* appointed.

CHAP, good deed to me. For ye have the alas ! for that man, by whom the CHAP.

poor with you always, and when- son of man is delivered up; good :
7 soever ye will, ye can do them were it for that man if he had not
good, but me ye have not always. I been born.” Les

8 She hath done what she was able : And as they were eating, Jesus 22

she hath anointed my body before-took bread; and after blessing God, The eu-
9 hand for my embalment. 'Verily I brake it, and gave unto them, and cha
say unto you, Wheresoever this said, fo Take eat, this is the repre-?
gospel shall be preached in the sentation of my body.” And he 23
whole world, what she hath done took the cup, and when he had
will also be spoken of for a memo- given thanks to God, gave it to
rial of her."

them, and they all drank of it. 10 And Judas Iscariot, one of the And he said, “ This is the repre- 24 Jadas twelve, went to the chief priests to sentation of my blood, that blood bliver deliver him up unto them. Now which is a seal of the new coveJesus up. when they heard this, they, were nant, which is to be poured out for

11 glad, and promised to give him the benefit of all. Verily I say un-25

money. So he sought a good op- to you, I will drink no more of this Tportunity to deliver Jesus up. fruit of the vine, till that day in.

12 Now on the first day of unlea- which I drink it with you after a Paschal vened bread, when the lamb for the new order of things has arisen in

en passover was killed, the disciples my Father's kingdom.” And after 26

say unto Jesus, " Where wilt thou using a hymn, they went out to the
that we go, and prepare that Mount of Olives.

thou mayest eat the passover lamb. | And Jesus saith unto them, “Ye 27

13 And he sendeth forth two of his will all forsake me this very night ; Peter's de. bo d isciples, and saith unto them, as it is written, I will smite the mai

“ Go into the city, and there will shepherd, and the sheep will be Zech.

meet you a man carrying a pitcher scattered abroad :' but after I am xiii, 7. 14 of water : follow him. And what-raised up I will go before you into

ever house he entereth, say to the Galilee." Then Peter said unto 29
owner of it, The master saith, him, “ Though they all forsake
Where is the guest chamber for thee, yet will not I." And Jesus 30

me to eat the passover lamb in with saith unto him, “ Verily I say un- :
Į5 my diseiples?? And he will show to thee, that to-day, even in this

you a large upper room, furnished very night, before the cock crow

and ready : there prepare for us.” twice thou shalt deny me thrice.
16 So his disciples went out, and came But Peter said again and again, 31

into the city, and found as he had “ If I must die with thee I will by :
told them: and they made ready the no means deny thee." And in like

manner said they all......
17 And in the evening he cometh | Then they come to a place call- 32
18 with the twelve. And as they were ed Gethsemane; and Jesus saith to The agony

at table, eating, Jesus said, “ Ve his disciples, « Stay here while I of jesus. rily I say unto you, one of you that pray.” And he taketh with him 33

is eating with me will deliver me Peter and James, and John, and 19 up." And they began to be sorrow-| | began to be in great anguish and

ful, and to say to him one by one, consternation. And he saith unto 34
20" Is it I?” And he said, “It is one of them, “ My soul is overwhelmed

these twelve, one that is dipping his with a deadly sorrow; remain here
21 hand with me in this dish. The and watch." And he went forward 35

son of man is going indeed to suf- a little, and fell upon the ground,
fer death, as it is written of him; but, and prayed, that if it were possible,


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CHAP, that afflicting moment might pass / are fulfilled.” Then all the disci- CHAR, XIX. from him ; and said, 60! my Fa-ples forsook him and fled. And a $1 36 ther! all things are possible to certain young man followed him 50

thee : remove this cup from me : with a linen cloth wrapt about his 51

nevertheless, not my will, but thine waist, and the young men laid
37 be done.” Then coming to them, hold on him ; but he let go the 52

finding them asleep, he saith to linen cloth and fled from them
Peter, Simon, art thou asleep? | naked.

Couldst thou not watch with me so Now they carried away Jesus to 53
38 short a time as this? Watch and the high-priest, with whom the taken to
pray, that ye come not into these chief priests and the elders were as- this

were as the high,

priest ; trials. The spirit indeed may be sembled. And Peter followed him

willing, but the flesh is weak." at a distance, even unto the hall of 54
39 And he went away again, and the high-priest; and was sitting
40 prayed in the same words. And with the servants within sight of the

when he came back, he found them fire, and warming himself.
asleep again, for their eyes were Then the chief priests and all the 55
heavy : and they knew not what council were seeking testimony put upon

his trial 41 to answer. And he cometh the against Jesus to cause him to be put

third time, and saith unto them, to death, but did not find it. For there demned,
Do ye still sleep and take your were many false witnesses against 56
rest?' It is all over : the moment him, but their testimony was not
of distress is come: behold! the sufficient. Then some arose and 57
son of man is upon the point of be- teşțified falsely against him, saying,

ing delivered up into the hands of " We heard him say, I will de- 58 42 sinners. Arise, let us begone: be- stroy this temple that is made with

hold ! he that is going to deliver hands, and in three days build ano-
me up is here.”

ther not made with hands.” But 59 43 And immediately while he was even thus their testimony was not He is ap. yet speaking cometh Judas, one of sufficient. Then the high-priest 60 prehended ; the twelve, and with him a great arose in the midst of them, and

multitude, with swords and staves, asked Jesus, “ Dost thou make no

from the chief priests, and the answer? What is it which these
44 scribes, and the elders. Now he witness against thee?!! But he 61

who was to deliver him up had giv- continued silent, and answered no-
en them a token, saying, “The thing. Again, the high-priest ask-
man whom I shall kiss is he; take ed him, “ Art thou the Christ, the

hold of him, and carry him away son of the blessed God?Then 62 45 safely.” And as soon as he was Jesus said, " I am : and ye will

come, he went up to Jesus, and said, see the son of man sitting on the • “ Master!” and fondly kissed him. right hand of divine power, and 46 And they laid their hands on him coming with the clouds of heaven.” 47 and apprehended him. Upon this Upon this the high-priest rent his 63

one who stood by, drew a sword, clothes, and said, “What need 64

and struck a servant of the high-have we more of witnesses? Ye
48 priest, and cut off his car. Then Je-have heard this wicked speech.

sus spake, and said unto them, What think ye .?And they all
“Am I a murderer, that ye are condemned him to be guilty of a
come out in a body against me, crime worthy of death. Then 65

with swords and staves to seize me? some began to spit upon him, and . 49 Day after day have I been with you, to cover up his face, and to buffet

teaching in the temple, and ye did him, and to say to him, " Who
not seize me; but thus thescriptures smote thee, prophet ?" And the ser-


Again, ty, and answ Bythe

eventueled him


CHAP. vants beat him witii the palms of soner, whomsoever they desired. CHAP. sy, their hands.

And there was then a man named 66 And while Peter was in the hall Barabbas, boumd with the other and ordered He is deni- below, there cometh one of the rioters who had committed murder by him to

be crucima by ro-maid-servants of the high-priest, I in the riot. And the multitude with fied. and seeing Peter warming himself, I loud cries began to ask that he

s on 67 looked earnestly upon hiin, and would do as he had always done

said, “Thou also wast with Jesus unto them. Then Pilate answered, 9 68 of Nazareth.” But he denied it," Do you wish me to release unto

saying, “I do not know him, nei- you the king of the Jews ?” For 10
ther understand I what thou mean- he knew that the chief priests had

est." And he went out into the delivered him through ? hatred.
69 porch, and the cock crew. And But the chief priests stirred up the 11

the same maid-servant, seeing him people to ask that Barabbas might
again, began to say to the bystand-be released unto them. And Pilate 12

ers, “ This man does belong to said unto them again, “What then 70 them.” But he denied it as before. do you wish me to do with him,

And again, a little after, the stand- whom ye call king of the Jews ?"
ers-by said to Peter, “Certainly And they cried out again, “ Crucify 13
thou dost belong to them, for thou him!” And Pilate said unto them, 14,

art a Galilean, and thy speech is What crime hath he commit71 like theirs." Then he began to ted?” But they cried out the

curse himself and swear, saying, more exceedingly,“ Crucify him!”

“I know not this man whom you are So Pilate, willing to content the 15 72 speaking of.” And a second time people, released Barabbas unto

the cock crew. And Peter called to them: and when he had command-
mind the declaration which Jesused Jesus to be scourged, delivered
made to him, " Before the cock him up to be crucified.
crew twice, thou wilt deny me! Then the soldiers carried him 16
thrice." And when he thought away into the hall called Pretorium, Abused by
upon it he wept.

and call together the whole band ; the soldiers. AP. And as soon as it was morning, and they clothed him with purple, 17

the chief priests, with the elders and plat a crown of thorns, and hought and scribes, and all the council, held put it about his head, and began 13 .

a consultation, and after binding to salute him, “Hail ! king of the

Jesus, carried him away and deli- | Jews. And they struck him on 19 2 vered him up to Pilate. And Pilate the head with a cane, and spat on

asked him, or Art thou the king of him; and bowing their knees, did
3 the Jews ?" And he answered, 0 him obeisance. And after mock- 20

am.” And the chief priests accus-ing him, they stript him of the pur4 ed him of many things. Then Pi-ple, and put his own clothes on

late asked him again, « Dost thou him, and carried him out to crucify
make no answer? See how many him. And they force one Simon, 21

things they witness against thee," a Cyrenian, who was passing by on
5 But Jesus no longer answered any his way from the country, the fa-

thing ; so that Pilate wondered. Ither of Alexander and Rufus, to 6 Now during the festival, Pilate carry his cross. And they bring 22

used to release unto them one pri- him to a place called * Golgotha,

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1 Their spiritual king. See John xviii. 36. was w.itten.

2 And therefore he thought that the people .4 Probably, because malefactors were might wish to have him released.

buried there. 3 Persons well known when this gospel

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ii. I

CHAP. which means a place of skulls. And when the centurion who was CHAP XV. And they offered him to drink ; standing near over against him,

XVI. 23' wine, mingled with myrrh ; but saw that he expired after crying out he did not take it.

so loudly, he said, “ Certainly this 24 And when they had nailed him man was a son of God.” Crucified to the cross, they parted his gar. And there were some women 40 and derided. ments,by casting lots for what each looking on afar off ; among whom Seen by

25 should take. Now it was the third was Mary Magdalene, and Mary the the won

hour when they nailed him to the mother of James the ' younger, 26 cross ; and this inscription of his and of Joses, and Salome ; who 41

accusation was written upon it, accompanied him also when he 27 “ The king of the Jews." And I was in Galilee, and ministered un

with him they cråcify two murder-to him ; as well as many other wo- i

ers, one on his right hand, and one men who had come up with him to

28 on his left ; by which this scripture Jerusalem. Isaiah was fulfilled " And he was num-/ And when the day of the prepara- 42 12. bered among lawless men.” And tion (which means the day before Buried bie 29 those who passed by reviled him, the Sabbath) was now far spent, Joseph.

shaking their heads, and saying, Joseph of Arimathea, a senator of
“Ah ! thou that canst destroy the rank, who himself also was expect- 43

temple and build it in three days, ing the kingdom of God, came
30 save thyself, and come down from and had the courage to go in to
31 the cross !” In like manner the Pilate, and ask for the body of Je-

chief priests, and the scribes also, sus. And Pilate wondered that he 44 jesting with each other, said, “ He should be dead already; so he call .

saved others, cannot he save him-ed the centurion, and asked if he 32 self ? Let this Christ, this king had been some time dead ; and 45

of Israel, now come down from the knowing it to be so from the cencross, that we may see and be-turion, he freely gave the body to lieve.” Those also who were cru-Joseph; who took it down, and 46

cified with him, reproached him. wrapt it in a linen cloth, which he

33 Now there was a darkness over had bought, and laid it in a tomb Death of all the land, from the sixth hour to hewn out of a rock, and rolled a of Jesus. the ninth hour. And in the ninth 'stone to the entrance of the tomb.

34 hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, And Mary Magdalene, and Mary 47

66 Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani ?” the niother of joses, were looking
which means, 6 My God! my on while he laid it there.

God! why hast thou forsaken Now the Sabbath being past, CHAP. 35 me?" Then some of those who Mary Magdalene, and Mary the XV

stood by, said, “ Behold! he call-mother of James and Salome, Jesus is 36 eth for Elijah.” And one ran and bought perfumed ointmentsto anoint raised.

filled a spunge with vinegar, and Jesus. And very early in the 2
put it on a reed, and gave him to morning of the first day of the
drink : others said, “ Hold, let us week, the sun being about to rise,

see whether Elijah will come to they went to the tomb. And they 3
37 take him down.” Then Jesus ut said to each other, “Who shall
38 tered a loud cry and expired. And roll away for us the stone from the

the veil of the temple was rent in entrance of the tomb " (for it was 39 two from the top to the bottoni. very great); but when they looked, 4

* Probably the same as is called, Matt. xxvii. 34. vinegar mingled with bitters.

Inferior in age to James, son of Alpheusx 3 A member of the Jewish council.

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