warns and

CHAP. SINCE many have undertaken | way of the Lord, make the paths CHAR.

to prepare an account of those straight for him. Every valley Preface, things, which are fully believed shall be filled, and every mountain

2 among us, even as they, who and hill shall be brought low, and
were eye-witnesses from the first, the crooked places shall be made

and ministers of the word, delivered straight, and the rough ways shall
3 them unto us; it hath seemed be made smooth, and all men shall 6

good to me also who having gained see the salvation of God.”
exact knowledge of every thing Then he said to the multitudes 7

from the first, to write thern unto that were coming forth to be bap-
4 thee, in order most excellent tized by him, “O brood of vipers! advises
STheophilus, that thou mayest who hath warned you to flee from the people
know the certainty of those things the judgments which are approach-

in which thou hast been instructed. (ing? Bring forth fruits worthy baptism. CHAP. In the fifteenth year of the reign of repentance, and do not say s

d. of Tiberius Cesar, Pontius Pilate within yourselves, "We have John the being governor of Judea, and Abraham for our father,' for I

paist be. Herod tetrarch of Galilee, and say unto you, God is able of these gins to : preach; his brother Philip tetrarch of Iturea stones to raise up children unto

and the country of Trachonitis, Abraham. And even now the axe 9 2 and Lysaniąs tetrarch of Abilene, is laid to the root of the tree; so Annas and Caiaphas being 'high-that every tree, which beareth not priests, the word of God came to good fruit, will be hewn down and

John the son of Zacharias in the cast into the fire.” And the mul- 10 3 desert. And he went into all the titudes asked him, saying, “ What

country about Jordan preaching must we do then ?" And he anthe baptism of repentance for the swered, “ Let himn that hath two II remission of sins, as it is written coats give one to him that hath in the book of Isaiah, the prophet, none, and him that hath food do 4 who saith : “ A voice of one cry- likewise.” Then came taxgather- 1% ing in the desert, Prepare ye the ers also to be baptized, and said

This gospel was written for the use of in a clear and regular order. Such conduct
the Gentile converts to Christianity, A.D. marks his fidelity as an historian, and
63 or 64, and bears the name of Luke; strongly prepossesses the reader in favour of
who was very probably the same person as the veracity and probity of the writer. Of
is also called Silas and Silvanus." He was all the writers of the New Testament, his
the intimate fiend of the apostle Paul, and works are written in the purest and most
accompanied him in several of his travels. elegant Greek.
He appears to have been a native of Antioch, Not in the strict order of time, but ob-
and by profession a physician, Col. iv. 14. serving the series of leading facts.
He tells us, in a concise handsomely written 3 A man of senatorian rank, and perhaps
preface, with what religious solicitude he ex- a prefect or governor.
amined into the historical facts on which 4 Annas is called high priest, probably
Christianity is founded, with what care and because being deposed by a heathen gover-
caution he had traced the stream to its source, nor, the Jews still considered him as having
and what application and study he had eni-a just claim to the office,
pkoyed to digest and arrange these great events


CHAP. unto him, “ Master, what shall f the devil said unto him, “ As CHAP. 1%; we do?" And he said unto them, thou art the son of God, command 13 Exact no more than what is ap- this stone to becoine bread.” And 4

pointed you." Then the soldiers Jesus answered, “It is written, Man 14 also asked him, saying, “ And shall not live by bread alone, but

what must we do?" And he said by every word of God.” And the 5
unto them, “Use no violence nor devil brought him to a high moun-
injustice to any one, and be con- tain, and showed him all the king.
tent with your wages.”

doms of the earth in a moment of 15 Now while the people was in ex- time, and said unto him, “ I will 6 Announces pectation, and all were reasoning give thee power over all these,

ce of in their breasts whether he were the and the glory arising from the posPhrist; Christ, John said unto them all, session of them, for unto me it is 16" I indeed baptize you with water; delivered, and to whomsoever I

but one mightier than I is com- please, I give it. If therefore thou 7
ing, the string of whose shoes I wilt worship me, all this shall be
am not worthy to untie, he will thine.” And Jesus answered, Be- 8

baptize you with a purifying spirit gone, Satan! for it is written, Thou 17 and with fire; whose fan is in shalt worship the Lord thy God,

his hand, and he will thoroughly and pay religious service to him
cleanse his floor, and lay up the alone." And the devil carried him y
wheat in his garner; but will burn to Jerusalem, and set him on a wing

up the chaff with unquenchable of the temple, and said unto him,
18 fire.” And with many other ex-1" As thou art the son of God, 10

hortations to this purpose, did he throw thyself down from this place;
preach unto the people.

| for it is written, He will give his 11
19 But Herod the tetrarch, being re- angels charge concerning thee to
impri- proved by him about Herodias his keep thee safe, and on their hands

brother Philip's wife, and all his other will they bear thee up, lest at any 20 evil deeds, added one more to the time thou strike thy foot against a

by shutting up John in prison. stone." And Jesus answered, “It 12

21 Now when all the people had is said, ' Thou shall not try the Laptism of been baptized and Jesus was pray-Lord thy God.” And when the 13 Jesus.

ing after his baptism, the heaven devil had ended every trial, he went 22 was opened, and the holy spirit from him for a time.

descended in a bodily form with a And Jesus returned in the power 14 hovering motion like a dove upon of the spirit into Galilee, and a re- His fame him, and a voice came from hea-port of him went forth into all the

broad. ven, saying, “Thou art my be country round about. And he

loved son; in thee I am well taught in their synagogues, and was 15 23 pleased.” And this same Jesusi applauded by all.

was about thirty years of age when And he came to Nazareth, where 16
he began his ministry.

he had been brought up, and went,, CHAP.

th? What Now Jesus returned from Jordan as his custom was, on the Sabbath-opened "" full of a holy spirit, and was led day into the synagogue, and stood in the sya Tempta- by that spirit into the desert, where up to read. And the book of the nagogue at

he was forty days under the trial prophet Isaiah was delivered unto "
2 of the devil. And in those days him, and he opened the book at 17

he ate nothing, but at the end of the place where it was written,
3 them, he was at last hungry. And 1156 The spirit of Jehovah is upon 18

* See Isaiah lxi. 1, 2, just before chap, xlix, in Selections from the Old Testament.


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CHAP. me, because he hath anointed me to throw him down headlong ; but CHAP

to publish glad tidings to the poor; he past through the midst of them,
: he hath sent me to cure the broken and departed.
hearted, to proclaim to the cap- And he went down to Caperna- 31
tive freedoin, and to the blind re-um, a city of Galilee, and taught Jesus cures

covery of sight, to set at liberty the them on the Sabbath days, and they an insane 19 bruised ; to proclaim the year of were greatly astonished at his doc20 acceptance with Jehovah.” And trine, for his word was with autho

he closed the book, and gave it rity. And in the synagogue there 33
again to the proper officer, and sat was a man with an unclean spirit,
down; and the eyes of all in the and he cried out with a loud voice,

synagogue were fixed upon him. " Ah! what hast thou to do with 34 21. Then he began to say untous, Jesus of Nazareth ? Art thou

them “ To-day this part of scrip- come to punish us? I know thee, .

ture is fulfilled in your ears.” who thou art, the holy one of God."
22 And all gave their testimony of And Jesus rebuked him, saying, 35
· admiration to those graceful words Be silent, and come out of him."

which proceeded out of his mouth, And when the demon had thrown

and said, “Is not this the son of him in the midst of them he came 23 Joseph ?" And he said unto thein, out of him, without doing him any

« Ye will doubtless say unto me hurt. And all were struck with 36
this proverb, to Physician heal astonishment, and spake among
thyself.' What we have heard themselves, saying, is What a

done by thee in Capernaum do voice is this! With authority and 24 here also in thine own town. But power he commandeth the unclean .: verily I say unto you, no prophet spirits and they come out.” And a 37

is acceptable in his own town. report of him went abroad into every
25 Now I say unto you: There were part of the country round about.

many widows in Israel in the days Then he arose and wentout of the 38
of Elijah, when the heaven was synagogue into Simon's house. Now Peter's
shut up so that there was no rain the mother of Simon's wife had a mo

in law, for three years and six months, great fever, and they besought him

when there was a great famine for her. And he stood over her, 39

26 throughout all the land; yet to and rebuked the fever, and it left 1 Kings none of them was Elijah sent, but her, when immediately she arose,

he wus sent only to a widow at and waited on them. Now when 40 27 Sarepta, a city of Sidon. And ma- the sun was setting, all those who

ny lepers were in Israel, in the time had any sick with various diseases, and mapy of the prophet Elisha, yet none of brought them to him, and he put oth

them was cleansed; but Naaman, his hands on every one of them, 2 Kings v. the Syrian, alone was cleansed." and cured them. Demons also 41

28 And all in the synagogue were came out of many, crying out, and

filled with anger when they heard saying, " Thou art the son of
29 these things, and rose up, and God." But he rebuked them, and

drove him out of the city, and were suffered them not to speak, be-
for carrying him to the brow of the cause they knew him to be the
hul on which their city was built, Christ.


Whethree years and sisters no rain the mother into Si


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I Show your power and beneficence at and miracles of which they had showed home as you have done elsewhere.

themselves unworthy. ..2 Jesus meant to let them know that he 3 He wanted not the testimony of mad. would extend to strangers those instructions men in his favour,

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of ihan "Bucharged him from

CHAP. Now, when it was day, he went their vessels to land, they left all CHAP:

. fortb into a lonely place, and the and followed him. He preach- multitudes sought him, and came And while he was in a certain 12 Esan diteror to him, and would ent parts of

have detained city, a man full of leprosy fell on his A leper Galilee. him that he might not depart from face, when he saw Jesus, and be, healed ;' 43 them ; but he said unto them, “I sought him, saying, “Sir, if thou

must preach the glad tidings of the wilt, thou canst make me clean." kingdom of God to other cities al And Jesus stretched out his hand, 13

So, for to this end was I sent." and touched him, saying, “ I will, 44 And he preached in the synagogues be thou clean ;” and immediately of Galilee.

the leprosy departed from him. CHAP. Now, as the multitude was press-And Jesus charged him to tell no 14

W ing upon Jesus, to hear the word of man: "But go,” he said, "show
Call of Pe- God, while he stood by the lake of thyself to the priest, and offer for
Tel: lames Gennesaret, he saw on the edge of thy cleansing as Moses command-
and Joha.

the lake two vessels, which the fish-ed, for a testimony unto them.”
ermen had left and were washing But the report of Jesus spread abroad 15
3 their nets. So he went into one more and more, and great multi-
of the vessels which was Simon's, tudes came together to hear him,
and asked him to put off a little and to be cured by him of their in- .
from the land ; and he sat down firmities. But he withdrew into 16

and taught the multitudes out of desert places, and prayed.
4 the vessel. And when he had On a certain day as he was teach-17
done speaking, he saith tu Simon, ing, and Pharisees and teachers of and a
« Launch out into the deep, and the law, who had come from every paralytic.

let down your nets for a draught." town of Galilee, and Judea, and . 3 And Simon answered, “ Master, from Jerusalem, were sitting by, we have toiled all the night, and the power of the Lord was with have taken nothing ; nevertheless Jesus to cure the people. And be- 18

at thy word, I will let down the hold! some men brought upon a 6 net ;' and on doing this, they en- couch a man with a palsy, and were closed a great multitude of fishes, seeking how to bring him in, and and their net was going to break. lay him before Jesus. But not 19 Then they beckoned to their part-finding any way to bring him in be

ners in the other vessel, to come cause of the multitude, they went G and help them. And they came up to the housetop, by the outer

and filled both the vessels, so that stairs, and let him down through
8 they almost sank. Now Simon the trap-door in the roof, and so

Peter seeing this, fell down at the brought himn by the inner stairs
knees of Jesus, saying, “ Depart into the midst of them, in the pre-

from me, for I am a sinful man, o sence of Jesus. And when he saw 20 9 Lord !” For astonishment seized their faith, he said, “ Man, thy

him, and all his companions, at the sins are forgiven thee !” Then 21

draught of the fishes which they the Scribes and the Pharisees began 10 had taken; as it also did James and to reason among themselves, say

John, the sons of Zebedee, who ing, “ Who is this man that speakwere partners with Simon. But eth so wickedly? who can forgive Jesus said to Simon, " Be not sins but God alone?” Now Jesus, 22

afraid, henceforth thou shalt catch perceiving their reasonings, an11 men.” And when they had brought I swered, “Why are you reasoning

rd, I will jenevertheless the power of were sitt


1 By persuading them to obey the gospel.

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Matthew called.

CHAP. in your hearts? Which is easier? | with the old. And no one putteth CHAP.

to say, “Thy sins be forgiven new wine into old skins; if he
23 thee,' or to say, ' Arise, and does, the new wine will burst those 37
24 walk;' but that ye may know that skins and be spilled, and the skins
, the son of man hath power on earth be destroyed ; but new wine must

to forgive sins, (he saith to the sick be put into new skins, and then
of the palsy), 'I say unto you, both are preserved together.”
Arise, and take up thy couch, and Now on the first Sabbath of the CHAP,
go to thy house." And iminedi- second month, Jesus went through

ately he rose up before them, took the corn fields, and the disciples and in 25 up the couch on which he had been plucked the ears of corn and ate, con

y corn on the lying, and went home glorifying rubbing them with their hands. Sabbath. God. And great amazement seized But some of the Pharisees said un- 2

all, and they glorified God; and to them, “Why are ye doing what 26 were filled with fear, saying, 'ç. We is not lawful to be done on the Sab

have seen strange things to-day." bath ?” And Jesus answered, 3 .

27 After these things, Jesus went “ Have ye not read so much as Levi or forth, and saw a taxgatherer, nam. this, what David did when himself

ed Levi, sitting at the place where and his companions were hungry;

custom was received, and he said how he went into the house of God, 4 e8 unto him, " Come with me ;'' and and took and ate the show-bread

he left every thing and arose, and which the priests only are allowed
29 went with Jesus. And Levi made to eat, and gave also to his com- . .

a great entertainment for him at panions.” And he said unto them, 5
his house, and there was a great - The son of man is master even of

company of taxgatherers and others the Sabbath.”
30 at table with them. But the Scribes Now on another Sabbath he 6

and Pharisees among them mur- went into the synagogue and was Jesus cures
mured against his disciples, saying, teaching, and a man was there

withered Why do ye eat and drink with whose hand was withered, and the tand, on 31 taxgatherers and sinners ?” Jesus Scribes and the Pharisees watched the Sab

answered, “ They that are well bim whether he would work a cure bath.

need not a physician, but they that on the Sabbath, that they inight find
32 are sick ; I came not to call righte- an accusation against him. But he 8

ous men, but sinners to repentance." knew their thoughts, and said to the

33 And some said unto him, “ Why man with the withered hand, "Rise . Disciples do the disciples of John fast often up and stand in the midst;" and he

ed and pray, but thine eat and drink?" | arose and stood. for not

Then said Jesus 9 fasting; And he said unto them, “ Do ye unto them, “I will ask you a ques

34 wish the companions of the bride-tion. is it lawful to do good on

groom to fast, while the bridegroom the Sabbath, or to do evil? to save
35 is with them? But the days will life or to destroy it ?” And after. Jo

come, when the bridegroom shall looking round upon them all, he

depart from them; then will they said unto the man, " Stretch out
36 fast in those days.” And to illus- thy hand ;” and he did so, and the

trate that he said, he spoke also hand was restored to its soundness
these parables, " No one putteth a like the other. Then they were il
patch from a new garment upon an wholly confounded, and debated
old one; if he does, he both maketh with each other, what they should
a rent in the new garment, and the do to Jesus.
patch from the new agreeth not! Now in those days he went out 12

a maa kita


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