The Parliamentary Or Constitutional History of England;: From the Earliest Times, to the Restoration of King Charles II. Collected from the Records, ...

J. and R. Tonson, and A. Millar, in the Strand; and W. Sandby, in Fleet-Street., 1762

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376 ページ - For what do the Enemy say? Nay, what do many say that were Friends at the beginning of the Parliament? even this, That the Members of both Houses have got great Places and Commands, and the Sword into their hands, and what by Interest in Parliament, and what by power in the Army, will perpetually continue themselves in Grandeur, and not permit the War speedily to end, lest their own power should determine with it.
466 ページ - Let a man examine himself: for he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, is guilty of the body and blood of the Lord, and eateth and drinketh damnation to himself, not discerning the Lord's body.
443 ページ - March, as if this Ordinance had not been made. Provided always, and it is further ordained and declared, that during this war, the benefit of all offices, being neither military nor judicial, hereafter to be granted, or any way to be appointed to any person or persons by both or either House of Parliament, or by authority derived from thence, shall go and inure to such public uses as both Houses of Parliament shall appoint.
376 ページ - I do conceive if the army be not put into another method and the war more vigorously prosecuted, the people can bear the war no longer, and will enforce you to a dishonourable peace.
345 ページ - Britain and the High and Mighty Lords the States General of the United Provinces, and betwixt all their subjects whether within Europe or without, in all regions and places whatsoever.
470 ページ - Day named, by which it was averr'd that he would be in the Houfe. A Rendezvous was then appointed, for their new General to take a View of their Troops, that he might appoint Officers to fucceed...
376 ページ - Nay, what do many say that were friends at the beginning of the Parliament ? Even this, that the members of both Houses have got great places and commands, and the sword into their hands; and what by interest in...
25 ページ - The Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Council, Of the City of London...
255 ページ - Glynn (Recorder), or any six of them, whereof one Lord and two Commoners, to treat with the Committees and Commissioners appointed by our brethren of Scotland, in such things as shall by them be propounded from and in the name of the kingdom of Scotland, for the ends aforesaid; as likewise to propound to the Committees and Commissioners of Scotland whatever they shall receive in charge from both Houses, and, from time to time, to advise and consult concerning the same, and report the results to both...
352 ページ - Parliament; and that this day in particular is to be kept with the more solemn humiliation, because it may call to remembrance our sins, and the sins of our forefathers, who have turned this feast, pretending the memory of Christ, into an extreme forgetfulness of him, by giving liberty to carnal and sensual delights...