The Writings of Charles Dickens: With Critical and Bibliographical Introductions and Notes by Edwin Percy Whipple and Others

Houghton, Mifflin, 1894

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xxxix ページ - Club," the members of which were to go out shooting, fishing, and so forth, and getting themselves into difficulties through their want of dexterity, would be the best means of introducing these.
61 ページ - ... might and strength, as when, seven hundred years ago, it rang with the clash of arms, or resounded with the noise of feasting and revelry. On either side, the banks of the Medway, covered with corn-fields and pastures, with here and there a windmill, or a distant church, stretched away as far as the eye could see, presenting a rich and varied landscape...
xxxix ページ - When I opened my door in Furnival's Inn to the managing partner who represented the firm, I recognized in him the person from whose hands I had bought, two or three years previously, and whom I had never seen before or since, my first copy 'of the magazine in which my first effusion — dropped stealthily one evening at twilight, with fear and trembling, into a dark letterbox, in a dark office, up a dark court in Fleet Street...
xxvi ページ - THE PICKWICK PAPERS. — On the 31st of March will be published, to be continued monthly, price One Shilling, the first number of the POSTHUMOUS PAPERS OF THE PICKWICK CLUB, containing a faithful record of the Perambulations, Perils, Travels, Adventures, and Sporting Transactions of the Corresponding Members. Edited by Boz.
xxxix ページ - ... it would be infinitely better for the plates to arise naturally out of the text; and that I would like to take my own way, with a freer range of English scenes and people...
162 ページ - I'm sure I ought to be a very happy woman,' said Mrs Bardell. "And your little boy — ' said Mr Pickwick. "Bless his heart!' interposed Mrs Bardell, with a maternal sob. "'He, too, will have a companion...
69 ページ - It's like a dream," — ejaculated Mr. Pickwick, " a hideous dream. The idea of a man's walking about, all day, with a dreadful horse that he can't get rid of!" The depressed Pickwickians turned moodily away, with the tall quadruped, for which they all felt the most unmitigated disgust, following slowly at their hcols.
14 ページ - The principal productions of these towns," says Mr. Pickwick, " appear to be soldiers, sailors, Jews, chalk, shrimps, officers, and dockyard men. The commodities chiefly exposed for sale in the public streets are marine stores, hard-bake, apples, flat-fish, and oysters. The streets present a lively and animated appearance, occasioned chiefly by the conviviality of the military.
1 ページ - That this Association has heard read, with feelings of unmingled satisfaction, and unqualified approval, the paper communicated by Samuel Pickwick, Esq., GCMPC,2 entitled 'Speculations on the Source of the Hampstead Ponds, with some Observations on the Theory of Tittlebats ; ' and that this Association does hereby return its warmest thanks to the said Samuel Pickwick, Esq.
162 ページ - But entreaty and remonstrance were alike unavailing: for Mrs. Bardell had fainted in Mr. Pickwick's arms ; and before he could gain time to deposit her on a chair, Master Bardell entered the room, ushering in Mr. Tupman, Mr. Winkle, and Mr.