CHAP. he is my brother, and my sister, know all my parables ?' 'The sow- CHAT, III. and mother.”

er soweth the word. Those by the IV. CHAB. Again, Jesus began to teach by way-side have indeed the word 14

IV. the side of the lake, and a great sown in them, but as soon as they 15 Parable of multitude was gathered together have heard it, Satan cometh and the sower, unto him, so that he went into a taketh away the word sown in their

vessel and sat in it in the lake, and hearts. They likewise who are 16

the whole multitude was near the sown in stony places, are those
2 lake on the land. And he taught who on hearing the word immedi-

them, as usual, many things by ately receive it with gladness, but 17
parables; and as he taught then he have no root in them;selves, and en-
3 said unto them, “ Hearken, be- dure but a little time, for when af. :
4 hold a sower went out to sow; and flictions or persecution arise be-

as he sowed, some seed fell by the cause of the word, they immedi-
· way-side, and the birds came, and ately fall away. And they that are 18
5 ate it up. And same fell on a rocky sown among thorns are such as
place, where it had not much earth, hear the word; but the cares of 19

and it sprang up soon, because it this life, and the deceitfulness of
6 had not depth of earth. But when riches, and other lusts, coming up-
the sun was risen, it was scorched, on them, choke the word, and it be-

and because it had not root, it wi- cometh unfruitful. And they ihat 20 7 thered. And some fell among were sown on the good ground are: thorns, and the thorns grew up and such as hear the word, and receive

choked it, and it yielded no fruit. it, and bear fruit, some thirty-fold, 8 And other fell on good ground, and some sixty, some an hundred.” yielded fruit which sprang up, and He said also unto them, « Is a 21 increased, and brought forth, some lamp brought to be put under a Truth not thirty-fold, some sixty, and some measure or under a couch ? Is it

ways hide - 9 an hundred." Then he said, “ He not brought to be set on a stand ? den.

that hath ears to hear, let him For there is nothing hidden that 22

will not be brought to light: and
10. When he was in private, they who nothing kept secret, that will not
explained. were about him with the twelve, appear openly. If any man hath 23

asked him concerning this parable. ears to hear, let him hear.”
11 And he said unto them, “ Unto He said also unto them, “ Con- 24

you it is given to learn the hitherto sider what ye hear; what measure Necessity
unknown doctrine of the kingdom of attention ye give, with the same accention,
of God, but unto them that are will knowledge be measured out to

without, all these things are spo- you. For whosoever hath much, 25
12 ken in parables; for they see clear- to him shall be given ; and from him

ly, but perceive not, and hear who hath little, even that little will
plainly, but understand not, so as be taken.”

to turn to me, and have their sins He said also, “ So is the king- 26
13 forgiven thein.” Then he saith dom of God as if a man should cast Párable of

unto them, “ Do not ye know seed into the ground, and while he seed sown; this parable ? How . then will ye sleepeth by night, and riseth by 27


The mixed multitude who were unwill- of ground.
ing to make a right use of the opportunities My doctrine may be compared to a lamp
offered them.

upon a stand, for it is designed to be generale a Sown as ground is, not as seeds are, for Jy made known. the hcarers are coinpared to different soits 1

reat multitusel to the othed back 2

CHAP day, the seed should spring up and were very much afraid, and said to CHAP. V grow he knoweth not how. For each other, “ Who is this, that " 28 the earth, after the seed is once even the wind and the sea obey

sown, bringeth forth fruit of itself, I him.”
29 without the aid of man ; first the Then Jesus and his disciples CHAP.

blade, then the ear, then the full crossed the lake, and came to the v.
corn in the ear. And as soon as country of the Gadarenes.
the grain is ripe, the husbandman And when he had crossed back 21
putteth in the sickle, because the again in the vessel 1o the other side, Jairus's
harvest is come.”
a great multitude came together to daughter

raised. 30 He said also, “ To what shall him, and he continued by the lake.“ of mustard we liken the kingdom of God? or And behold, there cometh one of 22 seed, what comparison shall we make the rulers of the synagogue, named

31 concerning it? It is like a grain Jairus; and when he saw Jesus, he

of mustard-seed, which when it is | falleth down at his feet, and earnsown in the ground is one of the estly besought him, saying, “ My 23

least of all the seeds that are sown | little daughter is at the point of
32 in the ground. But after it is sown, death: Come, lay thy hands on

it shooteth up, and becometh one her, that she may recover and live.”
of the greatest of all herbs, and And Jesus went with him, and a 24
spreadeth out great branches, so that great multitude followed him and
the birds of the air can roost under thronged him.
the shadow of it.”.

| And messengers came from the 35 33 And in many such parables he ruler of the synagogue's house, sayind others. spake the word to them, as they , ing, “ Thy daughter is dead, why

34 were able to understand. But troublest thou the teacher any fur

without a parable he spake not un-ther?” But as soon as Jesus heard 36 i to them ; and he explained every | these words, he saith to the ruler

thing in private to his disciples of the synagogue, “ Be not afraid,

35 Now the same day, when the only believe.” And he suffered no 37 Jesus stills evening was come, he saith unto one to accompany him but Peter, be waves. them, Let us cross to the other side and James, and John the brother

36 of the lake.” So having left the mul- of James. Then he cometh to the 38 . titude, they take him with them in house of the ruler of the synagogue,

the vessel (other little vessels also and seeth the people in the house 37 were with it). And a great storm of] in confusion, weeping and howling

wind ariseth, and the waves beat greatly. And entering in, he saith 39

into the vessel, so that it was now unto them, “Why are ye making 38 growing full of water. And he was this disturbance and lamentation

in the hinder part of the ship, the child is not dead, but' asleep.” asleep on a pillow : and awaking And they laughed at him. But when 10. him, they say unto him, “Teacher, he had sent them all out, he taketh

carest thou not that we perish?” the father and mother of the child, · 39 Then he awoke, and rebuked the and the three disciples, and goeth

wind, and said unto the sea, into the place where the child was 40 “ Peace, be still.” And he said laid ; and taking the child by the 41

unto them, " Why were ye so hand, he saith unto her, “Talitha · fearful ? how is it that ye have no cumi,” which means “ Little maid, 41 confidence in me ?And they arise.” And the young . damsel 42


1 Meaning, that as he intended to raise than a sleep. her to life, daer death would appear no more i

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CHAP. immediately arose, and walked, forthiness ; and they went out and CHAP

she was about twelve years old ; | preached repentance; and cast out V1.

and they were astonished with great many demons, and 'anointed with 13 43 astonishment. And he charged oil many that were sick, and cured

them much to let no one know it ; them.
and ordered them to give her Now king Herod heard of Jesus (for 14
something to eat.

his name was spread abroad) and Herod's CHAP. Jesus departing thence came to said, “ John the baptist hath been opinion et

V. Nazareth, his own town, with his raised from the dead, and therefore Jasus dis- disciples. And when the Sabbath these mighty works are wrought by

ed day was come, he began to teach him,” Others said, “It is Elijah," 15 in his native place. in the synagogue, and many as and others said, " It is a prophet,

2 they heard him were amazed, say- or like one of the prophets.” But 16

ing, " Whence hath this man when Herod heard of him, he said, these things, and what wisdom is “ It is John, whom I beheaded, he this which is given him, and whence hath been raised from the dead :" are such mighty works wrought by for this Herod had sent and appre- 17 3 his hands? Is not this the carpen-hended John, and bound him in ter, the son of Mary, and the bro- prison, for the sake of Herodias, ther of James and Joses, and Judas,

James and loses, and Judas. I his brother Philip's wife, whom and Simon? and are not his sisters Herod had married. For John was 13

here amongst us?” And they re-frequently saying to Herod, “ It is 4 volted at him. But Jesus said unto not lawful for thee to have thy bro

them, “ A prophet is not without ther's wife; so that Herodias was 19 honour, except in his own country, enraged at him, and desirous of and among his kinsmen, and in his killing him, but was not able ; for 20 5 own family.” And he could not Herod reverenced John, knowing with propriety do any mighty work him to be a righteous and holy

there, except that he put his hands man, and greatly respected him, 6 upon a few sick, and cured them; and did many things by his in

and he wondered at their unbelief.'struction, and heard him gladly.

7 And Jesus went round about the Now on a convenient day, the 21 Instructs towns teaching; and calling unto birth-day of Herod, when he was John bea the twelve him the twelve, he began to send giving a supper to his nobles, and heade

them forth two by two, and gave captains, and great men of Galilee, 22 them power over unclean spirits, the daughter of Herodias came in, 8 and commanded them to take no- and danced, and pleased Herod and

thing for their journey, but a staff his guests so much that the king 9 only, no bag, no food, no money in said to the damsel, “ Ask of me

their purse, but to have sandals on whatsoever thou wilt, and I will

their feet, and not to put on two give it thee.” And he sware to her, 23 10 coats. And he said unto them, “ In": Whatsoever thou shalt ask of me,

what place soever ye enter into a I will give it thee, even into the

house, there remain till ye depart half of my kingdom.” And she 24 11 from that place. And whosoever went out, and said to her mother,

shall not receive you, nor hearken " What shall I ask ?" and her mo-
to you, when yé go thence, shake ther said, " The head of John the
off the dust of your feet for a testi baptisı.” So she immediately came 25
mony unto them of their unword in with haste to the king, and ask-



1 In compliance with ancient custom, not wise than miraculous. as if they thought that the cures were other. I


CHAP. ed, saying, “I desire that thou fishes ;” and he commanded them CHAP.

wouldest without delay give me to make all the people sit down by

upon a dish the head of John the coinpanies on the green grass, and 40 26 Baptist.” And the king was very they sat down in companies by

sorry; yet because of his oaths and hundreds and by fifties; and when 41

of his guests he would not refuse he had taken the five loaves and the 27 her. And immediately the king two fishes, he looked up to heaven

sent an executioner, and ordered and blessed God, and brake the
his head to be brought : so the man loaves, and gave them to his dis-

went and beheaded John in the ciples to distribute, and divided the 28 prison, and brought his head upon two fishes amongst them all; and 42

a dish, and gave it to the damsel, | all ate, and were filled ; and they 43

and the damsel gave it to her mo- took up twelve panniers full of the 29 ther. And when his disciples fragments of the bread and the

heard of it, they came and took fishes; and those who had eaten of 44, away the dead body and laid it in a the loaves were about five thousand sepulchre,

men. · 30 And the apostles come together And immediately he compelled 45 Apostles unto Jesus,and tell him every thing, his disciples to go into the vessel, Jesus tom both what they had done, and what and to go before him across to wa

walks on preaching. 50

the lake; Be they had taught. And he said, Bethsaida, while he sent the multi-" ** 31 “ Come ye yourselves apart into tude away ; and after parting from 46

a lonely place, and rest yourselves them, he went up a mountain to awhile,” (for so many were com- pray. And in the evening the ves-47

ing and going that they had no op-sel was in the midst of the lake, 32 portunity even to eat); and they went and he was alone on the land ; and 18

away in a vessel to a lonely place he saw them harassing themselves 33 privately. But the multitudes saw with rowing, for the wind was

them go, and many distinguished against them; and about the fourth
him among them, and ran together watch of the night he cometh to
by land, accompanied by others them walking on the water, and

from all the cities, to that place, and was intending to pass by them. 34 came thither. And when Jesus But when they saw him walking on 49

went out of the vessel he saw a great the water, they, supposing him to

multitude, and pitied them, because be an apparition, cried out; for they , they were like sheep without a all saw him, and were troubled.

shepherd; and he began to teach And immediately he spake to them, 50 them many things.

and said, “ Take courage, it is I, 35 And at a late hour of the day, be not afraid.” And he went up 51 ive thou- his disciples came up to him, say-| into the vessel to them, and the iracu

ing, “ This is a lonely place, and wind was still ; and they were struck vusly.' it is now a late hour; send them with exceedingly great astonish36 away that they may go into the ment; for 'they were not brought 52

country round, and the villages, to to a right understanding of him

buy themselves bread; for they have by the miracle of the loaves, be37 nothing to eat.” But he answered, cause their heart was blinded..

“ Give ye them to eat ;" and they. And they crossed over to the 53 say unto him, “ Shall we go and land of Gennesaret, and brought

buy bread for two hundred denarii, the vessel to the shore';. and as and cures 38 and give them to eat ?” He saith soon as they landed, the people rangi

unto them, “ How many loaves all about, and began to bring the ** have ye? go and see.” And when sick on beds, where they heard he 55 they knew, they say, “ Five, and two 'was ; and into whatsoever village, 56


ind fed

great num

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CHAP. or city, or country he entered, thev | which thou mightest have been CHAP

laid the sick in the streets, and profited by me is Corban (that is, a
these besought him that they might gift,)' and suffer him not to do any 12
touch if it were but the border of thing for his father or his mother;
his garment ; and as many as thus making void the word of God 13
'touched it were cured.

by your tradition; and many such CHAP. Then the Pharisees and some of things as these ye do." And hav- 14

VII. the Scribes, who had come from ing called all the multitude unto Jewish tra- from Jerusalem, resort unto Jesus; him, he said unto them, “ Hearkditions, and upon seeing some of his disci- en ye all unto me, and under

ples eat bread with defiled, that is, stand. Nothing from without a 15
with unwashen hands, they found man by going into him can defile
3 fault; for the Pharisees, and all the him, but the things which come

Jews, never eat, unless they wash out of him are those that defile a
their hands diligently, holding the man. Whoso hath ears to hear, 16
4 tradition of their forefathers. And let him hear.”
when they come from the market, And when Jesus was gone into 17
unless they wash their hands, they a house from the multitude, the Nature
eat not; and many other such disciples asked him concerning that ?
traditions they observe, as the saying. And he saith unto them,
washing of cups, and measures, " Are ye also thus without under- 18
and brazen vessels, and couches. standing? Do ye not perceive that
5 Then the Pharisees and the scribes whatever entereth into a man can.

ask him, " Why walk not thy not defile him; for it goeth not into 19
disciples according to the tradition the heart, but into the stomach, and

of the elders, but eat bread with passeth out into the vault, which
6 unwashen hands?" And he an- cleanseth all food, by carrying off

swered, “Well hath Isaiah pro the grosser parts of it.And he 20
phesied of you hypocrites, as it is said, “What cometh out of a man,
written, “This people honoureth that defileth a man ; for from with-21
me with their lips, but their heart in, out of the hearts of men, come
7 is far from me;' but in vain do evil thoughts, adulteries, fornica-

they profess a religious veneration tions, murders, thefts, excessive de- 22
for me, teaching doctrines which sires, maliciousness, deceit, unchas-

are the commandments of men. tity, an envious eye, evil speaking,
8 For ye lay aside the command-pride, arrogance. All these evil 23
ments of God, and hold the tradi- things come from within and defile
tion of men, as the washing of a man.”
measures and of cups, and many And he arose, and departed thence 24

other such things as these ye do."' towards the borders of Tyre and Syropkeni.

9 He said also unto them, “ Ye Sidon ; and being desirous that no cantar exposed entirely set aside the command-man should know of him, he went healed. by Jesus. ment of God, that ye may keep into a house ; but he could not be

your own tradition. For Moses hid. For a woman, whose little 25 10 said, 'Honour thy father and thy daughter had an unclean spirit,

mother, and whoso revileth father heard of him, and came and fell at

or mother, he shall be put to death.' his feet, (now the woman was a 26 11 But ye teach, that a man may say Greek, a 3 Syrophenician by birth)

to his father or mother, “That by and besought him to cast the demon

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