Chambers's Papers for the People, 第 6 巻

William and Robert Chambers, 1850


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19 ページ - Beyond the shadow of the ship I watched the water-snakes; • They moved in tracks of shining white; And when they reared, the elfish light Fell off in hoary flakes. Within the shadow of the ship I watched their rich attire — Blue, glossy green, and velvet black, They coiled and swam; and every track Was a flash of golden fire.
25 ページ - Consider their incredible numbers, their universal distribution, their insatiable voracity; and that it is the particles of decaying vegetable and animal bodies which they are appointed to devour and assimilate. Surely we must in some degree be indebted to those ever active invisible scavengers for the salubrity of our atmosphere.
24 ページ - Ewart, to report on the best means of ' extending the establishment of libraries freely open to the public, especially in large towns, in Great Britain and Ireland.
2 ページ - THE DISCOVERY of AMERICA by the NORTHMEN, IN THE TENTH CENTURY, WITH Notices of the early Settlements of the Irish in the Western Hemisphere...
13 ページ - ... on the land there, wherever there were hollows, and wherever there was hilly ground, there were vines. Every brook there was full of fish. They dug pits, on the shore where the tide rose highest, and when the tide fell, there were halibut in the pits. There were great numbers of wild animals of all kinds in the woods. They remained there half a month and enjoyed themselves and kept no watch. They had their livestock with them.
18 ページ - What incalculable numbers of these microscopical animals ! The colour of the water, as seen at some distance, was like that of a river which has flowed through a red clay district; but under the shade of the vessel's side it was quite as dark as chocolate. The line where the red and blue water joined was distinctly defined. The weather for some days previously had been calm, and the ocean abounded, to an unusual degree, with living creatures...
18 ページ - They are exceedingly minute, and quite invisible to the naked eye, only covering a space equal to the square of the thousandth of an inch. Their numbers were infinite; for the smallest drop of water which I could remove contained very many. In one day we passed through two spaces of water thus stained, one of which alone must have extended over several square miles.
3 ページ - If these writings of the Greeks agree with the Book of God, they are useless and need not be preserved : if they disagree, they are pernicious and ought to be destroyed.
13 ページ - I concluded at the last to set up my staff at the library door in Oxford; being thoroughly persuaded, that, in my solitude and surcease from the commonwealth affairs, I could not busy myself to better purpose, than by reducing that place, which then in every part lay ruined and waste, to the publick use of students...
2 ページ - Nevertheless, Spanish, Dutch, and English mariners continued to visit those seas — Dampier, between 1684 and 1700, exploring a portion of the north-western coast, and surveying it in the rude manner of his time. Half a century of further research added little to the world's knowledge of this great region ; but 1770 brought the advent of Captain Cook, whose immortal memory is associated with so many seas and shores. He discovered the eastern coast of Australia from Cape Howe to Cape York — naming...