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CHAP. two coats a piece. And into what-ing, “ Whom do the multitudes say CHAP,

soever house ye go, there abide, that I am.” And they answered, -
5 and leave it not. And whosoever “ John the Baptist, but some Eli-Peter ac-
shall not receive you when ye go jah, and others that one of the old hi
from that city, shake off the very prophets is risen again.” And he the true
dust from your feet, for a testimo- said unto them, “But whom say Messiah.
6 ny against them. So they went ye that I am ?” Then Peter an- 20

forth, and past through the villages swered, “ The Christ of God."
preaching the gospel, and healing But he charged them to tell no man 21
every where.

this thing, adding, “The son of 22 10 And the apostles returned, and man must suffer many things, and Jesus con- told Jesus what they had done : be rejected by the elders, and chief them and

th and he took them with him, and priests and scribes, and be slain,

a the people, withdrew privately to alonely place and be raised up on the third day.”

11 of a city called Bethsaida. But the He said, moreover, to them all, 23

multitudes found it out, and fol-" If any one is willing to come af. Danger of lowed him; and he received them, ter me, let him deny himself, and as

u ashamed of and talked with them concerning take up his cross daily, and follow Christ, the kingdom of God, and cured me. For whosoever desireth to 24

those that had need of healing. save his life by unworthy means, 12 Now when the day began to wear shall lose it ; but whosoever shall

away, the twelve came to him, and lose his life for my sake, he will said, “Let the multitude depart, save it. For what is a man profit-25 that they may go into the towns, ed, if he gain the whole world, and and country round about, and lose himself ? For whosoever shall 26

lodge, and get provision, for we be ashamed of me, and of my
13 are here in a lonely place.” But words, of him will the son of man

he said unto them, “Do ye give be ashamed, when he cometh in
them to eat." And they said, bis own glory, and the glory of the
“ We have no more than five loaves Father and of the holy angels. Now 27
and two fishes, and therefore we I tell you of a truth, There are
cannot feed them, unless we should some of those who stand here who

go and buy food for all this peo- will not taste of death, until they
14 ple.” Now, they were about five have seen the kingdom of God.”
thousand men.

Then about eight days after this, 28 15 Then he said to his disciples, Jesus took with him, Peter, and Transfigu, Feeds five « Make the men sit down in com- John, and James, and went up a ratio thousand: panies of fifty,” And they made | mountain to pray. And while he 29

16 the men sit down accordingly. So was praying, the appearance of his

he took the five loaves, and two face was altered, and his raiment fishes, and looking up to heaven, became white and glistering. And 30 blessed God, and brake the loaves, behold! two men talked with him;

and gave to the disciples to set be- and these were Moses and Elias, . 17 fore the multitude. And all ate who appeared in glory, and spoke 31

and were filled ; and twelve panni of his decease which he was about
ers of remaining fragments were to accomplish at Jerusalem. Now 32
taken away.

Peter, and those who were with him,
18 And after he had been praying were heavy with sleep, and waking

in a retired place, he asked those they saw his glory, and those two
disciples that were with him, say- Imen with him. And as the two 33

'The power of God displayed in judgment upon the Jews.

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CHAP. men were parting from him, Peter | stood not this matter, and it was CHAP.

said to Jesus, “Master, it is better hidden from them, and they were
for us to continue here; and let us afraid of asking him about it.
make three tents, one for thee, and Now a dispute arose among 46
one for Moses, and one for Elias :"them, which of them should be corrects

ivisth the ambi34 not knowing what he said. And greatest. But Jesus perceiving the

tion of his while he thus spake, a cloud came thought of their heart, took a little apostles, and overshadowed them, and the child, whom he set by him, and

disciples feared when these men said unto them, “Whosoever shall 48 35 entered into the cloud. And a receive one like this little child in

voice came out of the cloud, say- my name, receiveth me, and who

ing, “ This is my beloved son, soever receiveth me, receiveth bim 36 hear ye him." And after the voice, who sent me ; for he that is least

Jesus was found alone, and the dis among you all, shall be the
ciples kept the matter secret, and greatest.”
told no one at that time any thing Now, when the time for his de- 51
of what they had seen. .

parture out of this world was draw- and their 37 On the next day, when they ing nigh, he set his face stedfastly violence. Cure of an were come down from the mount. I to go to Jerusalem ; and sent mes-52 shild. tic a great multitude met him. And, sengers before him, who went into

behold! a man of the multitude a village of the Samaritans, to pre38 cried out, saying, “ Master, I be- pare for him; but they would not 53

seech thee, look with favour on my receive him, because his face was 39 son, for he is my only child; and directed towards Jerusalem. But 54

lo! a spirit seizeth him, and in- when his disciples James and John
mediately crieth out, and shaketh saw this, they said, “ Master, shall
him violently, so that he foameth, we coinınand fire to come down

and after bruising him much, hard from heaven to consume them, 40 ly goeth away from him; and I even as Elijah did? But he turn- 55

besought thy disciples to cast it out, ed and rebuked thein, saying, “Ye 2 Kings 41 and they could not.” Then Jesus know not what spirit ye are of; for ' 10.

said, “ O faithless and perverse the son of man caine not to de- 56 race, how long shall I be with you stroy men's lives, but to save

and endure you ? bring thy son them.” So they went to another 42 hither to me.” And whilst he was town.

coming near, the demon dashed As they were going on the way, 57
him on the ground, and threw him a certain man said to him, “ Sir, I Checks
into violent convulsions. Then will accompany thee whithersoever

Wes which is
Jesus rebuked the unclean spirit, thou goest.” And Jesus said unto not likely

and cured the child, and delivered him, " The foxes have holes, and to last. 43 him to his father. And all were the birds of the air have roosts, but 58

greatly amazed at the mighty pow-f the son of man hath not 'where to
er of God.

rest his head.” he said also to 59 Jesus fore. But while they were all wonder- another, “ Come with me.” But tells his sufferings, ing at all the things which Jesus he answered, “ Sir, suffer me first 44 had done, he said unto his disci- to go, and when my father dies, lo

ples, “ Let these words sink down bury him.And Jesus said unto 60 into your ears; for the son of man him, “Let the dead bury their

is about to be delivered into the own dead, but go thou, and pub45 hands of men.” But they under- I lish abroad the kingdom of God.”

that zeal

"No place that he can properly call his home.

s the




plent pray west, that he his harve as

the he what you he way'; and into. "I


CHAP. And another also said, “ Sir, I will It will be more tolerable in the CHAP.

follow thee, but suffer me first to great day, for Sodom, than for that ? 62 settle my affairs at home.” But city.

Jesus said unto him, “No one “ Alas! for thee, Chorazin! 13 that looketh behind him, after alas ! for thee Bethsaida! for if the Jesus la. putting his hand to the ' plough, is mighty works which have been me

" sad case of fit for the kingdom of God.” done in you, had been done in those cities CHAP. Now, after this, the Lord ap-Tyre and Sidon, they would have which re

pointed seventy others, besides the repented long ago, sitting in sack-jected him. Seventy Twelve apostles, and sent them two cloth and ashes. But it will be 14 disciples

and two before him into every city more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon sent to

and place, whither he himself was in the judgment, than for you. And 15
about to come; and he said unto thou Capernaum, which art exalted.
2 them, “ The harvest indeed is to heaven, shalt be brought down

plenteous, but the labourers are to the grave. He that heareth you 16
few; pray ye therefore the owner heareth me, and he that despiseth
of the harvest, that he would send you despiseth me, and he that de-

forth labourers into his harvest. spiseth me despiseth him that sent
3 Depart, behold! I send you as me.”
4 lambs among wolves. Carry nei- Then the seventy returned with 17

ther purse, nor bag, nor sandals, joy, saying, “ Master, even the de- Gives fure beside what you have on, and sa-mons are subject to us through the dire

8 tions to the 5 lute no one by the way ; and into thy name.” And he said unto them, sever

whatsoever house ye enter, first say, 9" I behels Satan fall like lightning 18 6“ Peace be to this house." And if from heaven. Lo ! I give you au- 19

the son of peace be there, your thority to trample on serpents and peace shall rest upon it; if not, it scorpions, and power over all the 7 will turn to you again. And re- strength of the enemy, and nothing main in the same house, eating shall by any means hurt you. Yet 20 and drinking such things as they rejoice not so much in this that the give ; for the labourer is worthy of spirits are subject to you, but rejoice his hire. Go not from house to rather that your names are * written 8 house. And when ye are enter- in heaven.”

tained in any city which ye enter, At that time the spirit of Jesus 21

eat such things as are set before was exceedingly joyful, and he said, Thanks 9 you. Cure the sick that are there." I give glory to thee O Father, God

, impartial in, and say to the people, " The Lord of heaven and earth, for goodness,

kingdom of God is nigh unto you.' showing these things to poor and 10 But into whatsoever city ye enter, humble persons, which thou hast

and they receive you not, go forth | permitted to be hidden from men

into the streets of it, and say, of understanding : yea, O Father, 11. Even the dust of your city which I thank thee, because it thus seem

cleaveth to us, we wipe off against ed good in thy sight. All things 22 you ; notwithstanding be sure of relating to the salvation of men,

this, that the kingdom of God is were delivered to me by my Father, 12 nigh unto you.' I say unto you, and no one knoweth who the son

for his

· After he has engaged to act a decided part.

? Do not waste your time in more ceremony than true civility requires.

the decline and overthrow of vice and wick-

3 By Satan's falling fiom heaven, is meant

4 That you are blessed with such means as rightly used will ensure your future bliss.

His true character and office.



CHAP is, but the Father, and who the Fa- repay thee.' Which now of these CHAP. X. ther is, but the son, and he to three, thinkest thou, was neighbour XI

whom the son is willing to reveal to hiin who fell among robbers ?” 23 him.” Then he turned to his dis- And the teacher of the law, said, 37

ciples, and said privately to them, “ He who showed pity to him."

“ Happy are the eyes which see the Then said Jesus unto him, “Go, 24 things which ye see. For I tell you, and do thou likewise."

many prophets and kings desired Now, on his way, he went into 38
to see the things which ye see, but a village, where a woman, named Martha
saw them not, and to hear the Martha, entertained him in her and Marys.
things that ye hear, and heard them house. And she had a sister call- 39

ed Mary, who was sitting down at
25 And behold ! a teacher of the the feet of Jesus, and listening to
The two law rose up to try him, and said, his discourse. But Martha har- 40
great com- is Master, what shall I do to inhe-rassed herself with making great
i rit eternal life?” Jesus said unto preparation for his entertainment,
26 him, “What is written in the law; and came to him, and said, “ Mas-

what readest thou there?Hean- ter, carest thou not that my sister 27 swered, “Thou shalt love the Lord | leaves me to prepare alone? Bid

thy God with all thy heart, and her, therefore, help me.” But Je- 41
with all thy soul, and with all thy sus answered, “ Martha, Martha,
strength, and with all thy mind; thou art anxious and troubled about

and thy neighbour as thyself." | many things; but there is one thing 42 28 Then Jesus said unto him, " Thou necessary ; and Mary hath chosen

hast answered rightly; do this, and the good part which shall not be 29 thou shalt live." But he desiring taken from her.”

to justify himself, by having it ap- After Jesus had been praying in CHAP.
pear how well he had observed ihe a house of prayer, one of his dis- XI.
law, said unto Jesus, “ And who ciples said to him, “ Master, teach Jesus gives
is my neighbour?” And Jesus re-us to pray, as John also taught his a form of

disciples.” And he said unto them, 30 - A man of Jerusalem, on his " When ye pray, say, “Our Fa: 2 The good way to Jericho, fell among robbers, ther, sanctified be thy name. Thy 3 baritan. who stripped, and beat, and left kingdom come. Give us day by 31 him half dead. Now, a priest hap- day the food sufficient for us. And 4

pened to be going down the same forgive us our sins; for we also for

road, and when he saw him, he give every one who trespasseth 32 passed by on the other side. And against us. Ind bring us not into

in like manner a Levite also came temptation.”
to the place as he went along, and And he said unto them, “ Should 5

saw him, but passed by on the other any of you go to his friend at mid-Duty of 33 side. But a Samaritan on his jour- | night, and say, Friend, lend me fervency

in prayer. ney came to the place, and when he three loaves, for a friend of mine on 34 saw him took pity on him, and a journey is come to my house, and

went up to him, and bound up his I have nothing to set before him.'

wounds, pouring upon them oil and Though he within should answer, 7
35 wine. And on the morrow, when 'Do not trouble me, the door is

he went away, he took out two now shut, and I and my children.
pieces of money, and gave them to are in bed ; I cannot get up to give
the bost, saying, " Take care of thee ;' yet I say unto you, if he 8
him ; and whatever thou shalt will not get up and give him be-
spend besides, at my return I will cause he is his friend, he will rise


2 ask of hiher among you / me, and he not with me his spoils.

than man.

CHAP. and give him what he wanteth be- unto you. When a strong man CHAP. X1. cause of his ' importunity. I also armed guardeth his habitation, his the

9 say unto you, "Ask, and it shall goods are in peace; but when a 21 be given you : seek, and ye shall stronger than he shall come upon

find: knock, and it shall be opened him, and overcome him, he taketh 22 10 unto you.' For every one that from himn all his armour in which

asketh, receiveth : and he who he trusted, and divideth his spoils. sceketh, findeth : and to him who He that is * not with me is against 23

knocketh, it shall be opened. me, and he that gathereth not with

11 “Now, what father among you, me, scattereth. God kinder if his son ask of him a loaf, will "When the unclean spirit is gone 24 aan. give him a stone? Or if he ask a out of a man, it passeth through dry Tendency

ħsh, will give him a serpent in its places, in search of rest, and finding of pien.com
12 stead? Or if he ask an egg, will none, it saith, ' I will turn back to
13 he give him a ? scorpion ? If ye my house, whence I came ;' and 25

then who are evil, know how to when it cometh, findeth the house o
give good gifts unto your children ; swept and set in order ; then it go- 26
how much more will your heaven- eth and taketh with it several other
ly father give his holy spirit to spirits more evil than itself, which .
them that ask him?"

go in, and dwell there. So the last 14. And he was casting out a demon state of that man becometh worse Jesus cures that was dumb, and when the de-than the first.” a dumb mon was gone out, the dumb man Now, whilst he was saying this, 27

spake, and the multitude wonder- a woman among the crowd lifted up Who truly 15 ed. But some of them said, “ He her voice, and said unto him, nappy.

casteth out demons through Beel-“ Happy is the womb which bare

zebub, the prince of the demons.” thee, and the paps which thou hast
16 And others, trying him, sought of sucked !” But he said, “ Yea, ra- 28
17 him a sign from heaven. But he ther happy are they who hear the

knowing their thoughts, said unto word of God, and keep it.”
them, Every kingdom dividest Then as the multitudes were 29
against itself must be brought to crowding together about him, he Perverse

desolation, and a house divided began to say, “ This is a wicked Wick 18 against itself must fall. Now, in race, it seeketh after à sign; and Jews.

like manner, if Satan also be di- there shall no sign be given it, but vided against himself, how can his the sign of Jonah the prophet. For as 30 kingdom stand ? I appeal to you Jonah was a sign to the Ninevites,

because ye say that I cast out de- so will the son of man be also to this
19 mons through Beelzebub. But if race. The queen of the south will 31

I cast out demons through Beelze- rise up in the judgment with this
bub, through whom do your sons race, of men, and will condemn it;

cast them out. They therefore shall for she came from a remote part of
20 condemn you. But if I by the the earth to hear the wisdom of So-

finger of God, cast out demons, lomon; and behold! something
then the kingdom of God is come greater than Solomon is here.



I God cannot be importuned; but fre- Hence we may conclude, that casting out quently and earnestly to ask for his blessing, deinons was in some cases within the ordinabecomes dependent creatures, and tends to ry power of medicine. make them fit objects of his goodness. ** Showing it by such methods as are bear

2 There is a general resemblance between fore noticed. the body of a white scorpion, and an egg. 1 5 By denouncing the judgments of God,

3 Those who practice the art of medicine. 'if they did not repent.

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