Holy Mount Kailash: A Pilgrimage in Tibet

AuthorHouse, 2013 - 288 ページ
Kailash - The Heart and Soul of Tibet There are few places on Earth comparable to the mysterious, stunningly beautiful and completely isolated Mt Kailash, which lies well hidden in a remote and deserted region of western Tibet. In order to understand the importance of holy Mt Kailash it is necessary to know that it is considered the legendary abode of the gods. One circle around the mountain (54 km) is symbolically one revolution of the wheel of life or the cycle from birth to death. This, simultaneously, brings about the purification and forgiveness of all sins committed in this lifetime. This is the land of the Sun. In this spot I started to understand the difference between the world that I was coming from and the one that was standing before me. This is without doubt the most beautiful spot on Earth. This is Shambala! These were moments of great happiness, when all the struggles of travelling are forgotten and replaced by sheer joy. This is the physical and spiritual climax of the pilgrimage because the Drolma La pass is considered the most holy spot on the trail and arrival there marks the beginning of a completely new life.

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