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189 ページ - On the earl's cheek the flush of rage O'ercame the ashen hue of age: 430 Fierce he broke forth, — " And darest thou then To beard the lion in his den, The Douglas in his hall ? And hopest thou thence unscathed to go ? — No, by Saint Bride of Bothwell, no! Up drawbridge,
79 ページ - Borne down by the flying, Where mingles war's rattle With groans of the dying. CHORUS Eleu loro, etc. There shall he be lying. Her wing shall the eagle flap O'er the false-hearted; His warm blood the wolf shall lap, Ere life be parted. Shame and dishonor sit By his grave
199 ページ - They close in clouds of smoke and dust, With sword-sway and with lance's thrust; And such a yell was there, Of sudden and portentous birth, As if men fought upon the earth, And fiends in upper air; Oh! life and death were in the shout, Recoil and rally, charge and rout, And triumph and despair. XXVI
188 ページ - Here in thy hold, thy vassals near, — Nay, never look upon your lord, And lay your hands upon your sword, — I tell thee, thou 'rt defied! And if thou saidst I am not peer To any lord in Scotland here, Lowland or Highland, far or near, On the earl's cheek the flush of rage O'ercame the ashen hue of age:
187 ページ - But Marmion stopped to bid adieu: "Though something I might plain," he said, " Of cold respect to stranger guest, Sent hither by your king's behest, But Douglas round him drew his cloak, Folded his arms, and thus he spoke: — " My manors, halls, and bowers shall still
168 ページ - Then opened wide the baron's hall To vassal, tenant, serf, and all; Power laid his rod of rule aside, 40 And Ceremony doffed his pride. The heir, with roses in his shoes, That night might village partner choose ; The lord, underogating, share The vulgar game of
206 ページ - XXXII With fruitless labor Clara bound And strove to stanch the gushing wound; The monk with unavailing cares Exhausted all the Church's prayers. Ever, he said, that, close and near, A lady's voice was in his ear, And that the priest he could not hear; 970 For that she ever sung,
209 ページ - When streams are swoln, and south winds blow, Dissolves in silent dew. Tweed's echoes heard the ceaseless plash, While many a broken band Disordered through her currents dash, To gain the Scottish land; To town and tower, to down and dale, To tell red Flodden's dismal tale, And raise the universal wail. Tradition, legend, tune, and song
169 ページ - carols roared with blithesome din; If unmelodious was the song, It was a hearty note and strong. Who lists may in their mumming see Traces of ancient mystery; White shirts supplied the masquerade, And smutted cheeks the visors made ; But oh! what maskers, richly dight, Can boast of bosoms half so light! England was merry England when
123 ページ - And, broad between them rolled, The gallant Firth the eye might note, Whose islands on its bosom float, Like emeralds chased in gold. Fitz-Eustace's heart felt closely pent; As if to give his rapture vent, The spur he to his charger lent, 630 And raised his bridle hand, And making