Forget me not; a Christmas and new year's present. (Ed. by F. Shoberl).


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152 ページ - Beside a mountain water, I found her, whom a king himself Would proudly call his daughter. She was sitting 'mong the crags, Wild and mossed and hoary ; Reading in an ancient book Some old martyr story. Tears were starting to her eyes, Solemn thought was o'er her ; When she saw in that lone place A stranger stand before her. Crimson was her sunny cheek, And her lips seemed moving With the beatings of her heart; — How could I help loving?
154 ページ - In her ancient book The pages turning slowly; I saw her lovely crimson cheek, And dark eye drooping lowly. The dream was like the day's delight, A life of pain's o'erpayment; I rose, and with unwonted care Put on my sabbath-raiment. To none I told my secret...
140 ページ - Elsie in the neighborhood, which it would not be edifying to- repeat. Had she been mistress of the whirlwind, she could not have been more delighted with storms. She had been seen, her tall form erect, and with extended arm, standing upon the verge of fearsome precipices, in the midst of the most awful tempests, conversing as it were with unseen spirits, her long, matted hair streaming in the wind, while the thunder was riving the rocks beneath her feet, and the red lightning encircling her as with...
122 ページ - Montagu was dismissed the service. Every tie that had bound him to his country was broken. He returned with the devoted Emilie to Copenhagen, changed his name, married the lovely girl, and is at this moment a Danish admiral, high in the confidence of the monarch. NEW FIGURES. BY THOMAS HAYNES BAYLY, ESQ. OH give me new figures ! — I can't go on dancing The same that were taught me ten seasons ago ; The Schoolmaster over the land is advancing — Then why is the Master of Dancing so slow ? It is...
153 ページ - There is not such another!" I wandered to my scholar's home, It lonesome looked and dreary ; I took my books, but could not read, Methought that I was weary. I laid me down upon my bed, My heart with sadness laden ; I dreamed but of the mountain wold, And of the mountain maiden.
32 ページ - my vow compels me to return ere to-morrow; farewell!" The lady arose hastily. " What say ye of returning? — and wherefore this disguise? — and wherefore this speed to depart, when Heaven hath thus sent ye back?
35 ページ - ... the narrow circlet of jewels on her open brow, while two beautiful white greyhounds, with golden collars, lay at her feet. And with graceful courtesy, and in language borrowed from the romaunt and the faery tale, did the gentle Philippa greet the nameless knight, and urge him playfully to declare his name ; while many an attendant noble cast looks of ill-suppressed rage at the so highly favoured stranger. " And whence was that fair jewel ye wear round your neck?
29 ページ - ... and silken bases, rich with armorial bearings; while, like a dream of fairy-land, fourscore noble ladies, each mounted on a fair palfrey, led by a chain of silver her favourite knight. These were the English chivalry; but, on arriving at the lists, many French and many Flemish knights, and among them the Earl of Hainault, the Queen's brother, stood ready. But one there was, who, in plain armour, and bearing a shield without any device, and distinguished by a fetter-ring on his right ancle, attracted...
35 ページ - ... the eve of the tournament was a gay carnival, in which it was the favourite pastime of the younger knights and ladies to enact as closely to the letter as possible the wild and brilliant incidents of chivalrous romance. " Nay, Sir Unknown," persisted the masquer, " the command of my sovereign lady, the faerie queen, must be obeyed at all hazards.
48 ページ - And for thirty marks only?" said the chancellor. "I did: — little do you, little does the Lord of Warrington suspect the priceless service he rendered me, when my dwelling was beset. by the brutal populace at Lisle. It was not for my gold that I trembled, not for my jewels, scarcely even for my safety, but for that precious vial of liquid, bequeathed to me by that learned adept, my father, by which I trust erelong to obtain the mighty secret. The brave arm of the Lord of Warrington drove back the...