CHAP. his hand with me in the dish will means deny thee." And so said all CHAP,

XXVI. XXV. deliver me up. The son of man is the disciples.

24 going to suffer death, as it is writ- Then cometh Jesus to a place 36 Is2. liii. 8. ten of him ; but alas ! for that man called Gethsemane, and saith to Jesus shews

by whom the son of man is deli- his disciples, “ Stay here, while I rent ix. 26.

bility and vered up. It were better for that go and pray yonder." And he resignation. man, if he had not been born.” took with him, Peter, and the two 37 Upon this Judas who delivered him sons of Zebedee, and was in an up, said, “ Master, is it I ?" Jesus agony of excessive anguish. Then 38 saith unto him, “ It is."

saith he unto them, “My soul is 26 And as they were eating, Jesus exceedingly dismayed with a deadly Institution took bread, and gave thanks to sorrow; tarry here and watch with of the

God, brake it, and gave it to his me.” And he went forward a 39 supper. disciples, saying, “ Take, eat, this little, and fell on his face and

is the representation of my body. prayed, saying, “ () my Father, 27 He took also the cup, and when he if it be possible, let this cup be re

had given thanks, gave it to them, moved from me! nevertheless not
28 saying, “ Drink ye all of it, for my will, but thine be done.” And 40

this is the representation of my returning to his disciples, and find.
blood, that blood which is to be shed ing them asleep, he saith, to Peter,
for the benefit of all, a seal of the “ So, could ye not watch with me

new covenant which relates to the such a short time as this! Watch
29 remission of sins. And I say unto ye and pray that ye may not come

you, I shall not drink henceforth of to a trial too hard for you. The 41
this produce of the vine till that spirit indeed may be ready, but the
day in which I drink it with you, flesh is weak.”
after a new order of things' has He went away from them a se-42

arisen in my Father's kingdom.”cond time, and prayed, saying, “O
30 And after using a hymn, they went my Father, if this cup cannot be re-

out into the mount of Olives. moved from me, and I must drink

31. Then saith Jesus unto them, it, thy will be done.” And on his 43 Peter and “ Ye will all forsake me this very return he findeth them asleep again,

to night, as it is written, I will smite for their eyes were heavy. And 44 be faithful the shepherd, and the sheep of the he left them and went away again; to him.' flock will be scattered abroad.' and prayed a third time in the same

But after I am raised up, I will go words. Then he cometh to his 45 xiii, 7. ? 33 before you into Galilee." Peter disciples and saith unto them, ..

said unto him, “ Though all others " Are ye still asleep, and giving

forsake thee, yet will I never for yourselves to rest ? behold! the 34 sake thee.” Jesus said unto him, moment is come for the son of man

6 Verily I say unto thee, This to be delivered up into the hands of

very night, beforeth e % cock crow, the heathen. Arise, let us be gone, 46 35 thou wilt deny me thrice.” Peter behold! he that is going to deliver

saith unto him, “ Though I must me up is at hand.”
even die with thee, I will by no While he was yet speaking, lo ! 47

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" A proverbial way of speaking, not to cock-crowing, which if we suppose to be
be strictly interpreted

| here meant, this place is perfectly consistent
· The second watch of the night, which with Mark xiv. 30.
was at twelve o'clock, was called the cock 3 He first kneeled down, and then bent
crowing. The third watch, or three o'clock forward with his body to the ground. See
in the morning, was called the second | Luke xxii. 41.

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Jesus his sword och priesto: Jesus
Does operet drew of the then sasword as take the

allow Per

CHAP. Judas, one of the twelve, came, and the elders, and the whole council, CHAP.

".. with him a great multitude, with sought false testimony against Je- * He is ap: swords and clábs, from the chief sus, to put him to death, but found 60 prehended.

priests and elders of the people. it not, though many false witnesses
48 And he had given them a sign, came up. At last came up two false 61

saying, The man whom I shall witnesses, saying, “ This man said,
49 kiss, is he; lay hold on him." And I am able to destroy the temple of

immediately he' came up to Jesus, God, and to build it in three days."

and said, “ Hail, master !" and And the high priest rose, and said 50 fondly kissed him. And Jesus said unto him, * Dost thou make no 62

unto him, “ Friend, for what art answer? what is it which these thou come?" Then they went up, witness against thee?” But he 63 and laid hands on Jesus and appre-kept silence. And the high priest hended him.

said unto him, “ I require thee to 51 And behold! one of them with swear by the living God, and tell Does not Jesus stretched out his hand, and us whether thou be the Christ, the

Peret drew his sword, and smote the ser- son of God.” to resist.

Jesus saith unto 64
vant of the high priest, and cut off him, “ I am ; moreover I say unto
52 his ear. Then saith Jesus unto you, Hereafter ye will see the son

him, “ Put up thy sword again into of man sitting on the right hand of
its place, for all those who take the divine power, and coming on the

sword are in danger of perishing clouds of heaven."
53 by the sword. Dost thou think. Then the high-priest rent his 65

that I am not able at this moment clothes, saying, “ He hath spoken He is treatto ' pray to my Father, and he evil against God. What need have com

would furnish me with more than we of more witnesses ? Behold!
54 twelve legions of angels? But ye have now heard his wicked

how then could the scriptures be speech. What think ye?” They 66
fulfilled, which say that thus it answered, “He is guilty of a crime
must be ?,

worthy of death.” Then they 67 55 - At the same time Jesus said to spat in his face; and some buffeted Remon..., the multitudes, “ Am I a murder-him, and others beat him with the strates with

wither, that ye are come out in a body palms of their hands, saying, and is for against me, with swords and clubs, “ Tell us, thou prophet Christ, 68 saken by to seize me? I was with you day who smote thee?" sends. after day, teaching in the temple, Now Peter was sitting at a dis- 69 56 and ye did not seize me. But by tance in the hall; and one of the Peter de'this the writings of the prophets are maid-servants came to him and nies his

master fulfilled.” Then all the disciples said, “ Thou also wast with Jesus thrice. forsook him and fled..

the Galilean.” But he denied it in 70 57 And they who had seized Jesus the presence of them all, saying, Jesus de- carried him away to Caiaphas, with “ I know not what thou meanest.

m- whom the scribes and the elders And after he had gone out into the 71 self to be the Mese were assembled. But Peter follow-porch, another muid-servant saw siah.. ed him at a distance to the palace him, and saith unto them that were

58 of the high priest, and went in and there, "6 This man also was with

sat with the attendants to see the Jesus of Nazareth.” And he de- 72 59 end. Now the chief priests, and nied it again with an oath, saying,



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a nd

> Jesus voluntarily, not by force or con- dently in a different sense from what was straint, gave himself up to his enemies. put upon them now.

• Jesus had used these words, but evi- ,


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taken be.

CHAP. " I know not the man.” A little the children of Israel valued, and CHAP, 11. while after, some, who were stand- gave them for the potter's field as *

ing by, came up, and said to the Lord commanded me.”
Peter, “ Surely thou art one of And Jesus stood before the go-11

them, and indeed thy speech dis- vernor, and the governor asked jesus calls 74 covereth thee.” Then he began him, saying, “ Art thou the king hims of the

to curse himself, and to swear, of the Jews ?Jesus said unto Jews in a

saying, “ I do not know the man.” him, “I am.” And, when he spiritual 75 And immediately the 'cock crew. was accused by the chief priests sense.

And Peter remembered the words and elders, he made no answer.
of Jesus, who had said unto him, | Then saith Pilate unto him, 13
« Before the cock crow, thou wilt “ Hearest thou not how many
deny me thrice.” And he went things they witness against thee?”
out and wept bitterly.

And he did not answer a single 14
CHAP, Early in the morning, all the question, so that the governor

o chief priests and the elders of the wondered greatly. Jesus is people consulted about Jesus to put Now during the festival, the 15

• him to death. And when they had governor used to release unto the Pilate fore the Roman go-bound him, they led him away, and multitude one prisoner whom they wishes

release vernor. delivered him up to Pontius Pilatc would. And they had then a noted Jesus; the governor.

i prisoner named Barabbas. There- 17 3 Then Judas, who had delivered fore while they were assembled, Remorse him up, when he saw that Jesus Pilate said unto them, “ Which

th was condemned, repented, and do ye wish me to release unto you? of Judas.

brought again the thirty pieces of Barabbas, or Jesus that is called

silver to the chief priests and the Christ?(Pilate was anxious to
4 elders, saying, "I have sinned release Jesus, because he knew 18

in delivering up innocent blood.” that they had delivered him up

And they said, “ What is that to through hatred; and because, while 19 5 us? look thou to that.” Then he he was sitting on the judgment threw down the pieces of money seat, his wife had sent unto him,

in the temple, and withdrew, and saying, “ Have nothing to do with
6 went and strangled himself. And that righteous man, for I have

the chief priests took the pieces suffered much in a dream this
of silver, and said, “It is not $ day on account of him.”) But 20
lawful to put them into the sa- the chief priests and the elders

cred treasury, because they are persuaded the multitudes to ask
7 the price of blood ;” and after for Barabbas, and leave Jesus to

consultation upon it, they bought die.
with them the potter's field, to bury Then the governor said to them 21
8 strangers in. Wherefore that field again, “ Which of the two do ye but in com-

, pliance with hath been called the field of blood wish me to release unto you?”

" the will of 9 to this day. Then was fulfilled this. And they said, “ Barabbas.” Pi-the people

saying of the prophet : “ And I late saith unto them, “ What must delivers 13. took the thirty pieces of silver, the I do then with Jesus, called Christ?” him up.

price of him who was valued, whom They all say unto him, “Let him

and death


1 The trumpet sounded, which announced he was deprived of his office, involved in
the second watch, or three o'clock in the various calamities, and at length died by his

own hands, at Vienne in Gaul, the place of
Pilaie was a man of a fierce and cruel his banishment.
temper, guilty of many flagrant crimes. 1. 3 In the course of the last twenty-four
After having governed Judea for ten years, hours.

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sulted and led to

CHAP be crucified.” And thegovernor said, I for them, and sat down there to CHAP. W - Why, what evil hath he done?" guard him. And they placed over X

But they cried out the more, “Let his head his accusation, written, 37 24 him becrucified.” When Pilate saw " This is Jesus the king of the

that he did no good, but only caused | Jews.".
a greater uproar, he took water, Then two murderers were cruci- 38
and washed his hands before the fied with him, one on the right He is re.
multitude, saying, “ I am guiltless | hand, and one on the left. And proached
of the 'blood of this righteous those who passed by reviled him, spectators.

* by the 25 man; look ye to it.” And all the shaking their heads, and saying, 40

people answered, “ His blood be " Thou who canst destroy the

upon us, and upon our children." temple, and build it in three days, 26 Then released he Barabbas unto save thyself; if thou be the son of

them; and when he had conimand-God, come down from the cross.”
ed Jesus to be scourged, he deliver-Likewise the chief priests also, 41
ed him up to be crucified.

| with the scribes and elders, mocked
27 Then the soldiers of the gover-him and said, “ He saved others, 42
Jesus is in- nor took Jesus with them into cannot he save himself? If he be

na the judgment-hall, and assembled king of Israel, let him now come death. against himn the whole band; and down from the cross, and we will

23 they stript him, and put on him a believe him. He trusted in God, 43
29 scarlet robe, and platted a crown of let him now deliver him, if he ap-

thorns, and put it on his head, and proveth him, for he said, I am
a cane in his right-hand, and they the son of God." The murderers 46.
kneeled before him, and invoked also that were crucified with him,

him, saying, “ Hail, king of the reproached him in the same man30 Jews !" And they spat on him, I ner.

and took the cane and struck him Now there was a darkness over 45 31 on the head. And after mocking all the land of Judea, from the The death

him, they took off the robe, and sixth hour unto the ninth hour. of Jesus put his own clothes on hiin, and And about the ninth hour, Jesus 46

led him away to crucify him. cried out with a loud voice, saying, 32 And as they were going out of " Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani ?”

the city, they met with a man of that is, “ My God! my God! Cyrene, named Simon, whom they why hast thou forsaken me?” compelled to carry the upper part Then some of those who stood 47 of the cross after Jesus had borne there, when they heard it, said,

it as long as his strength would“ He is calling Elijah.” And im- 48 33 permit. And after they were mediately one of them ran, and

come to a place called Golgotha, took a spunge, and put it filled

which signifies a place of skulls, with 4 vinegar on a reed, and gave 34 they gave him s vinegar mingled him to drink. And others said, 49

with bitters to drink; and when he Hold ! let us see whether

had tasted it, he refused to drink. Elijah will come and save him.” 50 35 And after they had nailed him to And when Jesus had cried out

the cross, they parted his garments again with a loud voice, he ex-
among themselves, by casting lots pired.

* The guilt of shedding it in case of his potion. innocence.

4 A mixture of vinegar and water, called • It consisted of 200 soldiers.

1 posca, was the common drink of the Roman * Probably an intoxicating and stupifying I soldiers.

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CHAP. And behold! the vail of the days I shall rise again. Order, CHAP: d. temple was rent in two from the therefore, that the sepulchre be

XXVIII, is attended top to the bottom, and the earth made safe until the third day, lest and follow

quaked, and the rocks were split; his disciples come by night, and nishing cir- and the sepulchres were opened, steal him away, and say to the cumstances.and many bodies of holy persons people, "He is risen from the

52 who were asleep awoke, and went dead ;' so the last deceit will be

out of their graves after they worse than the first.” Pilate said 65

awoke, and were seen by many. unto them, “ Ye have a * guard :
54 When the centurion, and the sol-go make the sepulchre as safe as

diers that were with him guarding you can.” So they went and se- 66
Jesus, - perceived the earthquake, cured the sepulchre, by sealing the
and what had happened, they were stone, and setting a guard.
greatly afraid, and said, “Truly After the end of the Sabbath, as CHAP.
this was a son of God.”

the first day of the following week * 55 And several women were there, began to dawn, Mary Magdalene, An angel Women looking on at a distance, who had and the other Mary, went to see more

informs the

e women of observe the accompanied Jesus from Galilee, the sepulchre. And lo! there had the resura scene. ene. and waited upon him ; among been a great commotion ; for an section of 56 whom was Mary Magdalene, and | angel of the Lord had descended Jesus;

Mary the mother of James and from heaven, and gone and rolled
Joses, and the mother of the sons away the stone from the entrance,
of Zebedee.

and was sitting upon it; and his 3 57 Now when it was evening, there appearance was like lightning, The body came a rich man of Arimathea, and his raiment bright as snow.

h named Joseph, who had been also Through fear of him the keepers 4 69 a disciple of Jesus. This man had been alarmed and become like

went to Pilate, and asked for the dead men. And the angel said 5 body of Jesus, and Pilate com-unto the women, " Be not ye

manded the body to be given him. afraid, for I know that ye are seek59 So Joseph took the body, and ing Jesus who was crucified. He 6

wrapt it in a clean linen cloth, and is not here. He hath been raised 60 laid it in his own new tomb, up, as he said he should be. Come,

which he had hewn in the rock; see the place where the Lord lay.” and he caused to be rolled a great And make haste to tell his disci-7

stone to the entrance of the tomb, ples, that he hath been raised from
61 and went away. And Mary Mag-| the dead ; and behold! he will go

dalene was there, and the other before you into Galilee, there ye
Mary was sitting over against the shall see him. Lo! I have told

you.” 62 ‘On the next day, the day after. And they went out in haste from 8 A guard is the 3 preparation, the chief priests the sepulchre with fear and great Who sooi placed at

4 and the scribes came together unto joy, and ran to tell his disciples. avec the sepul. chre.

Pilate, saying, “ Sir, we remem- | And as they were going to tell his 63 ber that this deceiver said, while disciples, behold! Jesus met them

he was yet alive, “Within three and said, “ Peace be to you.”

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1A very extraordinary and excellent Sabbath on the following day. Probably the person.

time meant in the text was the evening of Such a man would not have committed Saturday, after the Sabbath. the body of Jesus to the sepulchre without 4 A body of soldiers assigned to the complain marks of death.

mand of the Jewish rulers, for the purpose 3 Our F.iday, the preparation-day for the of suppressing tumults.

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