Peace & War: Reminiscences of a Life on the Frontiers of Science

Columbia University Press, 1998 - 241 ページ
Peace and War is the memoir of one of the key scientists involved in the atomic bomb and the chief research assistant and intimate friend of J. Robert Oppenheimer. A prominent member of the Manhattan Project, Robert Serber was one of a team of scientists who assembled the bombs on Tinian Island for transport to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He was also one of the first Americans to walk among the Japanese ruins after the catastrophe. Serber tells movingly of his wartime experiences at Tinian Island and in Japan, in letters to his wife, Charlotte, herself a key player at Los Alamos and the only female group leader there. These letters depict simply - almost dispassionately - what Serber saw: the rows of iron office safes protruding from the rubble of Hiroshima; the grazing horse whose hair had been scorched on one side by the fireball but was untouched on the other; the B-29s stacked on the runway "like cars coming back to a city on a Sunday night." Serber is also eloquent about the troubles he faced as a result of his refusal to take part in public debate about the morality of his wartime work; how his opposition to rapidly developing the hydrogen bomb earned him the enmity of Edward Teller and others; how he was investigated and his security clearance challenged, several years before Oppenheimer's. Serber also recounts many previously untold stories involving Oppenheimer, Murray Gell-Mann, Ernest O. Lawrence, Edward Teller, and others. This portrait of one of the most important theoretical physicists of the 20th century brings to life the excitement of Oppenheimer's close-knit circle; the controversy of the Manhattan Project; and the thrill of being present at the creation of so manypioneering discoveries, from black holes to quarks.

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PEACE AND WAR: Reminiscences of a Life on the Frontiers of Science

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One of the creators of the atomic bomb recalls its building and its effect both on its targets and on the world at large. Serber (1909-97) grew up in a hotbed of Jewish intellectualism in Philadelphia ... レビュー全文を読む

Peace & war: reminiscences of a life on the frontiers of science

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Nonphysicists will find parts of this fascinating memoir unintelligible, but that should not be a deterrent. Seber, one of the most important theoretical physicists of this century, was a key member ... レビュー全文を読む


One Philadelphia and Madison 19091934
Two Berkeley and Pasadena 19341938
Three Urbana 19381942
Four Berkeley and Los Alamos 19421945
Five Tinian 1945
Six Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1945
Seven Berkeley 19461951
Eight Columbia and Brookhaven 19511967
Nine New York and St John 19681997


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