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land fed

CHAP, out of her daughter. But Jesus said to try him by asking of him a sign CHAP. VII. ".. unto her, “ Let the children be fill- from heaven ; and after sighing

VIII, 27 ed first ; for it is not right to take decply in himself, in pity to their A sign re. the children's bread, and cast it to prejudices, he saith, “Why doth quired:

refused. 28 the dogs," and she answered, this generation require a sign?".

“ True, Sir; and yet the dogs un- Verily I say unto you, no sign shall 12

der the table eat of the children's be given to this generation.” And 13 29 crumbs.” Then he said unto her, he left them,and entered again into

“For this very saying, go thy way, the vessel, and crossed over the

the demon is gone out of thy daugh-I lake, 30 ter ;” and when she was come to Now the disciples had forgotten 14

her house, she found the demon to take bread, nor had they with Disciples gone out, and her daughter with her them in the vessel more than one cautioned

against the clothes on, upon the couch.

| loaf; and he charged them, saying, Pharisces. CHAP. In those days the multitude be-/ “ Take heed and beware of the lea- 15

Wali ing very great, and having nothing ven of the Pharisees, and the leaven
Four thou- to eat, Jesus called his disciples to of Herod." And they reasoned 16

him, and saith unto them, “I have with each other, saying, “ It is bemiracu.

' lously. compassion on the multitude, because we have no bread;" and when 17

2 cause they have now continued Jesus perceived it, he said unto

with ine three days, and have no.them, “Why reason ye as if I
3 thing to eat; and if I send them blamed you, because ye have no

home fasting, they will faint by the bread? Perceive ye not yet, nor un-
wav, for some of them come from derstand, and is your heart still
4 far." And his disciples answered blinded ? Haying eyes, see ye not? 18

him, “ Whence can any one sa-and having ears, hear ye not ? and

tisfy these with bread here in the do ye not remember? when I brake 19 5 desert ?” And he asked them, the five loaves among the five thou

" How many leaves have ye?” and sand, how many panniers full of
6 they said, Seven ;'' and he com- fragments ye took away?” They say 20
manded the multitude to sit down unto him, "Twelve.” “ And when
on the ground; and took the seven the seven loaves among the four
loaves, and after giving thanks to thousand, how many baskets filled
God, he brake thëni, and gave to with fragments ye took away?” And

his disciples to set before the mul- they said, “ Seven.” And he said 21
7 titude, and they did so; and they unto them, “ Why do ye not un,
had a few small fishes, and he derstand ?”
blessed God, and commanded that Then Jesus and bis disciples de- 27

these also should be set before parted to the villages of Cesarea, in Different 8 them. So they ate, and were filled, the dominion of” Philip ; and on opinions

on who Jesus and seven baskets of fragments the road he asked his disciples, was. that remained were taken away. saying, “Whom do the people say 9 Now they, who had eaten, were that I am ?” They answered, 28

about four thousand, and he sent" John the Baptist; and some say,
10 them away; and immediately went Elijah ; and others, one of the pro-

into a vessel with his disciples, and phets.” Then saith he unto them, 29
came into the parts of i Dalma." But whom say ye that I am ?"

And Peter answered, “ Thou art
2 And the Pharisees came forth, the Christ;” and he charged them 30

and began to dispute with him, and to tell no man of him.


* Probably a town near Magdala.

The brother of Herod Antipas.

ne for Elind one force tents,

CHAP. And he began to teach them that in their presence ; for his raiment CHAP.

IX. it was ' necessary for the son of became bright as snow, exceedingly Jesus fore- man to suffer many things, and to white, so as no fuller on earth can death, &c.

&c be rejected by the elders, and chief whiten. And they saw Elijah 4

priests, and scribes, and to be kill and Moses talking with Jesus.

ed, and to return to life within Then Peter saith unto Jesus, 5 32 three days. And as he was giving“ Master, it is better for us to be

them this information with great here : and let us make three tents,

plainness, Peter took him aside, and one for thee, and one for Moses,
33 began to reprove him. But he and one for Elijah ;" for he knew 6

turned about, and in the presence not what to say, as they were great-
of his disciples, rebuked Peter, I ly afraid. And a cloud oversha- 7
saving, “ Get thee behind me, dowed them ; and a voice came out
thou adversary; for thou regardest of the cloud, saying, “ This is my
not the things of God, but the beloved son, hear him ;" and they 8
things of men."

| looked around them immediately, 34 And when he had called unto but saw no one any more, but JeQualifica- him the multitude and his disci- sus only with themselves.

ples, he said unto them, “Whoso- And as they were coming down 9 Christ's disciples. ever desireth to come after me, let from the mountain, he charged them Dispute him deny himself, and take his to tell no man what they had seen,

che rising from 35 cross, and follow me ; for whoso- until the son of man was risen from the dead,

ever shall be desirous of saving his the dead : and they took hold of that &c.
life by deserting his duty, shall saying, disputing with themselves 10
lose it; but whosoever shall lose his what this rising from the dead
life for my sake, and that of the could mean. And they asked him, 11

gospel, he shall save it hereafter. saying, “ Why say the scribes that
36 For what will it profit a man, Elijah must first come?" He answer-12

if he shall gain the whole world, ed, Elijah does® first come to restore 37 and lose his own life; or what can all things, by putting them in a pro

a man give to redeem his life when per state, and (as it is written also
38 once forfeited ? Whosoever, there of the son of man) to suffer many

fore, shall be ashamed of me and things and to be contemptuously
of my words in this ungodly and treated. But I say unto you, that 13
sinful generation, of him will the Elijah is both come, and that men
son of man also be ashamed, when have done unto him whatsoever.
he cometh in the glory of his Fa- they pleased, as it was written of
ther with the holy angels.”

him." CHAP. He said also unto them, “Veri-| And when he came to his disci- 14

ly I say unto you, Some here pre- ples, he saw a great multitude about Jesus cured sent will not taste of death, till them, and the scribes disputing a per they have seen the kingdom of with them: and all the multitude, as lepsy. God come with power.”

soon as they saw him, were greatly 15 2 Six days after, Jesus taketh surprised, and running to him saTransfigu- with him, Peter, and James, and luted him, and he asked them, 16

John, and bringeth them up a high" About what dispute ye among mountain privately by theinselves, yourselves ?” And one of the mul: 17 where his appearance was changed titude answered, “ Master, I have

37 at man siverited? Whedo of me am

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Agreeably to the predictions of the an- . 3 John the Baptist, 'who resembled Elijah cient prophets.

in his outward appearance, and his prophe• Has come before the Messiah, sic character,

CHAP. brought unto thee my son, who be produced only by prayer and CHAP. S. hath a dumb spirit, and when it fasting.?


"? ** * * IX. 18 seizeth him, 'it dasheth him. And they departed thence; and 30

against the ground, and he foameth she was desirous that no one should
and grindeth his teeth, and wasteth discover him as they were passing

away ; and I spake to thy disciples along through Galilee; for he was enjoined 19 to cast it out, but they could not.” teaching his disciples, and telling

Then Jesus answered : 66 ( faith-them that The son of man is about 31
less generation ! how long shall I to be delivered up into the hands of
be with you ? how long shall I en-men, and they will kill him, and

dure you? Bring him to me.” after he hath been killed, he will
20 And they brought the man unto return to life on the third day ;" 32

him; and when he saw Jesus, im- but they understood not that de-
mediately the spirit convulsed him, claration, and were afraid to ask

and he fell on the ground, and him. And when he was come to 33 21 rolled himself, foaming. And Jesus Capernaum, and was in the house,

asketh his father, “ How long hath he asked them " What were ye

he been in this way?” And he said disputing about among yourselves
22" From his childhood ; and oft- on the road ?” But they gave him 34

times it hath cast him both into no answer ; for they had been dis-
fire and water to destroy him ; but puting with each other, who would

if thou canst do any thing, take be greatest. And sitting down 35 23 pity on us, and help us." Then he called the twelve, and said unto

Jesus said unto him, “ I can, if them “ If any one desire to be
thou canst believe; all things are first, let him be last of all, and

possible to him who believeth.” the servant of all. And taking a 36 24 And immediately the father of the little child, he set him in the midst

child cried out with tears, 66 Mas- of them, and when he had taken
ter, I do believe ; help thou the him in his arms, he said unto
weakness of my faith."

them, “ Whosoever receiveth one 37 25 But Jesus seeing the people run like such little children, in my

up together in crowds, rebuked the name, he receiveth me; and who-
unclean spirit, sayinguntoit,“Thou soever shall receive me, receiveth
dumb and deaf spirit, I charge thee, not me only, buthim who sent me."

come out of him, and 'go into him Then John said unto him, 38 26 no more. Accordingly, after crying " Master, we saw one casting out Small ser. out and shaking him much, it demons in thy name, and we for. vices well

meant will came out, and the young man bade him." But Jesus said, “ For- be accept

seemed as if he were dead, so that bid him not; for there is none who ed. 27 many said, “ He is dead.” But will do a mighty work in my names 39

Jesus took him by the hand and and readily speak evil of me; for he 40

raised him up. And when Jesus that is not against you, and showing 28 was come into a house, his disci- it by such conduct as this man's, is

ples asked him privately, “ Why | for you; and whosoever shall give 41 29 could not we cast him out?" He you a cup of water to drink, in my

said unto them, “This kind of faith, name, because ye belong to Christ,
which is a necessary qualification verily I say unto you, he shall by
for the working of miracles, can no means lose his reward."

24 Andd cried out eve; help the

I He assured the father that his son's epic of mind.
lepsy should not return.

1 3 In promotion of the cause of truth and
* Fasting is put for the effect which it is virtue.
designed to produce, humility and lowliness .

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CHAP. " And on the contrary, whoso- to put her away.Jesus answered, CHAP.

ever shall lead into sin one of these “ For the hardness of your heart he X 42 lowly disciples who believe in me, I wrote you this precept'; but in the 5 Horrid it were better for him, if a mill-beginning, at the creation, God 6 danger of s

of stone were fastened about his neck, made a male and a female, and said, any into and that he were cast into the sea. I ' For this cause shall a man leave 7

And if thy hand lead thee to sin, his father and his mother, and 43 cut it off; it is better for thee to en-cleave unto his wife ; and the two S

ter into life without this limb, than shall be so closely united in the

with two hands to go into hell, bonds of love and affection, as to be 44 where their worm dieth not, and one flesh.' What therefore God 9 45 the fire is not quenched. And if joined together, let no man put

thy foot lead thee to sin, cut it off ; asunder.” And in an house his 10 it is better for thee to enter maimed his disciples asked him again con

into life, than with two feet to be cerning the same thing, and he ! | 46 cast into hell, where their worm saiih unto them, " Whosoever

dieth not, and the fire is not shall put away his wife and mar-
47 quenched. And if thy eye lead ry another, committeth adultery

thee to sin, pluck it out, for it is against her; and if a woman put 12
better for thee to go into the king- away her husband, and be married
dom of God with one eye, than to another, she committeth adul.

with two eyes to be cast into hell, tery.”
48 where their worin dieth not, and And same brought little children 13
49 the fire is not quenched. For every to him, that he might touch them ; Jesus bles

one thus sentenced shall be salted but his disciples rebuked those ses cl with fire, and every one who offers who brought them. Jesus seeing himself a reasonable sacrifice to this, was much displeased, and said 14 God shall be salted with the salt of unto them,“Suffer the little children

divine assistance and instruction. to come unto me, and hinder them
50 Salt is good, but if the salt lose its not, forof such-likeisthe kingdom of 15

saltness, with what will ye season God. Verily I say unto yo:!, whoso-
it? Have the salt of virtue and ever shall not receive the offer of the
knowledge among yourselves, and kingdom of God with a frame of

be at peace with one another.” mind like that of a little child, he CHAP.

Jesus arose, and departed thence cannot enter therein.” And he 16 X. into theborders of Judea through the took them up in his arms, put his Question

country by the side of the river Jor- hands upon them, and blessed about di- dan: and multitudes come together them. vorce an. unto him, and according to his cus. And as he was going forward 17 swesedo tom, he taught them again. And the along the road, one ran up and The rich

2 Pharisees came near and tried him knelt before him, and asked him, ruler.

with this question “ Is it lawful for " Good master, what shall I do 3 a man to divorce his wife.” But that I may inherit eternal life?” 18

he answered them, “ What hath Bot Jesus said unto him: “ Why Moses commanded you ?" And callest thou me good ? None is they said, “ Moses suffered us to good but one, that is God. Thou 19 give a writing of divorcement, and knowest the commandments, Do

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1, Brought to a state of purity and incor- Though the law is silent on divorces ruption.

of this nature, yet it appears from the bis* There was a kind of rock salt in Judea tory of the Jews that they sometimes octhat sometimes became quite tasteless. curred.

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CHAP. not commit adultery, Do nosake of me and the gospel, who will CHAP.

murder,'. Do not steal,' Bear not not receive compensation now at .

false testimony,' Defraud not,' this time, what is an hundred-fold 30 20 Honour thy father and thy mo- more valuable than houses, and

ther.” And he answered, “ Mas- brethren, and sisters, and mothers,

ter, all these things have I kept from and children, and lands, but with 21 my youth,” Then Jesus earnestly great hardships, and in the world

looked upon him with fondness, to come everlasting life. But 31
and said unto him, “ One thing many that are first will be last, and
thou 'wantest : go sell whatsoever the last first.”
thou hast and give to the poor, and Now they were on the road, 32
thou wilt have treasure in heaven; journeying to Jerusalem ; and Je- Jesus again

and come, take the cross, and fol- sus went before them, and they for 22 low me.”

his death But he was deeply af- were following in astonishment and resurfected at this saying, and went and fear. And he took again the rection.

away sorrowful; for he had great twelve aside, and began to tell 23 possessions.

them what was speedily to befall Danger of Then Jesus looking round about, him. “ Behold we are going up to 33 iches, saith to his disciples, “ With what Jerusalem, and the son of man will

difficulty will they who have riches be delivered up to the chief priests 24 come into the kingdom of God!" and the scribes, and they will con

Now the disciples were wondering demn him to death, and deliver
at these words, when Jesus said him up to the Gentiles, who will 34
again, “ Children, how difficult is mock him, and scourge him, and
it for them that trust in riches to spit upon him, and kill him ; and

come into the kingdom of God. on the third day he will return to 25 It is easier for a camel to pass life.”

through the eye of a needle, than And James and John, the sons of 35
for a rich man who trusts in his Zebedee, come to him, and say, Ambition
riches to come into the kingdom of “ Master, we wish thee to do for of

* and John. 26 God." And they were exceedingly us what we shall ask.” And he

amazed, saying among themselves, said unto them, “ What is it that 36

“ What rich man then can be ye wish me to do for you?” Then 37 27 saved?” And Jesus looking on them they said unto him, ir Grant that

saith, “ With men it muy appear one of us may sit on thy right hand,
impossible fora rich man notlotrust and the other on the left, in thy
in his riches, but not with God; for glory.” But Jesus said unto them, 38
with God, and those who love him, “ Ye know not what ye ask. Can

all things of this kind are possible.” ye drink of the cup which I am to 29 Upon this, Peter said unto himn, drink of? and be baptized with the wards of " Behold, we gave up every thing I baptism that I am to be baptized

to go with thee.” Jesus answered, with?” They said unto him, “ We 39 29“ Verily I say unto you, not one of can.” Then said Jesus unto them,

you hath given uphouse,or brethren, I" Ye will indeed drink of the cup
or sisters, or father, or mother, or which I am to drink of, and be
wife, or children, or lands, for the baptized with the baptism with


o love him; "e drink of the chaptized with the

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To bring thee to the highest human mind, the love of good men, and the hope of perfection. fi

future joy. • Become open and avowed friends and 4 Because they remembered the danger advocates of the gospel, especially in times which their master had formerly experienced

in Jerusalem. See Joho vii. The peace and comfort of their own!

of danger.

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