by the 19

* mind, have a common feeling for direction of which he went and directions.

each other, with brotherly love, preached to the minds of men in
with compassionate affections, with prison : who were also hard to be 20
9 friendly dispositions ; not render convinced in former times; as when
ing evil for evil, or railing for rail the patience of God continued
ing; but on the contrary, giving waiting in the days of Noah, whilst
good words; knowing that ye were the ark was preparing, wherein
called to

an inheritance of the few as eight lives were saved on the blessing implied in these good water. The likeness of which, 21 10 words : “ Whoso wisheth life, even baptism, now saveth us (not a

and desireth to see good days, let cleansing of the pollution of the xxiv. 12, him refrain his tongue from mis- | body, but the answer of a good

chief, and his lips from speaking conscience unto God), through 11 guile; let him turn away from evil the resurrection of jesus Christ;

and do good, let him seek peace who is at the right hand of God, 29 12 and follow after it; for the eyes having gone into heaven, ' angels,

of the Lord are upon the righteous, authorities, and 6 powers, being
and his ears open to their prayers, made subject to him.

but the face of the Lord is against Since therefore Christ hath suf- CHAP. 13 them that do evil.” And who is fered for us in the flesh, arm your

hé that will hurt you, if ye be zea-selves also with the same mind, A total re

lous' of that which is good ? that ye will die to sin, (for he that nunciation 14 But if ye even suffer for the sake suffered in the flesh, being spiritu- required

of righteousness, happy are ye, and ally crucified in imitation of from all uited to a be not afraid of the terrors of your Christ's death, hath ceased from persecu- ' enemies, nor be troubled; but sin); that ye may not live the rest

sanctify the Lord God in your of your time in the flesh, after the 15 hearts. And be always ready to lusts of men, but may live agree

make a defence with gentleness, ably to the will of God : since the 3
and respect to every one that ask-time past is sufficient for you to








* By discord and hatred.

baptized followers, • The same moral mind, maintaining mu- Several instances are mentioned in the tual peace and harmony.

Acts of the Apostles, of angels being employ3 Consider him, and act towards him as a ed in the service of Christianity. holy, glorious, all-perfect Being, as infinite- 6 Jewish and heathen rulers, who were ly wise, just and good.

made subservient to the interests of the * For had he not been raised from the grave. Christian religion. he never would have been able to raise his



CHAP. have performed the will of the but glorify God on this account ; CHAP

Gentiles, when ye walked in impu- because the time is come for purities, in lusts, in drunkenness, in nishment to begin with the family of 17

revellings, in feastings, and wicked God: but if it begin with us, what 4 idolatries; wherein they think it will the end be of those who are

strange that ye run not with them not convinced by the gospel of

the same dissolute course of un- God? And if the righteous man 18 6 ruliness, and speak evil of you ; will scarcely be safe, where will the but they will give an account to ungodly and the sinner appear ? So 19,

him who is prepared to judge the then let all sufferers according to
6 living and the dead; for the gospel the will of God commit their lives

hath been therefore preached to unto him in well-doing, as unto a
those also that were dead in sins, faithful Creator.
that though they should be judged To the elders who are among you, CHAP.
by carnal men, they might live ac- I who am also an elder, and a wit-
cording to God in the spirit. ness of the sufferings of Christ, and Duty of

Now the end of all earthly an heir of that glory which will be picture to How each things (death) is near : be sober, manifested, give this charge: Tend, ple, should em- therefore, and watchful in prayer. as shepherds, the flock of God 2 talent.

But above all things, have an earn- which is among you, not by con8 est love of cach other ; for love straint, but willingly, not for dis

covereth a multitude of sins, dishonourable gains, but with a ready 9 posing us to overlook them. Use mind, not

Use mind, not as domineering over 3
hospitality among yourselves, with those allotted to you, but as pat-
10 out murmuring. Let each employ terns for the flock; so when the 4

the gift which he hath received' for chief shepherd shall appear, ye will
mutual benefit, as excellent stew- receive that crown of glory which

ards of the manifold kindnesses of fadeth not away.
11 God. Doth any one instruct? let Likewise, yé younger men ! sub- 5

him instruct as if speaking the mit yourselves to the elders : and and of the
oracles of God. Doth any one re- all of you submit to each other, theme
lieve distress ? let him consider his clothing yourselves in humility; for
power of doing so as an ability, God resisteth the proud, but show-
which God hath furnished : that eth favour to the humble. Hum- 6
in all things there may be glory ble yourselves therefore under the
through Jesus Christ unto God: to mighty hand of God, that he may
whom is the glory and power for Lexalt you in due time, casting all 7
ever and ever. Amen.

your anxiety upon him, inasmuch 12 Beloved ! be not surprized that as he careth for you. Be sober, be 8 He warns a fiery persecution among you com- watchful: for your slanderous adthem of ap. eth to pass for your trial, as though versary, like a roaring lion, goeth severe per. some strange thing befel you, but about, seeking whom he may desecution. rejoice, inasmuch as ye share the vour: him resist by standing firm 9

13 sufferings of Christ, that ye may in the faith, knowing that the same

rejoice also at the manifestation of sufferings are undergone by your 14 his glory with exceeding joy. If brethren in the world.

ye suffer reproach for the name of Now the God of all favour, who 10 Christ, happy are ye, for the glori- hath called us through these short Benedic

ous and powerful spirit of God sufferings to his everlasting glory 15 resteth on you. But let none of in Christ Jesus, make you perfect,

you suffer as a murderer, or a thief, establish, strengthen, 'settle you.

or an evil-doer, or 'a designer upon To him be the glory and the pow- 11 16 others. But if any man suffer as a er for ever and ever. Peace be with 14

Christian, let hiin not be ashamed, you all that are in Christ Jesus.







IMON Peter, a servant and an Wherefore, brethren, use the CHAP,

apostle of Jesus Christ, unto greater earnestness to make your Address to them who share with us the same call and election sure unto you, by 10

precious reliance on a pardon from good works : for by doing them ye Christians,


works can our God, and Jesus Christ our will never fail; inasmuch as hereby

alone in 2 saviour: Favour and peace be mul- ye will be furnished abundantly sure the tiplied unto you, through the know-with an entrance into the everlast- salvation of

ledge of God, and of our Lord ing kingdom of our Lord and Christians 3 Jesus Christ. For his divine pow- saviour Jesus Christ.

er hath kindly given us all things Wherefore I will not neglect to 19
that belong unto life, and godli- remind you always of these things ; The best
ness, through the acknowledge- though ye know them, and be esta- men often

ment of him who hath called us blished in the present 'truth. For minding. 4 by a glorious kindness : by which I think it right, as long as I am in 13

very great and precious promises this tabernacle of the body, to stir
are given unto us, that through up your memory; knowing that I 14
them we may become partakers of must soon lay aside this tabernacle
a 'divine nature, after escaping the of mine, even as our Lord Jesus
corruption which is in the world Christ signified unto me. So I 15
through evil desire.

will earnestly endeavour that ye be 5 And to this end use all your dili-enabled also on every occasion, to wuhipeare ii gence; and add to your faith, for- recollect these things for yourselves

titude; and to fortitude knowledge; after my departure. gently to cultivate and to knowledge temperance; and For we did not follow cunningly 16 every vir- to temperance patience ; and to devised fables, when we made the divine

patience piety; and to piety bro-known to you the powerful appear- Jesus was 7 therly kindness; and to brotherly, ance of our Lord Jesus Christ, but attested on 8 kindness universal love. For if had been eye-witnesses of his ma- mount these things be in you and abound, jesty. For he received honour and they will make you thrive and glory from God the Father, when 17 bear fruit unto the acknowledge this voice came to him from that

ment of our Lord Jesus Christ. magnificent brightness which we 9 But he who is without these things, saw, " This is my beloved son, Matt.

» xvii. 5. is become blind, by closing his in whom I am well pleased ;

Luke, eyes, and forgetting his former and we heard this very voice utter- ix. 35. purification from his sins. cd from heaven, when we were 18



· The apostle is thought to have written vention, but proceeding from God; and to
this epistle to thę Gentile converts to Chris- adorn it by a life of unblemished purity and
tianity, in the same year, and from the same goodness.
place that he wrote the preceding epistle. • Of God's holiness here, and of his
The general design of it is to confirm the happiness, spirituality, and immortality, here-
doctrines and instructions which he had be. after.
fore delivered, to excite the Christians to 3 The true gospel now preached and re-
adbere stedfastly to their holy religion, as a ceived far and wide.
religion, not of human contrivance and in-

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