Newton Forster; or, The merchant service, by the author of 'The king's own'.



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151 ページ - No towers along the steep; Her march is o'er the mountain waves, Her home is on the deep. With thunders from her native oak, She quells the floods below, — As they roar on the shore, When the stormy winds do blow ; When the battle rages loud and long, And the stormy winds do blow.
136 ページ - Mine through sunshine, storm, and snows; Seasons may roll, But the true soul Burns the same, where'er it goes.
113 ページ - Their only labour was to kill the time ; And labour dire it is, and weary woe. They sit, they loll, turn o'er some idle rhyme •; Then, rising sudden, to the glass they go, Or saunter forth, with tottering step and slow : This soon too rude an exercise they find...
14 ページ - Then there were sighs, the deeper for suppression, And stolen glances, sweeter for the theft, And burning blushes, though for no transgression, Tremblings when met, and restlessness when left...
74 ページ - Angels and ministers of grace defend us ! — Be thou a spirit of health, or goblin damn'd, Bring with thee airs from heaven, or blasts from hell, Be thy intents wicked, or charitable, Thou com'st in such a questionable shape, That I will speak to thee: I'll call thee, Hamlet, King, father, royal Dane: O, answer me: Let me not burst in ignorance!
251 ページ - Was there ever yet any thing written by mere man that was wished longer by its readers, excepting Don Quixote, Robinson Crusoe, and the Pilgrim's Progress?
251 ページ - ... such as he has assigned to his hero. Be this as it may, society is for ever indebted to the memory of De Foe for his production of a work, in which the ways of Providence are simply and pleasingly vindicated, and a lasting and useful moral is conveyed through the channel of an interesting and delightful story.
27 ページ - Rich in the gems of India's gaudy zone, And plunder piled from kingdoms not their own, Degenerate trade ! thy minions could despise The heart-born anguish of a thousand cries ; -Could lock, with impious hands, their teeming store, While...
201 ページ - Hope, of all passions, most befriends us here ; Passions of prouder name befriend us less. Joy has her tears ; and transport has her death : Hope, like a cordial, innocent, though strong, Man's heart, at once, inspirits and serenes...
251 ページ - by what charm it is that these ' Surprising Adventures' should have instantly pleased, and always pleased, it will be found, that few books have ever so naturally mingled amusement with instruction. The attention is fixed, either by the simplicity of the narration, or by the variety of the incidents ; the heart...