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hariah, whoand the altar" blood will

CHAP, he who sweareth by the temple, and ye will s fill up the measure CHAP. sweareth not only by it, but also by of your fathers. Ye serpents, ye

XXIV. 22 'him who dwelleth in it. And he brood of vipers ! how can ye escape 33

who sweareth by heaven, sweareth the punishinent of hell?
not only by the throne of God, "Wherefore behold! I send you
but also by him who sitteth upon teachers, and wise men, and scribes, 34

and some ye will kill and crucify, and de23 “Alas ! for you scribes and and some ye will scourge in your nounces beir neg. Pharisees ! hypocrites! for ye pay synagogues, and persecute from punish ect of

tithe even of mint, anniseed, and city to city; so that upon you will ment. Datters;

cummin; but ye omit the weightier come all the righteous blood shed 35
matters of the law, justice, mercy, upon the earth from the blood of
and faithfulness : now these things righteous Abel to the blood of * Za-

ye ought to do, and not leave the chariah, whom ye slew between
94 other undone. Ye blind guides ! the temple and the altar. Verily 36

who ? strain out the gnat, but I say unto you, all this blood will 25 swallow down the camel. Alas! I come upon this generation.

for you, scribes and Pharisees !! " O Jerusalem! Jerusalem! that 37 hypocrites ! for ye make clean the killest the prophets, and stonest Pathetic outside of the cup and of the dish, them who are sent unto thee : address to

whilst they are filled within by ra- how often would I have gathered city 26 pine and injustice. Thou blind thy children together, as a hen ga

Pharisee! first make clean the in- thereth her chickens under her
side of the cup and the dish, and wings! but ye would not. · Be-38
then their outside also will be hold! your city shall be left by you

desolate. For I say unto you,
27 “Alas! for you, scribes and Pha- such heavy judgments shall falí
er bad- risees ! hypocrites ! for ye are like upon your nation after I have
ss of

whited sepulchres, which appear left you, that you shall see me no
indeed clean without, but within more from that time until ye shall 39

are full of dead men's bones, and say, "Blessed is he that cometh 28 of all uncleanness. In the same in the name of the Lord'.”

manner ye also outwardly appear And Jesus went out of the tem- CHAP. righteous unto men, but inwardly I ple, and was going away, when his **

are full of hypocrisy and iniquity. disciples came near to show himn Destruction 29 " Alas! for you, scribes and the buildings of the temple. And of

lem to be is be. Pharisees! hypocrites ! for ye Jesus said unto them, “ Do ye preceded

he build the sepulchres of the pro- gaze with admiration on all these at some De murbus tem- phets, and adorn the tombs of the things ? Verily I say unto you, distance by as their righteous, and say, "If we had one stone will not be left here upon mines, &c. Fathers; been in the days of our fathers, another, that will not be thrown

we would not have been partakers down." And as he was sitting on 3

with them of the blood of the pro- the mount of Olives, the disciples 31 phets. So that ye bear witness of came to him privately, saying,

yourselves, that ye are sons of “ Tell us when these things will
those who murdered the prophels; be, and what will be the sign of thy

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By God to whom the temple was dedi- | See 2 Chron. xxiv. 21, 22.
cated a

1 5" Ye," means “ your nation.”
A proverb taken from the practice of 6 A very 'stiong way of saying, that their
filtering liquors.

punishment would be extremely grievous
3 By murdering me, and persecuting my and dreadful,

CHAP. appearance and of the end of the ', his clothes with him. But alas ! CHAP XXIV.

age?” Then Jesus answered, “Take for them that are with child, and *X 5 heed that no one deceive you, for them that give suck in those days! 19

many will come in my name, say And pray that your flight be not in 20

ing, I am Christ;' and will deceive the winter, nor on a sabbath. For 21 6 many. And ye will hear of wars, then will be great affliction, such

and rumours of wars, but see that as was not since the beginnirig of ye be not troubled, for all these the world, nor ever will be. And 22 things must come to pass, but the if that time was not to be short, no 7% end will not be yet. For 'nation' man could be preserved ; but bewill rise up against nation, and cause of the elect, that time will 3 kingdom against kingdom, and be short."

there will be famines, and pesti L " Then if any one say unto you, 23 · lences, and earthquakes, in manyLo! here is Christ, or there, believe Cautions 8 places. All these things are but him not: for false Christs and false

se ciples ho the beginning of sorrows. , , prophets will rise, and will propose to procees

9 "Then will ye be delivered up to great signs and wonders, so as to 24 more near- affliction, and some of you will be draw after them, if they can, even ly by se. killed, and ye will be hated by all the elect. Behold I have forewarn- 25 cution of nations for my name's sake. And ed you. Wherefore, if men say to 26 Christ's then many will fall off and deliver | you, Behold! Christ is in the dedisciples ; up one another, and hate one ano-sert,' go not forth, Behold! he is

11 ther. And many false prophets in a secret chamber,' believe them .

will arise and deceive many, and not; for as the lightning issueth 27 12 because iniquity will be multiplied, out of the east, and shineth to the

the love of many of my disciples west, so sudden also will this com13 will become cold. But he who ing of the son of man be. For 29

endureth to the end shall be safe. wheresoever the carcase is, there 14 And these glad tidings of my king- will the eagles be gathered together.

dom will be published in many I "Now immediately after the af- 29 parts of the world, for a testimony fliction of those days, the sun will An entire to all nations; and then will the be darkened, and the moon will end to be

put to the end come.

not give her light, the stars will Jewish g 15 " When therefore ye see on the fall from heaven, and the firma- vernment and direct- holy ground that desolating abomi- | ment of the heavens will be shaken." ly by the nation spoken of by Daniel the And then will appear the 8 sign of 30 Roman ar. hac my encom- prophet, (let him who readeth con- the son of man in heaven, and then passing it. sider) then let them in Judea, flee will all the tribes of he land laDan. ix. into the mountains ; let not himment, and will see the son of

17 who is upon the roof go down to man coming on the clouds of hea

take away any thing out of his ven with great power and glory. 18 house; and let not him who is in And he will send his lo messengers 31

the field turn back to take away with a great sound of a trumpet,

? That is, of the Jewish dispensation, might be found.

• End of the Jewish civil and ecclesiasti- | The total overthrow of the Jewish state
cal government.

happened A. D. 71.
3 The Romans against the Jews, and par- 8 That is, manifest tokens of his executing
ties of Jews one against another.

vengeance on the Jews.
4 No inhabitant of this country.

Not in person, but in effect, in the exe-
s Christ's disciples.

(cution of divine judgment.
A p:overb intimating that the Jews in His apostles to proclaim his gospel
would be harassed and destroyed by the loudly and fearlessly to the Gentiles,
Romans in whatever part of Judea they !

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" But they words shall pass away, gnashindere will be wend perfidi

CHAP. and they will gather together his I give him the charge of all his sub- CHAP

elect from the four winds, from one stance. But if the servant be

end of heaven to the other. wicked, and say in his heart,

32 “Learn a comparison from the My master is long in coming,' 49 Certainty fig-tree. When its branch is now and begin to beat his fellow-serof the

tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye vants, and to eat and drink with

know that summer is near : so the drunken ; the master of that 50 . 33 likewise know, when ye see all servant will come in a day when he

these things, that the son of man is is not expecting, and in an hour : 34 near, even at the door. Verily I when he is not aware ; and will cut 51

say unto yoù, this very generation him in two, and appoint his por

will not pass away till all these tion with the impure and perfidi35 things be done. The heaven and ous; there will be weeping and

the earth will sooner pass away, gnashing of teeth.

than these my words shall pass away. " Then will the kingdom of hea- CHAP.

36 “ But the very day and hour no ven be like ten virgins, who took * but its pre- one knoweth, not even the angels their lamps and went forth to meet Illustrated

time of heaven : but my Father only. the bridegroom. known to

them by the paAnd five of them by

curable of the God only. For as the days of Noah were, so were prudent, and five were foolish : virgins.

37 will this coming of the son of man the foolish-took their lamps, but no 3
38 likewise be. For as in those days oil with them; but the prudent took 4

before the flood, they were eating oil in their vessels together with
and drinking, marrying and giving their lamps. And as the bride- 5

in marriage, until the day of groom was long in coming, they all
39 Noah's entrance into the ark; and grew heavy and slept. And at 6

were not aware of the flood that midnight there was a cry, 'Behold!
was coming to destroy them, so the bridegroom is coming, go forth

will this coming of the son of man to meet him. Then all those vir- 7
40 likewise be. Then of two men ingins arose and set their lamps in

the field, one will be taken and the order : And the foolish said unto 8 41 other left. Of two women grind- the prudent, 'Give us some of your

ving at the mill, one will be taken, oil, for our lamps are going out' 42 and the other left. Watch there. The prudent answered, 1 There 9

fore, for ye know not at what hour will not be enough for us and you ;
43 your master cometh. But this ye go rather to them that sell and buy

know, that if the master of the fa- for yourselves. And while they 10
inily had known in what watch the were gone to buy, the bridegroom
thief was coming, he would have came, and they who were ready

watched, and not have suffered his went in with him to the marriage
44 house to be broken into. Where- supper, and the door was shut.

fore be ye also ready; for in an Afterwards came also the other vir- 11 hour when ye are not expectinggins, saying, 'Sir, Sir, open the door

him, the son of man will come. for us.' But he answered, “Verily 12

45 "Who then is that faithful and I say unto you, I know you not. Duty and prudent servant, whom his master Watch therefore, for ye know' nei- 13

of hath set over his household to give ther the day nor hour. vigilance, and danger them food in due season? Happy “The son of man is like one go-141 of the ope is that servant whom his master ating into another country, who callposite vice. his coming shall find thus employed his sertants, and delivered to

ed. Verily I say unto you, he will them what he had, giving five? ta

As a supply in wanted.

case it should be Talents are put here indefinitely for any

I considerable sum of money.


card will

CHAP. lents to one, to another two, and to reap where I did not sow, and to CHAP.

XXV. another one, to each according to gather where I did not scatter? Activity his ability, and iminediately de-Thou oughtest therefore to have put 27 and im... parted. Then he who had received my money to the bankers, and at provement

forced the five talents went and traded my coming I should have received
by the pa- with them, and made five talents | my own with interest. Take there- 28
rable of the more. And likewise he who had fore the talent from him, and give

received the two talents gained also it unto him who hath ten talents.
18 two more. But he who had re- For to every one that hath ? much, 29

ceived the one talent, went and dug | abundance will be given, but from
in the ground and hid his master's him who hath > little, even that

little shall be taken.' And cast 30
19 “ After some time, the master of forth this unprofitable servant into

those servants cometh to reckon with the outer darkness; there will be
20 them. Then he who had received weeping and gnashing of teeth.'

the five talents came, and brought 1-4 When the son of man com- 31
to him five talents more, saying, eth in his glory, and all the holy Great re-
“Sir, thou deliveredst unto me five angels with him, then he will sit on ka

be paid to talents, behold! I have gained be the throne of his glory. And be- actions of 21 sides them five talents more.' And fore him will be gathered all na- beneficence

his master said unto him, “Well tions, and he will separate them at the last,
done, good and faithful servant ! one from another, as a shepherd 32
thou hast been faithful in a little ; separateth the sheep from the goats,
I will set thee over much; enter and he will set the sheep on his 33

thou into the 'joy of thy master.' right hand, and the goats on his
22 “He also that had received the left. Then the king will say to 34

two talents came and said, “Sir, I them on his right hand, Come ye
thou deliveredst unto me two ta- blessed of my Father! inherit the

lents, behold! I have gained be- kingdom prepared for you from the
23 sides them two talents more.' His foundation of the world. For I 35

masier said unto him, " Well done, was hungry and ye gave me food :
good and faithful servant ! thou I was thirsty and ye gave me drink:
hast been faithful in a little, I will I was a stranger and ye entertained 36
set thee over much ; enter into the me: naked and ye clothed me: sick
joy of thy master.

and ye took care of me: in prison
24 “ He also who had received the and ye came unto me.' Then will 37

one talent caine, and said, “Sir, I the righteous answer, 'Lord! when knew thee to be a hard man, ex-did we see thee hungry and gave pecting to reap where thou didst thee food, or thirsty and gave thee not sow, and to gather where thou drink? When did we sea thee a 38

didst not scatter, so I was afraid ; stranger, and entertain thee, or 25 and went and hid thy talent in the naked and clothed thee? When did 39

ground; behold! thou hast thine we see thee sick and in prison, and
26 own aguin.' His master answered, came unto thee?' And the king 10

• Wicked and slothful servant ! | will answer, - Verily I say unto
didst thou know, that I expect to you, Inasmuch as ye did it to one

I The joyful banquet, or illuminated 4 The description which begins here, and guest-chamber, in opposition to which the is continued to the end of the chapter, reouter darkness is mentioned, v. 30. lates to the final judgment, and is meant

* By his own proper use of what he re-only to show upon what principles it will ceived.

proceed, not the exact manner in which is . By not improving what he had. will be conducted.

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CHAP. of the least of these my brethren, ye indignation, saying, "Why is this CHAP. XXVI. did it unto me.

| waste? for this ointment might * 41 « Then will he say to them on have been sold for a great sum, and. nd neglect his left hand, Depart from me, ye given tu the poor.” When Jesus 10

my cursed ! into that long-lasting fire knew this, he said unto them, unished. prepared for the devil and his an- " Why trouble ye the woman ? she 42 gels. For I was hungry and ye hath done a good deed for me. For 11

gave me no food : I was thirsty and ye have the poor always with you,
43 ye gave me no drink : I was a but me ye have not always. For 12

stranger and ye did not entertain she poured this ointment on my
me: naked and ye clothed me not: body to o embalm me. Verily 1 13

sick and in prison and ye took no say unto you, Wheresoever this 44 care of me.' Then will they also gospel shall be preached in the

answer, Lord, when did we see whole world, this also which she
thee hungry or thirsty, or a stran- hath done shall be spoken of for a

ger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, I memorial of her.”
45 and did not relieve thee?' Then | Then one of the twelve, named 14

he will answer, Verily I say unto Judas Iscariot, went to the chief Judas cayou, Inasmuch as ye did it not to priests, and said, “What are years to

one of the least of these my bre- willing to give me for delivering him up. 46 thren, ye did it not to me.' And| him up to you?” And they pro- 16

these will go away into long-last-mised to pay him thirty 3 pieces of
ing punishment, but the righteous silver. And from that time he
into long-enduring life.”

sought a convenient opportunity CHAP. When Jesus had finished all to deliver Jesus up..

these words, he said unto his disci- Now on the first day of the feast 17
2 ples, “ Ye know that in two days of unleavened bread, the disciples Paschal
will be the passover, when the son came to Jesus, saying, " Where suppers
of man will be delivered up to be wilt thou that we prepare for thee to

eat the passover.” And he said, 18
3 Then the chief priests and“ Go into the city to such a man,
sosulta- scribes, and the elders of the people, I and tell him, “The master saith,
on to kill

kill assembled together in the palace of my time is near, I will keep the Esus.

the high priest, whose name was passover at thine house with my
4 Caiaphas; and consulted how to disciples !” And the disciples did i 9

take Jesus privately and put him to as Jesus had commanded them, and
3 death. But they said, “ Not dur-made ready the passover.

ing the festival, lest there be an up Now when evening was come, he 20

roar among the people." .. i placed himself at table with the Jesus dis6 Now while Jesus was in Bethany, twelve. And as they were cating,

8, knowledge e is ho- in the house of Simon, called the he said, " Verily I say unto you, of Judas's

leper, a woman came to him hav- that one of you will deliver me up." intention, baringing an alabaster box of most pre- And they were very sorrowful, and 22 tment cious ointment, and poured it out began each of them to say unto him on his head as he was at table. But him, “ Master, is it I ?? And he 23

8 when his disciples saw it, they had | answered, “He who is - dipping

for thee to prepared..

vers his

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1 For all evil-doers, and those who have of the dead, which they always looked upon
assisted and countenanced them in their evil as a friendly act,

3 Probably shekels, a very small sum.
· Not that Mary knew how soon he 4 Each guest dipped a bit of bread into a
would be put to death ; but because he kind of soup or sauce, which served as a
knew it, he considers what she did in the common dish, and then ate it,
same light as the Jews did the embalming!

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