The American Educational Monthly, 第 8 巻

J.W. Schermerhorn & Company, 1871

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611 ページ - A Treatise on the Resistance of Materials, and an Appendix on the preservation of Timber," by De Volson Wood, of Michigan University. The work has been prepared with great care, and has a practical value. Also, " Tables of Weights, Measures, Coins, etc., of the United States and England, with
492 ページ - foundation of knowledge must be laid by reading. General principles must be had from books, which, however, must be brought to the test of real life. In conversation you never get a system. What is said upon a subject is to be gathered from a hundred people. The parts of a truth
97 ページ - And this being the great thing needful for us to learn, is, by consequence, the great thing which education has to teach. To prepare us for complete living is the function which education has to discharge; and the only rational mode of judging of any educational course is, to judge in what degree it discharges such function. This test, never used in its entirety,
95 ページ - Could a man be secure That his days would endure A^ of old, for a thousand long years, What things might he know ! What deeds might he do ! And all without hurry or care. But we that have but span-long lives
163 ページ - Ollendorff's New Method of Learning to Read, Write, and Speak the Italian Language, adapted to the use of schools and private teachers, with Additions and Corrections, by Felix Foresti, LL.D., Professor of Italian in Columbia College," and "A Key to the Exercises in the New Method of Learning to Read, Write, and Speak the Italian, by Prof.
287 ページ - A lie which is all a lie, may be met and fought with outright; But a lie which is part a truth is a harder matter to fight.
577 ページ - They are facts from which no conclusions can be drawn—unorganizable facts; and therefore facts which can be of no service in establishing principles of conduct, which is the chief use of facts. Read them, if you like, for amusement ; but do not flatter yourself they are instructive. \ 1
578 ページ - culture, as displayed in architecture, sculpture, painting, dress, music, poetry, and fiction, should be described. Nor should there be omitted a sketch of the daily lives of the people—their food, their homes, and their amusements. And lastly, to connect the whole, should be exhibited the morals, theoretical and practical, of all classes: as indicated in their
452 ページ - learnt in his apprenticeship, equally with the builder of a Britannia Bridge, makes hourly reference to the laws of quantitative relations. The surveyor on whose survey the land is purchased; the architect in designing a mansion to be built on it; the builder in preparing his estimates ; his foreman in laying out the foundations; the masons
156 ページ - indigo blue. They are so distinctly marked that the line of junction with the common sea water may be traced by the eye. Often one-half of the vessel may be perceived floating in the Gulf Stream water, while the other half is in the common water of the sea,