Six Years Ago: A Novel

G. Routledge, 1878 - 377 ページ

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364 ページ - He is coming ! he is coming !" Like a bridegroom from his room, Came the hero from his prison To the scaffold and the doom. There was glory on his forehead, There was lustre in his eye, And he never walked to battle More proudly than to die ; There was color in his visage, Though the cheeks of all were wan, And they marvelled as they saw him pass, That great and goodly man...
85 ページ - The gates of Hamburg are shut every evening at dusk, and a toll, increasing progressively every hour till 12, is demanded, after which persons may pass and repass all through the night, upon payment of 1 mark each. All eatables brought into the town are taxed at the gates, and even private carriages are sometimes searched, and game found in them has been seized. The executive government of the town is vested in a council or...
131 ページ - I can see it as if curdled and frozen in the coldness and dimness of death ! Oh, it is the human eye which bestows creating expression upon the human countenance ! — it is that which gives the immaterial spirit to actual vision — which enables us to see the soul. Hence, in all our recollections of one we have loved, it is the look which is ever the most present — for that places her before us, body and mind at once. Yes, I can see her now — her tall and rounded form...
371 ページ - Volumes, in boards, at., or cloth, 2s. 6d. King's Own— Frank Mildmay— Newton Forster— Peter Simple. Pacha of Many Tales— Jacob Faithful— Midshipman Easy— Japhet. Phantom Ship— Dog Fiend— Olla Podrida— Poacher. Percival Keene— Monsieur Violet — Rattlin— Valerie. The Set in 4 vols., boards, Ss.