A geographical and historical description of ancient Greece: with a map, and a plan of Athens, 第 2 巻

Clarendon Press, 1828

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326 ページ - ... sides; on the breast a head of Medusa wrought in ivory, and a figure of Victory, about four cubits high, holding a spear in her hand and a shield lying at her feet. Until the latter part of the seventeenth century, this magnificent temple, with all its ornaments, existed entire.
326 ページ - These were six feet two inches in diameter at the base, and thirty-four feet in height, standing upon a pavement, to which there was an ascent of three steps, the total elevation of the temple being 65 feet from the ground; the length was £&, and the breadth 1O2 feet.
329 ページ - Themistocles ; and there is still great evidence of the haste with which the historian describes that work to have been performed on the termination of the Persian war. From the acropolis Pausanias proceeds to the AREOPAGUS, or hill of Mars, which rises at a little distance from thence to the north-west. It was so called in consequence, as it was said, of Mars having been the first person tried there for the murder of Halirrhothius son of Neptune. The PNYX was, in the days of Athenian greatness,...
307 ページ - Athens attained the summit of its beauty and prosperity, both with respect to the power of the republic and the extent and magnificence of the architectural decorations with which the capital was adorned. At this period the whole of Athens, with its three ports of...
425 ページ - Asia rediens cum ab Aegina Megaram versus navigarem, coepi regiones circumcirca prospicere. Post me erat Aegina, ante me Megara, dextra Piraeus, sinistra Corinthus, quae oppida quodam tempore florentissima fuerunt, nunc prostrata et diruta ante oculos iacent.
307 ページ - Phalerum, connected by means of the celebrated long walls, formed one great city enclosed within a vast peribolus of massive fortifications. The whole of this circumference, as we collect from Thucydides, was not less than 174 stadia. Of these, forty-three must be allotted to the circuit of the city itself; the long walls taken together supply seventy-five, and the remaining fifty-six are furnished by the peribolus of the three harbours. Xenophon reports that Athens contained more than 10,000 houses...
104 ページ - The acquisition of Naupactus was of great importance to the Athenians during the Peloponnesian war, as it was an excellent station for their fleet in the Corinthian gulf, and not only afforded them the means of keeping up a communication with Corcyra and Acarnania, but enabled them also to watch the motions of the enemy on the opposite coast, and to guard against any designs they might form against their allies. Some important...
308 ページ - Athens ; and though little now remains of the ancient works to afford certain evidence of their circumference, it is evident, from the measurement furnished by Thucydides, that they must have extended considerably beyond the present line of wall, especially towards the north. Col. Leake is of opinion, that on this side the extremity of the city reached to the foot of Mount Anchesmus...
17 ページ - Nec mora : versus Amor tetigit lentissima Pyrrhae Pectora ; Deucalion igne levatus erat. Hanc legem locus ille tenet. Pete protinus altam Leucada ; nec saxo desiluisse time.
171 ページ - The narrow and low entrance of the cave, spread at once into a chamber 330 feet long, by nearly 200 wide. The stalactites from the top hung in the most graceful forms, the whole length of the roof, and fell, like drapery, down the sides. The depth of the folds was so vast, and the masses thus suspended in the air were so great, that the relief and fulness of these natural hangings, were as complete as the fancy could have wished. They were not, like concretions or incrustations, mere coverings of...