Diary Illustrative of the Times of George the Fourth: Interspersed with Original Letters from the Late Queen Caroline, and from Various Other Distinguished Persons, 第 1 巻



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224 ページ - It is my earnest prayer, for her own sake, as well as her country's, that your Royal Highness may be induced to pause before this point be reached. " Those who have advised you, sir, to delay so long the period of my daughter's commencing her intercourse with the world-, and for that purpose to make Windsor her residence, appear not to have regarded the interruptions to her education which this arrangement occasions; both by the impossibility of obtaining the attendance of proper teachers, and the...
131 ページ - Such his person, next declare, Muse, who his companions are. Every fish of generous kind Scuds aside or slinks behind ; But about his presence keep All the monsters of the deep ; Mermaids with their .tails and singing His delighted fancy stinging; Crooked dolphins they surround him ; Dog-like seals they fawn around him.
225 ページ - The pain with which I have at length formed the resolution of addressing myself to your royal highness is such as I should in vain attempt to express. If I could adequately describe it, you might be enabled, sir, to estimate the strength of the motives which have made me submit to it. They are the most powerful feelings of affection, and the deepest impressions of duty towards your royal highness, my beloved child, and the country, which I...
215 ページ - Chronicle of the 10th instant, of a letter addressed by your Royal Highness to the Prince Regent, His Royal Highness thought fit, by the advice of his Confidential Servants, to signify his commands, that the intended visit of the Princess Charlotte to your Royal Highness on the following day should not take place.
24 ページ - I told him to make me a better pair, and send them to me. I brought letters from all the princes and princesses to him, from all the petty courts, and I tossed them to him and said ; ' There , that's to prove I'm not an impostor.
219 ページ - If her honour is invaded, the defence of her reputation is no longer a matter of choice; and it signifies not whether the attack be made openly, manfully, and directly — or by secret insinuation, and by holding such conduct towards her as countenances all the suspicions that malice can suggest. If these ought to be the feelings of every...
29 ページ - The Princess of Wales speaks highly of Mrs. Fitzherbert. She always says, " that is the Prince's true wife ; she is an excellent woman ; it is a great pity for him he ever broke vid her. Do you know I know de man who was present at his marriage, the late Lord B d. He declared to a friend of mine, that when he went to inform Mrs. Fitzherbert that the Prince had married me, she would not believe it, for she knew she was herself married to him.
34 ページ - ... country, I was very unhappy. My father said to me, if I would marry on the continent, he never wished to get rid of me, or to send me away ; but if I was determined to marry, that this situation which presented itself seemed sent by Providence to my advantage, and he would not suffer me to slight it. So, as a drowning wretch catches at a straw, I caught at this crown and sceptre. But, if I had not been miraculously supported, I could not have outlived all I have done : there are moments when...
221 ページ - Highness never could inflict upon me, if you were aware of its bitterness. Our intercourse has been gradually diminished ; — a single interview, weekly, seemed sufficiently hard allowance for a mother's affections ; — that, however, was reduced to our meeting once a fortnight, and I now learn, that even this most rigorous interdiction is to be still more rigidly enforced.
59 ページ - ... extremely dull; but the author is a great genius, and if he be not clapped up in Bedlam or hanged, will certainly prove one of the sweetest swans on the tuneful margin of the Cherwell...