Minutes of the Committee of Council on Education


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lxv ページ - ... period is found by adding together the attendances of all the scholars for the same period, and dividing the sum by the number of times the school has met within the same period; the quotient is the average number in attendance. 27. In calculating the average number in attendance, the attendances of half-time scholars reckon for no more than those of other scholars.
lxxxiv ページ - ... 48. Teachers attending the examination may at their option take the papers of the first or second year's students (Article 102).
lxxvii ページ - Article 91, may serve as assistants in schools in place of pupil-teachers, without being required to be annually examined. 80. Such assistants cease to fulfil the conditions of Article 32 (c), if at any time the inspector reports them to be inefficient teachers, or if they fail to produce from the managers, and from the principal teacher, of their school, the same certificates of conduct, attention to duty...
lxvii ページ - The forfeiture is reduced from ,£10 to £5 if the failure to comply with these Articles be confined to the examination of a pupilteacher (Article 88); but this reduction is made only once for the same pupil-teacher, and not in successive years for the same school.
lxxxviii ページ - Department, as occasion requires, may cancel or modify articles of the Code, or may establish new articles, but may not take any action thereon until the same shall have been submitted to Parliament, and shall have lain on the table of both Houses for at least one calendar month.
xciii ページ - VII. must show where one class ends and another begins. The number denoting each class is to be written only once; dots (" ") are to be put for each repetition of it, until the next higher class begins. There must be no intermixture of classes.
lxx ページ - Candidates for certificates, after successfully passing their examination, undergo probation (that in to say), they must, as teachers continuously engaged in the same schools, obtain two favourable reports from the inspector, with an interval of one year between them ; and, if the first of these reports be not preceded by service of...
lxii ページ - Bible is read daily from the authorized version). 31. When the trust deed has been executed according to a draft approved and sealed by the Committee of Council, and (when necessary) enrolled or registered, a copy of it, including all signatures, attestations, and endorsements, must be made on plain unstamped parchment, and lodged in the Education Office. 32. When the application is for a grant to enlarge, improve, or fit up, an existing elementary school already conveyed in trust, the deed must...
lxviii ページ - The diary or log-book must be stoutly bound and contain not less than 300 ruled pages. 36. The principal teacher must make at least once a week in the log-book an entry which will specify ordinary progress...
cxiv ページ - PRESENT, The QUEEN'S Most Excellent Majesty in Council. HER Majesty in Council was this day pleased, on representations of the Right Honourable the Lords of the Committee of Council on Education...