Handbook of the new Code of regulations, 1880, and other official instructions, orders, and circulars of the Education department, with notes, &c

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47 ページ - Applications for a pension will be received only from the managers of the school, or training college, in which the teacher is serving at the date of retirement. (4.) These applications will be collected for decision, on their comparative merits, twice a year, about Lady Day and Michaelmas. (5...
29 ページ - The managers must comply with any notice of the sanitary authority of the district in which the school is situated, requiring them for a specified time, with a view to preventing the spread of disease, either to close the school or to exclude any scholars from attendance, subject to an appeal to the Department if the managers consider the notice to be unreasonable.
47 ページ - A limited number of pensions will be granted to teachers who were employed in that capacity at the date (9 May 1862) when the Minutes* relating to pensions were cancelled : (1...
3 ページ - Every school provided by a school board shall be conducted under the control and management of such board in accordance with the following regulations: (1) The school shall be a public elementary school within the meaning of this Act : (2) No religious catechism or religious formulary which is distinctive of any particular denomination shall be taught in the school.
23 ページ - Where vacancies in the office of any teacher, other than the principal teacher, occur in the course of a school year, and are duly reported to the Department, temporary monitors employed in place of the teachers causing the vacancies are recognised as part of the school staff, one monitor being accepted as equivalent to a pupil-teacher...
62 ページ - The surety should have either an executed duplicate (which requires a second stamp), or a certified copy. The agreement exists only between the persons who sign it. If any of them are changed (by removal of managers, or otherwise), instructions for a new agreement (with stamp) in the following form, may be obtained upon application (Article 14) to the Education Department II.
39 ページ - Where the population of the school district in which the school is situate, or the population within two miles, measured according to the nearest road from the school...
57 ページ - The disappearance of heat in the melting of solids. and the boiling of liquids. Attraction of light bodies by rubbed sealing wax and glass. Experimental proof that there are two forms of electricity. Attraction and repulsion. Gold leaf electroscope.
92 ページ - ... would of course fall under this head. Other cases will occur which are not serious enough to justify actual deduction ; but in which you observe that there is a preponderance of indifferent passes, preventible disorder, dulness or irregularity ; or that the teacher is satisfied with a low standard of duty.
105 ページ - A child cannot be examined a second time until three months have elapsed since the date of the examination at which it failed, and must on each occasion be examined in all the three subjects of the standard in which it is presented.