Ticknor and Fields, 1859 - 311 ページ

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225 ページ - A sacred burden is this life ye bear, Look on it, lift it, bear it solemnly ; Stand up, and walk beneath it steadfastly ; Fail not for sorrow, falter not for sin, But onward, upward, till the goal ye win ; — God guard ye, and God guide ye on your way, Young pilgrim-warriors, who set forth to-day.
171 ページ - BETTER trust all and be deceived, And weep that trust and that deceiving, Than doubt one heart that, if believed, Had blessed one's life with true believing.
229 ページ - That must be counted ere I see thy face ? How shall I charm the interval that lowers Between this time and that sweet time of grace ? Shall I in slumber steep each weary sense — Weary with longing ? Shall I flee away Into past days, and with some fond pretence Cheat myself to forget the present day ? Shall love for thee lay on my soul the sin Of casting...
229 ページ - WHAT shall I do with all the days and hours That must be counted ere I see thy face ? How shall I charm the interval that lowers Between this time and that...
79 ページ - Shout ! till the woods beneath their vaults of green Resound, and shake their pillars on thy way; Fling wide thy glittering fringe of silver sheen, And toss towards heaven thy clouds of dazzling spray. The sun looks down upon thee with delight, And weaves his prism around thee for a belt ; And as the wind waves thy thin robes of light, The jewels of thy girdle glow and melt. Ah ! where be they, who first with human eyes Beheld thy glory, thou trinmphant flood ! And through the forest heard with...
128 ページ - Then rest content with sorrow : for there be Many that must that lesson learn with thee ; And still thy wild notes warble cheerfully, Till, when thy tiny voice begins to fail, For thy lost...
227 ページ - Whisper and breathe, and live and move together; Around me spring the flowers — each rosy cup Hath sisters leaning their fair cheeks against it; The birds fly all above me — not alone, But coupled in free fellowship, or mustering A joyous band, sweeping in companies The wide blue fields between the clouds; the clouds Troop in society, each on the other Shedding, like sympathy, reflected light; The waves, a multitude, together run To the great breast of the receiving sea: Nothing but hath its...
222 ページ - Th' horizon's line joins earth with the bright skies ; Daring and triumph, pleasure, fame, and joy, Friendship unwavering, love without alloy, Brave thoughts of noble deeds, and glory won, Like angels, beckon ye to venture on. And if o'er the bright scene some shadows rise, Far off they seem, at hand the sunshine lies.
159 ページ - Lady, whom my beloved loves so well : When on his clasping arm thy head reclineth, When on thy lips his ardent kisses dwell, And the bright flood of burning light, that shineth In his dark eyes, is poured into thine ; When thou shalt lie enfolded to his heart, In all the trusting helplessness of love ; If in such joy sorrow can find a part, Oh, give one sigh unto a doom like mine ! Which I would have thee pity, but not prove. One cold, calm, careless, wintry look, that fell Haply by chance on me,...
244 ページ - If thou already faint who art but come Through half thy pilgrimage, with fellows gay, Love, youth, and hope, under the rosy bloom And temperate airs of early breaking day — Look yonder, how the heavens stoop and gloom ! There cease the trees to shade, the flowers to spring, And the angels leave thee. What wilt thou become Through yon drear stretch of dismal wandering, Lonely and dark ? — / shall take courage, friend.