tan took away both from God and from man? In answer to this, I only suggest these few parciculars.

1. Christ made this reftitution, because it was his Father's pleasure that he should do it; he did always these things that pleased his Father : “No man taketh my life from me (faith he), but I lay it down of myself. This commandment have I received of my Father.”

2. He restored what he took not away, because it contributes very much to enhance his mediatorial glory. Gen. xiv. there you read of what Abraham did, ne armed his men, and went in quest of the five kings that had plundered Sodom ; hajpursues them, takes them captives, and recovers the spoil, and restores what not he, but the enemy, had taken away; and this was much for Abraham's honour. So it is to the immortal honour of our glorious Immanuel; that he pursued, and spoiled principalities and powers, who had robbed God and man; and then restores unto both what they, not he, had taken away. Upon this account, “ God hath highly exalted him, and given bim a name which is above every name,” &c.

3. Christ restored what he took not away, out of regard that he had to the holy law of God. The holy law was violated, and the sovereignty of God in it was trode down : but Christ had a-mind to maintain the dignity of the law, it being an emanation of the holiness of God; therefore he will reltore a perfect obedience to the law, and bring in an everlasting righteousness that answers it to the full, that so a foun. dation may be thereby laid for our legal investiture in the privileges of children we had lost by fia.

4. Because his delights were with the sons of men. Sirs, Christ had a bride in Adam's family to espouse to himself for eyer. God the Father gave him a bride. And when he saw her in the devil's clutches, he arms himself with divine power, and rescues the bride : " He loved me, and gave himself for me.” . And then, Christ reftores what he took not away, that To the glory of grace might be exalted in the salvation of loft finners, and that none glory in themselves, but that they that glory may glory in the Lord. It is not we, but he only, that makes the restitution, and grace reigns to us through that reftitution that he made.

5. and lastly, Chrift restores what he took not away, that he might “ Itill the enemy and the avenger," as the expression is; Psal. viii. 2.; "the enemy and the avenger,” that is the devil. Sirs, when the devil robbed man, he thought the day was his own, and triumphed as if the world, and the glory VOL. III.


thereofy if you

made up to wonderful advantage. And if so, whatever appeared gain to you formerly, will be esteemed loss for Chrift; yea, doubtless, you will count all but dung and loss for Chrift, that you may know him, win him, and be found in him. You will be dead to the law, and the works of it, being married to a better husband, whose name is, “ The Lord our righteousness ;” for “ in him fhall all the seed of Israel be juftified, and shall glory.” Again, if you have found reparation in Chrift, you will wage a continual war with fin and Satan; you will refift the devil, and refist even unto blood, striving against fin. These robbers, they never come but to spoil you of some good, whatever disguise they may appear in. And have received


love-tokens from the Lord on this occasion, you may lay your account with an attack; the pitates pursue and attack the ship with the richest cargo. Lastly, Whenever the enemy has prevented and twin'd you of your comforts, you will fly to Christ for restitution, saying, with David, “ Řestore unto me the joy of thy salvation," for he it is who restores what he took not away.

I close with a word of Exhortation.

Sirs, I have a proclamation to issue forth in the name of the Lord IMMANUEL. Be it known unto men, by these prefents, That whereas two great robbers have entered into the world, viz. fin and Satan, and have stolen away all the valuable goods which once pertained to 'Adam and his family, whereby they are all reduced to the utmost poverty and mi.. sery ; it has pleased God the Father, from the love he bears to mankind-linners, to send bis only begotten Son into the world, to repair all their lofles, and to restore what he took not away. Accordingly, the eternal Son of God hath come into the world, and having armed himself with the human nature and divine power, he hath gone forth and pursued the robbers, and taken Satan captive, and bruised his head, and destroyed that destroyer of mankind; he hath finihed tranfgression, and made an end of fin, and hath brought in a robe of righteousness, and hath recovered all the goods that the robbers had taken away, all the goods and gear men loft ; hath recovered them with wonderful advantage; and the goods are all in his hand, and he hath sent out us, who are his amballadors, to cause all mankind see what losses they have sustained; and whoever have lost any thing, their God, and their fouls, heaven and happiness, he is willing to restore it to mankind, and that without any faser; for he will do it without money and without price. Come, and get your own again ; for Christ hath received gifts for men, for the fons of


men. O come, come, come, Sirs, and get from the glorious Restorer what you have lost, what you stand in need of, through time and eternity! O come and get your life, your God, and your souls again for a prey !

Since the rebellion commenced, many a man has lost very much; some have lost their land, some their houses, some their legs, and some their arms, and many their lives. And now, if the Duke of Cumberland, the King's fon, thould iflue forth a proclamation, to every man to come and get his losses repaired, in his father's name, I believe you would not be shy

to put in your name, and tell that you have lost this and that. Well, the Son of the King of heaven, the great JEHOVAH, he hath all his Father's treasures in his hand, and he hath sent us to tell you to come and get your losses repaired. O Sirs, what are men's temporal losses in comparison with their soul

“ What is a man profited, though he should gain the whole world, and lose his own soul ?" Well, come and get your souls for a prey from the Son of God.

I might make use of many motives to persuade you. Pray you, consider only the goods you loft are in Chrift's hand, and that they are in his hand that they may be restored again to you. He invites you to come, “ Incline your ear, and come unto me,” &c. He not only invites you, but counfels you, “ I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire,” that is, I counsel you to get your losses restored. He not only counfels you, but commands you,

“ This is his commandment, that ye believe in his Son," &c. He not only commands, but he promises ; he gives all manner of security that your loffes shall be made


if you come to him for a reparation, Pfal. lxxii. 4. “ He fhall judge the poor of the people, he ihall save the children of the needy." Come then, poor and needy finner. He is grieved to the heart when finners will not come and get their lofles repaired; he was grieved when Jerusalem would not be gathered as a hen gathereth her chickens under her vings. I will tell you, many a man have got their loffes repaired; an innumerable company have got reftitution from him, Rev. vii. 9. “I beheld, and lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands.” Now, when others liave come and got reparation, will not ye come and get reparation too?

O Sirs, consider what you are doing. Mird, there is no liope of reparation after death ; but if you come for reparaision, you must come now to the King's Son; therefore, " To


day if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts, as in the provocation.”

Upon this last day of the feast, I cry to all mankind, if my voice could reach them, to come and get their losses repaired by the Son of God, who reffores that which he took not away. Do not say, “ I am rich, and increased with goods, and stand in need of nothing ;" for I can assure you, that he who is infinitely wise, and knows you better than you do yourselves, declares, that you are “ poor, miserable, wretched, blind, and zaked," through the robbery that sin hath committed. Say you, I cannot get time to come, because of worldly business, But let me tell you, that your wordly business is het mere trides in comparison with this, therefore inake all other business but by-business in comparison with this one thing need. ful. Says another, I will get time enough afterwards. I will tell you, delays are dangerous; what know you, man, what a day may bring forth? Death may come, and then

you are gone for ever through eternity.Says another, I am * afraid the time is gone already, and that he will not make a

reparation of my loffes, No, Sirs, I will.tell you, that while there is life there is hope, and the Son of God is at the back of your heart, crying, “ Behold, I stand at the door, and knock : If any man (out of hell) hear my voice, and open to me, I will come in to bim, and will sup with him, and he with me."-But 0 say you, I fear my lolles are irreparable. I will tell you, poor finner, as broken a fhip has come to land, as we ufe to say; as great finners as you have got a repa. ration of their losses, and a full pardon to the boot. What think you of Manaffeh, and Mary Magdalene, and Paul? The same band that repaired their lofles is ready to repair yours ;

“ his hand is not shortened, that it cannot save,” &c.-Says another, What if I be not among the number of the elect? I answer, You have nothing a-do with election ; for “ secret things belong unto the Lord, but that which is revealed unto us and our children.?? Election does not be. long directly and immediately to the business of belieying, but only things revealed : and if revealed things belong unto us, then put in your claim : for “ the promise is to you and your feed.”-Say yon, I am impotent, and cannot come. 1 unswer, That was one of the losses Christ came to reltore ; “ be gives strength to the weak, and to then that haye 110 might he increaseth strength,”-Say you, My will is an iron fiew, it will not answer. Answ. He that restores that which he took not away, offers to restore your good heart and your will, “ Thy people shall be willing in the day of

thy thy power." Ezek. xxxvi. 26. “ I will take away the heart of stone, and give the heart of Aesh.”_Says another, I would fain come to get my tosses repaired, but I think when I come to him he boasts me away. Do not think fo; for he says, " Whosoever will come to me I will in no wife cast out.” When he frowns upon you, and calls you a dog, be as the Syrophenician woman, do not give over, and you shall prevail, “ Truth, Lord, I am a dog, yet the dogs eat of the crumbs that fall from the master's table;" the Lord repaired her loffes, and granted her all the desires of her heart.

I should conclude with a word to believers, who have got their losses repaired by the glorious Immanuel. I only lay two or three things to you by way of advice. (1.) O fing praises to the bleffed Restorer, “ O my soul, bless the Lord, who hath redeemed thy life from destruction, and crowned thee with loving kindness and tender mercies," Psal. ciii. 1.-4.. (2.) Whenever you meet with new losses, come back to the blessed Restorer. Satan will be about with you, he goes about like a rearing lion, seeking whom he may devour, and to take away any good you have got on this folemn oce cafion; but when the enemy has robbed you, I say, come back to Chrift by faith, and you will find reftitution again. Again, my advice to you is, O love the Lord with your heart, trength, and mind ; let him have the strength and flower of your affection, lay nothing in the balance with him ; and, as an evidence of your love, keep his commandments,' walk worthy of the Lord, to all well pleasing; contend for the faith once delivered to the faints ; ftudy, with the church, to cause his name to be remembered to all generations, that the people may praise him for ever and ever, who restored what

he toolé not away.


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