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427 ページ - Roman matrons in honour of Ceres; and the Scotch gentleman told me, (and, faith, I believe he was right) that I was a very great pedant for my pains.
225 ページ - No more by varying passions beat, O gently guide my pilgrim feet To find thy hermit cell ; Where in some pure and equal sky, Beneath thy soft indulgent eye, The modest virtues dwell. Simplicity in Attic vest, And Innocence with candid breast, And clear undaunted eye ; And Hope, who points to distant years, Fair opening through this vale of tears A vista to the sky.
127 ページ - And it is very remarkable, that notwithstanding we fall short at present of the ancients in poetry, painting, oratory, history, architecture, and all the noble arts and sciences which depend more upon genius than experience, we exceed them as much in doggerel, humour, burlesque, and all the trivial arts of ridicule.
443 ページ - That every person committed for treason or felony shall, if he requires it the first week of the next term, or the first day of the next session of oyer and terminer, be indicted in that term or session, or else admitted to bail ; unless the king's witnesses cannot be produced at that time ; and if acquitted, or if not indicted and tried in the second term or session, he shall be discharged from...
48 ページ - But the eyes of other people are the eyes that ruin us. If all but myself were blind, I should want neither fine clothes, fine houses, nor fine furniture.
126 ページ - If he were to strike you with his cold hand, you would be quite stiff and dead, like a piece of marble. Youths and maidens, do you see him ? He is coming fast upon us, and soon he will be here. Tell me, if you know, who is he, and what is his name.
428 ページ - And let me tell you," added the third lady, whose mouth was puckered up to the size of an issue, "that the Duchess has fine lips, but she wants a mouth.' ' At this every lady drew up her mouth as if going to pronounce the letter P. But how ill, my Bob, does it become me to ridicule women with whom I have scarcely any correspondence ? There are.
440 ページ - This is a high prerogative writ, and therefore by the common law issuing out of the court of king's bench not only in term time, but also during the vacation, by a fiat from the chief justice or any other of the judges, and running into all parts of the king's dominions ; for the king is at all times entitled to have an account, why the liberty of any of his subjects is restrained, wherever that restraint may be inflicted.
331 ページ - Caubvick sat down a few paces behind me. We waited for the landing of the Indians with feelings very different from their's ; who were hurrying along with tumultuous joy at the thoughts of immediately meeting their relations and friends again.
330 ページ - London were fupplied with food, I could never make them fully comprehend, any more than I could the number of people by which the metropolis was inhabited. Their arithmetic goes no higher than the number twenty-one; therefore, the beft I could do, was to tell them, that a certain number of large whales would ferve them for one meal only.