CHAP. he said within himself, 5 Though for of such like is the kingdom of CHAP.

4. I neither fear God, nor regard man, God composed. Verily I say unto
5 yet because this widow troubleth you, "Whosoever shall not receive 17

me, I will do her justice, lest by the kingdom of God as a little
her continual coming, she weary child, he can by no means enter in
6 me out at last.” Then the Lord to it.

said, “ Hear what this unjust judge And a certain ruler asked him, 18
7 saith. And will not God do justice saying, “ Good master, what must The rick

for his chosen, who cry unto him I do to inherit eternal life?". But ruler.
day and night? and will he be slow Jesus said unto him, 6 Why call- 19
8 in their cause ? I tell you he will est thou me good ? There is none !

do them justice speedily. Never-good but one, that is God. Thou 20
theless when the son of man com-knowest the commandments, 'Do
eth to Erecute the judgment of not commit adultery.' 'Do no :
God, will he find 'such faith in murder. "Do not steal.' "Do
this land ?”

not bear false testimony. "Ho9 Then he spake also this parable nour thy father, and thy mother." The proud concerning such as are vainly con- | And he said, " All these things 21 Fisec. fident of their own righteousness, I have I kept from my youth.” Now, 22

and treat others with disdain. when Jesus heard this, he said, 10 “Two men went up into the tem-" Thou yet lackest one thing ; sell «.

ple to pray į the one a Pharisee, the all that thou hast, and distribute to Il other a taxgatherer. The Pharisee the poor, and thou shalt have trea

standing by himself prayed thus, sure in heaven ; and come, follow
"O God, I thank thee that I am me.” But when he heard this, 23
not like the rest of mankind, op he was very sorrowful, for he was .

pressors, unjust, adulterers, or even exceedingly rich. Then Jesus see- 24 12 as this taxgatherer. I fast twiceing him very sorrowful, said, “How

a week; I pay tithes of all that I unwillingly will they who have 13 possess. But the taxgatherer stand- riches ? come into the kingdom of

ing afar off, would not even lift up God! For a camel will more easily 25 his eyes to heaven, but smote upon pass through a needle's eye, than a

his breast, saying, O God, be rich man coine into the kingdom
14 merciful to me a sinner,' I say of God.” And those that heard it, 26

unto you, this man went home said, “ What rich man then can be
worthy to be considered as righte- saved ?” But he said, " The things 27 .
ous, rather than the other, for which are impossible to men, are
every one that exalteth himself, possible to those who have a true
shall be brought loyv, and he that love of God.” Then Peter said, 28

humbleth hiinself shall be exalted.” “ Lo! we have left all, and follow- .

15 Now, some brought to him little ed thee." And Jesus answered, 29 I children, that he might touch them; “ Not one of you hath given up

but his disciples when they saw it, house, or parents, or brethren, or 16 rebuked them. Jesus, however, wife, or children, for the sake of

called the children to him, and the kingdom of God, who shall 30
said, “Let these little children not receive what is in effect much
come to me, and hinder them not, more in this present time, and in

there will the sword of the Romans, whose execute vengeance.
ensign is the eagle, be ready to destroy So as to declare themselves the open de-

termined followers of Christ.
* So as to believe that God will speedily!

blind ma

CHAP, the world to come everlasting was ; but could not from among CHAP. XIX, life.”

the multitude, because he was of

XIX. 31 Then he took the twelve aside, low stature: so he ran forward and 4 Jesus fore- and said unto them, “ Behold! we climbed up into a sycamore tree to

hise. are going up to Jerusalem, and all see Jesus, who was about to pass sufferings ;

'the things that have been written that way. And when Jesus came 5

by the prophets will be accom- to the place, he looked up, and 32 plished in the son of man. For he saw him, and said unto him,

will be delivered up to the Gentiles, " Zaccheus, make haste, and come

and will be derided, and shameful-down, for I mean to stay at thy 33 ly treated, and spit on; and he will house to-day.” So he made haste 6

be scourged, and killed; but on the and came down, and joyfully enter

third day he will return to life.” tained Jesus. And very many of 7 34 And they understood none of these the people present when they saw

things, and the meaning of what he this, murmured, saying, “ He is
said was hidden altogether from gone in to be a guest with a man
their knowledge.

of bad character.” Then Zacche-S 35 Now, while he was at Jericho, us stood up, and said unto the cures a nigh unto Jerusalem, a certain Lord,, " Behold! master, the half

man. blind man sat by the way-side, beg- of my goods I give to the poor, and 36 ging; and hearing the multitude if I have wronged any man in any

passing by, he asked what it meant. thing, I restore four fold.” Then 9 37 And they told him that Jesus of Jesus said unto him, " To-day is 38 Nazareth was passing by. And he salvation come to this house, inas

cried out, “ Jesus, thou son of Da- much as this man has shown him39 vid ! take pity on me.” And self by his faith and repentance, a

those who went before charged him genuine son of Abraham. And 1Q to hold his tongue ; but he conti- I rejoice at this event, for the son nued crying out so much the of man is come to seek, and to save

more, “Son of David ! take pity that which was lost.” 40 on me.” Then Jesus stood still, Now, while they were listening 11

and commanded the man to be to these things, he proceeded to Parable of

brought ; and when he was come speak a parable, because he was “e 41 near, he asked him, saying, “What nigh to Jerusalem, and because the

dost thou wish me to do for thee?” people thought that the kingdom of 42 He said, “ Master, to restore my God would immediately appear.

sight." And Jesus said unto him, He said, therefore, “A certain 12

“ Receive thy sight, thy faith hath nobleman went into a distant
43 made thee well :" And he re-country to receive for himself a

ceived sight immediately, and fol- kingdom, and to return. Then he 13
lowed Jesus, glorifying God. And called ten of his servants, and gave
all the people when they saw it, among them ten pounds, and said
gave praise to God.

unto them, • Trade with these till CHAP. And Jesus went into Jericho, I come.' But his countrymen hated 14

XX. and was passing through it: and him, and when he was gone sent History of lo! a man named Zaccheus, a chief an embassy after him, to say, “We Zascheus. of the taxgatherers, and a rich man, do not wish this man to be our

2 was desirous of seeing who Jesus king. Then at his return after 15

I Jesus alludes to the case of Archelaus, the Jews sent an embassy to prevent his sucwho went to Rome, to solicit leave to success; but they failed, and were afterwards ceed his father Herod, and against whom severely punished.

CHAP. receiving the kingdom, he com- saying, “ Go into that village over CHAP, XIX.

manded those servants to whom he against you, in which, as ye enter, A.
gave the money to he called to him, ye will find a colt tied, on which 30

that he might know what each had no man ever sat ; loose, and bring
16 gained by trading. So the first it. And if any one ask you, 31

came, saying, "Sir, thy pound hath Why are ye loosing it ?' say,
.17 gained ten pounds.' And the king - The master hath need of it.” And 32

said unto him, 'Well done, thou when they who had been sent came
good servant, because thou hast there, they found it as he had told

been faithful, be thou governor of them. And as they were loosing 33 18 ten cities.' Then the second came the colt, the owner of it said unto.

and said, “Sir, thy pound hath them, “Why loose ye the colt!' 19 made five pounds.'' And he said But they said, “The master hath 34

to him likewise, “Be thou also over need of him.' And they brought 35 20 five cities. And another came, it to Jesus, and threw their own

saying, Sir, behold, here is thy clothes over the colt, and set Jesus

pound which I have kept, laid up thereon. And as he went, they 36
21 in a napkin ; for I feared thee, be- spread their clothes under him in

cause thou art an austere man; thou the way.
takest up what thou laidest not. And as he was coming nigh the 37

down, and reapest what thou didst city, at the descent of the Mount of hailed by 22 not sow. Then the king saith Olives, the whole multitude of the the people;

unto him, " Out of thine own disciples began joyfully to praise
mouth will I judge thee, thou wick God with a loud voice, for all the
ed servant, Thou knewest then mighty works which they had seen,
that I was an austere man, taking saying, “ Blessed be the king who 38

up what I laid not down, and reap- cometh in the name of the Lord :
23 ing what I did not sow. Why may the peace of mankind be ru-

therefore didst thou not put my tified in heaven, and glory be as-
money into the bank, and at my cribed to God in the highest places.

coming I should have received it Then some of the Pharisees among 39
24 with interest ?' And he said to the multitude, said unto him,

those that stood by, "Take the “ Teacher, rebuke thy disciples.”

pound from him, and give it to him But he answered," I say unto you, 40
26 that hath ten pounds, For I say unto If these should keep silence, the

you, to every one that hath will be stones would soon cry out!.”
given; but from him who hathlittle, And as he was come near enough 41

even that little will be taken away. to see the city, he wept over it, laments 27 Moreover, those my enemies, who saying, “O that thou hadst known,

", the city; wished me not to reign over them, at least in this thy day, the things bring hither, and slay them before which belong to thy peace! but 42. my face.”

now they are hidden from thy eyes. 28 And when he had spoken these For the days will come upon thee, 43 Jesus pre- things, he continued to go before when thy enemies will cast a trench ride into

med his disciples, to Jerusalem. And about thee, and compass thee round, Jerusalem; when he was come nigh it as far as and enclose thee, and thy children

29 Bethphage, and Bethany, to the within thee on every side ; and will 44

mount, called the Mount of Olives, level thee with the ground, and not
he sent forth two of his disciples, leave in thee one stone upon ano-

er the

1 A proverbial way of speaking, to denote should not be acknowledged by some. the moral impossibility that his kingdom!

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struction of

CHAP. ther, because thou knewest not scourged, and to prisons, after ye CHA XX. the time of God's gracious visita- have been brought before kings tion to thee."

and governors for my name's sake, . 45 And he went into the temple, And this will befal you, for a tes. 13 clears the and began to drive out the sellers, timony of the goodness of your : cemple and buyers in it, saving unto them, I cause to them. Settle it therefore 14

46 “ It is written, “My house is the in your hearts not to meditate be- .

house of prayer,' but ye have made fore what defence ye shall make. 47 it a den of robbers.” And he taught For I will give you a wisdom of 15

daily in the temple : but the chief speech which all your adversaries priests and the scribes, and the rul- will not be able to gainsay or re- ' ers of the people sought to destroy sist. And ye will be delivered up 16

him, but could not tell what to do; both by parents, and brethren, and 43 for all the people were very atten- | kindred, and some of you they will

tive to him, as they heard him.' cause to be put to death. And ye 17 CHAP. And as some spake of the tem will be hated by most men for the

XXI. ple, that it was adorned with good- sake of my name. And yet an hair 18 Prophecy ly stones, and gifts, he said, “ As of your head shall not perish. By 19 of the de- for these things which ye behold, I your perseverance ye will preserve the temple. the days will come in which there your lives.

6 will not be left one stone upon “But when ye shall see Jerusa- 20

another, which will not be thrown lem surrounded with armies, then Signs of
7 down.” Then they asked him, I ye may be assured that her desola- impending
saying, “ Master, but when will tion is at hand. Then let those go
these things be, and what will be out that are within her ; let them 21

the sign of their near accomplish that are in Judea fee unto the
8 ment. And he said, “Take care mountains, and them that are in the

that ye be not deceived, for many neighbourhood, not go in: for 22
will come in my name, saying, 'Is these are days of vengeance, to ac-
am the Christ,' and the 2 time complish all those things that have

draweth near, go not therefore after been written. But alas ! for them 23 9 them. Nor be alarmed when ye that are with child, and for them

hear of wars and tumults, for these who give suck in those days, for
things must first come to pass, but there will be great distress in the

the 5 end will not immediately suc- land of Judea, and sore punish- . 10 ceed." He said also unto them, ment among this people. And 24

“ Nation will rise up against * na- | they will fall by the edge of the

tion, and kingdom against king-sword, and will be led away cap-
11 dom; and there will be great earth- tive into all nations; and Jerusalein

quakes in various places, and fa- will be trodden down by the Gen-
mines, and pestilences, and fright- tiles, until the times appointed for
ful appearances, and great signs the full conversion of the Gentiles
from heaven.

to Christ be fulfilled. “But before all these things men “ Then there will be signs in the 25 Christ's

will lay their hands on you, and sun, and moon, and stars, and Total disciples

downfal of would be persecute you, and will deliver you upon earth; distress of s nations Cowntal

the Jewish treated. up to synagogues to be publicly through perplexity at the roaring of state.



"The 20th Chapter is omitted here, because it differs in no material respect from what the former Evangelists have related

• The time for the appearance of false Christs.

3.The destruction of Jerusalem. .

“The Romans against the Jews, and one part of the Jewish nation against another,

5 Particularly the Jewish nation.

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CHAP, the 'sea, and waves, men's hearts / Now the fcast of unleavened CHAP.

· failing them through a fearful ex- bread, which is called the passover, XX
26 pectation of those things which are drew near, and the chief priests Judas
coming on the earth; for the powers and the scribes were seeking how agrees to

deliver up
of the heaven will be shaken. they might destroy Jesus, but were Jesus.
27 Then will they see the son of man afraid of the people. Then Satan 3

coming on a cloud with power and entered into Judas surnamed Isca• great glory. :

riot, who was of the number of the 28 " Now when these things are twelve, and he went and talked 4 Christ's beginning to be done, lift your with the chief priests, and the 'capdisciples will esşselves up, and raise your heads, fortains of the temple, how he night

,% саре.

your deliverance is at hand.” And deliver Jesus up unto thein. And 5 29 he spake a parable to them, “ Be- they were glad, and agreed among

hold! the fig-tree and all the trees; themselves to give him money; 6 30 when ye see them shoot forth, ye and he accepted the agreement,

know of yourselves, that now the and sought for a convenient oppor-
31 summer is nigh. So likewise when tunity to deliver Jesus up unto

ye see these things coming to pass, them, apart from the multitude.
be assured that the kingdom of Then came the day of unleaven- 7
God, which is to be erected in the ed bread, on which the passover Celebra-
place of the Jewish constitution is lamb was to be sacrificed. And tson of the

passover, 32 nigh. Verily I say unto you, Jesús sent forth Peter and John,

This generation will not pass saying, “ Go and make ready for 8 33 away till all be done. Hea- us to eat the passoi er.” But they 9

ven and earth will sooner pass said unto him, “Where dost thou away, than these words of mine wish us to make ready?” And he 10 pass away.

said unto them, “ Behold, when 34 " But take heed to yourselves, 1 ye have entered the * city, a man Necessity lest at any time your hearts be op- carrying a pitcher of water will fulness. che pressed with surfeiting, and drunk- meet you; follow him into the

enness, and the anxious cares of house where he goeth in. And ye 11

this life, and so that day overtake shall say to the owner of the house, 35 you unawares; for as a snare it will The teacher saith unto thee,

come on all those who dwell on Where is the guest chamber in
36 the face of the whole land. Be ye which I may eat the passover with

therefore perpetually watchful, pray- my disciples ?' and he will show 12
ing that ye may be thought worthy you a large upper room furnished,
to escape all these things which there make ready.” So they went, 13
will soon come to pass, and to and found as he had told them, and

% stand before the son of man." made ready the passover.

37 And in the day time he was And when the hour was come, 14 Practice of teaching in the temple, and at he placed himself at table together

aching, night he went out of the city, and with the twelve apostles; and he 15 in the abode in the mount, which is called said unto them, “ I have earnestly temple. the Mount of Olives. And early desired to eat this passover with

38 in the morning great numbers of you before I suffer. For I say unto 16

the people used to come to him in you I will not eat any more of it,
the temple to hear him.

till all things be accomplished in


i Popular and national commotions and tumults are probably meant.

To escape when he displays his power in destroying his enemies of the Jewish nation.

3 Inferior Jewish officers who commanded the divisions of the priests and Levites, that attended the temple.

• Jerusalem,

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