An impartial representation of the conduct of the several powers of Europe engaged in the late general war: including a particular account of operations, from 1739 to 1748


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19 ページ - The Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Council, Of the City of London...
318 ページ - Acapulco, where they were to endeavour to fall in with the land, between the latitudes of 18 and 19 degrees ; from thence, they were to beat up the coast at eight or ten leagues' distance from the shore, till they came abreast of Cape Corientes, in the latitude of 20° 20'.
300 ページ - Chiloe, the captain and the three who were with him were sent to Valparaiso, and thence to St. Jago, the capital of Chili, where they continued above a year : but on the advice of a cartel being settled between Great Britain and Spain, Captain Cheap, Mr.
69 ページ - Indies, under the command of Admiral Vernon, by entering the Port and taking the town of Porto Bello, and demolishing and levelling all the Forts and Castles belonging thereto, with six ships of war only.
291 ページ - Anson thought it advisable to give orders to the captains to put all their provisions, which were in the way of their guns, on board the Anna pink, and to remount such of their guns as had formerly, for the ease of their ships, been ordered into the hold.
49 ページ - Landing, whilst he was coming up to the Fort to batter it. The Admiral luffing up as near to the Fort as he could, the Fire of his Small Arms commanded the enemies...
311 ページ - And in this precipitate rout the governor was not the last to secure himself, for he fled betimes half naked, leaving his wife, a young lady of about seventeen „years of age, to whom he had been married but three or four days, behind him, though she too was afterwards carried off in her shift by a couple of sentinels, just as the detachment, ordered to invest the house, arrived before it.
49 ページ - Iron fort only ; dole to which the fquadron was piloted by Capt. Rentone, Commodore Brown, in the Hampton-court, who led the attack, executed his part as became an officer of experience and refolution ; and being well followed by Capt. Herbert in the Norwich, and Capt. Mayne in the Worcefter, the Admiral perceived that fome of the Spaniards fled from...
292 ページ - Catherine's) they were to cruise off that island only ten days ; from whence, if not joined by the commodore, they were to proceed, and cruise off the harbour of Baldivia, making the land between the latitudes of 40° and 40° 30', and taking care to keep to the southward of the port ; and, if in fourteen days they were not joined by the rest of the squadron, they were then to quit this station, and to direct their course to the island...