Remarkable Shipwrecks; Or, A Collection of Interesting Accounts of Naval Disasters: With Many Particulars of the Extraordinary Adventures and Sufferings of the Crews of Vessels Wrecked at Sea, and of Their Treatment on Distant Shores. Together with an Account of the Deliverance of Survivors

Andrus and Starr, John Russell, Jr. Printer., 1813 - 407 ページ

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2 ページ - Co. of the said district, have deposited in this office the title of a book, the right whereof they claim as proprietors, in the words following, to wit : " Tadeuskund, the Last King of the Lenape. An Historical Tale." In conformity to the Act of the Congress of the United States...
367 ページ - On seeing this we ceased firing, so that in thirty minutes after we got fairly alongside the enemy she surrendered, and had not a spar standing and her hull below and above water so shattered that a few more broadsides must have carried her down.
2 ページ - ... for the encouragement of learning by securing the copies of Maps, charts, and books, to the Authors and Proprietors of such copies during the times therein mentioned, and extending the benefits thereof to the arts of designing, engraving and etching historical and other prints.
290 ページ - Yes, Sir, farewell, and the Lord have mercy upon us !" I then turned about to look forward at the ship ; and thought she was struggling to get rid of some of the water ; but all in vain, she was almost full below. " Almighty God ! I thank thee, that now I am leaving this world, which I have always considered as only a passage to a better, I die with a full hope of thy mercies, through the merits of Jesus Christ, thy son, our Saviour!
285 ページ - Aye, it looks so very often here, when there is no wind at all ; however, don't hoist the topsails till it clears a little — there is no trusting any country.
285 ページ - I wish it would clear up, but I doubt it much. I was once in a hurricane in the East Indies, and the beginning of it had much the same appearance as this. So take in the topsails; we have plenty of sea-room.
371 ページ - ... possession was taken of the Frolic in forty-three minutes after the first fire. She was in a shocking condition ; the birth-deck, particularly, was crowded with dead, and wounded, and dying ; there being but a small proportion of the Frolic's crew who had escaped. Captain Jones instantly sent on board his Surgeon's mate; and all the blankets of the Frolic were brought from her slop- room for the comfort of the wounded.
286 ページ - ... the third in his hammock. At ten o'clock I thought to get a little sleep ; came to look into my cot ; it was full of water ; for every seam, by the straining of the ship, had begun to leak. Stretched myself, therefore, upon deck between two chests, and left orders to be called, should the least thing happen. At twelve a midshipman came to me : " Mr. Archer, we are just going to wear ship, Sir !" " O, very well, I'll be up directly, what sort of weather have you got ?"
267 ページ - ... Portuguese peasants. Several men went upon rafts this day, made from pieces of the wreck, but not one soul reached the shore ; the wind having shifted, and the current setting out, they were all driven to sea; among whom was our captain, who, about three in the afternoon, went on the jib-boom with three seamen; anxious to save the remainder of the ship's company, and too sanguine of getting safe on shore, he ventured upon the spar, saying, on jumping into the sea,
294 ページ - ... they received in getting on shore; others of drinking rum, and others had straggled into the country. All our vessels were so full of people, that we could not take away the few clothes that were saved from the wreck; but that was a trifle since we had preserved our lives and liberty. To make short of my story, we all arrived safe at Montego Bay, and shortly after at Port Royal, in the Janus, which was sent on purpose for us, and were all honorably acquitted for the loss of the ship.