The British Critic and Quarterly Theological Review, 第 26 巻

F. and C. Rivington, 1805


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75 ページ - That yester-morn bloomed waving in the breeze. Sounds the most faint attract the ear, — the hum Of early bee, the trickling of the dew, The distant bleating midway up the hill.
534 ページ - ... willingly subscribed to the Articles established ; which is an argument to us that they all agree in the true, usual, literal meaning of the said Articles ; and that even in those curious points in which the present differences lie, men of all sorts take the Articles of the Church of England to be for them ; which is an argument again that none of them intend any desertion of the Articles established...
155 ページ - In varying cadence, soft or strong, He swept the sounding chords along: The present scene, the future lot, His toils, his wants, were all forgot: Cold diffidence, and age's frost, In the full tide of song were lost : Each blank, in faithless memory void, The poet's glowing thought supplied ; And, while his harp responsive rung, 'Twas thus the LATEST MINSTREL sung.
156 ページ - Blindfold he knew the paths to cross ; By wily turns, by desperate bounds, Had baffled Percy's best bloodhounds ; In Eske or Liddel fords were none But he would ride them, one by one ; Alike to him was time or tide, December's snow or July's pride ; Alike to him was tide or time, Moonless midnight or matin prime : Steady of heart and stout of hand As ever drove prey from Cumberland ; Five times outlawed had he been By England's king and Scotland's queen.
157 ページ - When the cold light's uncertain shower Streams on the ruined central tower; When buttress and buttress, alternately, Seem framed of ebon and ivory ; When silver edges the imagery, And the scrolls that teach thee to live and die ; When distant Tweed is heard to rave, And the owlet to hoot o'er the dead man's grave» Then go — but go alone the while — Then view St David's ruined pile; And, home returning, soothly swear, Was never scene so sad and fair I 2.
21 ページ - By pity, well-nigh in amaze my mind Was lost ; and I began : " Bard ! willingly I would address those two together coming, Which seem so light before the wind." He thus : " Note thou, when nearer they to us approach. Then by that love which carries them along, Entreat ; and they will come.
159 ページ - Caledonia! stern and wild, Meet nurse for a poetic child ! Land of brown heath and shaggy wood, Land of the mountain and the flood, Land of my sires ! what mortal hand Can e'er untie the filial band That knits me to thy rugged strand...
612 ページ - ... that a neutral has no right to deliver a belligerent from the pressure of his enemies' hostilities, by trading with his colonies in time of war in a way that was prohibited in time of peace.
549 ページ - I have greater witnefs than that of John : " for the works which the Father hath given me to " finifh, the fame works that I do, bear witnefs of " me, that the Father hath fent me.
534 ページ - That for the present, though some differences have been ill raised, yet we take comfort in this, that all clergymen within our realm have always most willingly subscribed to the Articles established; which is an argument to us that they all agree in the true, usual, literal meaning of the said Articles...