The angel in the house [by C.K.D. Patmore. In verse]. 2 books [in 1 vol. Wanting sig. K7].


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82 ページ - Paradise ! How given for nought her priceless gift, How spoiled the bread and spill'd the wine, Which, spent with due respective thrift, Had made brutes men, and men divine I * * Coventry Patmore.
93 ページ - An idle poet, here and there, Looks round him; but, for all the rest, The world, unfathomably fair, Is duller than a witling's jest. Love wakes men, once a lifetime each; They lift their heavy lids, and look; And, lo, what one sweet page can teach, They read with joy, then shut the book. And some give thanks, and some blaspheme, And most forget; but, either way, That and the Child's unheeded dream Is all the light of all their day.
289 ページ - THE MARRIED LOVER Why, having won her, do I woo? Because her spirit's vestal grace Provokes me always to pursue, But, spirit-like, eludes embrace; Because her womanhood is such That, as on court-days subjects kiss The Queen's hand, yet so near a touch Affirms no mean familiarness, Nay, rather marks more fair the height Which can with...
48 ページ - Marr'd less than man by mortal fall, Her disposition is devout, Her countenance angelical; The best things that the best believe Are in her face so kindly writ The faithless, seeing her, conceive Not only heaven, but hope of it; No idle thought her instinct shrouds, But fancy chequers settled sense, Like alteration of the clouds On noonday's azure permanence; Pure dignity, composure, ease Declare affections nobly fix'd, And impulse sprung from due degrees Of sense and spirit sweetly mix'd. Her modesty,...
193 ページ - The Rainbow. A STATELY rainbow came and stood, When I was young, in High-Hurst Park ; Its bright feet lit the hill and wood Beyond, and cloud and sward were dark ; And I, who thought the splendour ours Because the place was, t'wards it flew, And there, amidst the glittering showers, Gazed vainly for the glorious view. With whatsoever's lovely, know It is not ours ; stand off to see ; Or beauty's apparition so Puts on invisibility.
36 ページ - It melts his heart, it makes him weep For wonder, worship, and delight. O, paradox of love, he longs. Most humble when he most aspires, To suffer scorn and cruel wrongs From her he honours and desires.
16 ページ - Twas half my home, six years ago. The six years had not alter'd it : Red-brick and ashlar, long and low, With dormers and with oriels lit. Geranium, lychnis, rose array'd The windows, all wide open thrown ; And some one in the Study play'd The Wedding-March of Mendelssohn.
47 ページ - THE ROSE OF THE WORLD Lo, when the Lord made North and South, And sun and moon ordained, He, Forthbringing each by word of mouth In order of its dignity Did man from the crude clay express By sequence, and all else decreed, He formed the woman; nor might less Than Sabbath such a work succeed.
4 ページ - Not careless of the gift of song, Nor out of love with noble fame, I, meditating much and long What I should sing, how win a name, Considering well what theme unsung, What reason worth the cost of rhyme, Remains to loose the poet's tongue In these last days, the dregs of time, Learn that to me, though born so late, There does, beyond desert, befall (May my great fortune make me great!) The first of themes, sung last of all. In green and undiscover'd ground, Yet near where many others sing, I have...
20 ページ - For something that abode endued With temple-like repose, an air Of life's kind purposes pursued With orderM freedom sweet and fair. A tent pitch'd in a world not right It seem'd, whose inmates, every one, On tranquil faces bore the light Of duties beautifully done, And humbly, though they had few peers, Kept their own laws, which seem'd to be The fair sum of six thousand years