affirmed that good works are not the meritorious causes of acceptance with God, our author represents the advocates of this scriptural doctrine as teaching, that good works can never be accepted by God.' If he cannot perceive the wide difference between these positions, we confident that no attempts on our part, to illuminate him, will succeed.

On the whole, it is, we think, quite plain that Mr. W. in the present undertaking, has very imperfectly studied the strength of his shoulders. As we have already said, on subjects which have been before discussed by Derham, Ray, Paley, Sturm, and others, he advances what is solid, judicious, and instructive ; his niistake lies in fancying himself equal to encounter the hydra of fanaticism.' Art. XXI. Sacre Historia Epitome, in usum Scholarum. 18mo. pp.

100. Law, Longman and Co. &c. 1911. IN passing through Mr Valpy's press, it appears to us that Pro

fessor L'Homond's humble abridgement of Scripture History has been considerably improved It is hardly necessary to mention that the work is designed for beginners. The plan is progressive; the sentences gradually becoming longer as the scholar advances, and the Latin more idiomatical. Each chapter has a title indicative of its contents Where the book is used, we have no doubt that this edition will be very generally preferred. Art. XXII. A Guide to Trade ; or a new Exercise Book for the use

of Schools, &c. By T. Mercator. 12mo. pp. 100. Price 28. Longman and Co. 1811. THIS little book has certainly the merit of containing a good deal

of useful information on the most common affairs of trade. It begins, very properly, with explaining technical terms, and ends with sonie remarks on Receipts, Bills of Exchange, and Promissory Notes : but the author's principal design has been to furnish schools with an exercise book, which may enable young persons, designed for trade, to write and compute Bills of Parcels with accuracy and ease.' We must acknowledge however that, in a discreditable number of instances, Mr. Mercator has laid himself open, to a censure passed by Congreve, on a certain description of critics, when he says,

“Rules for good writing they with pains indite,

“ Then shew us what is bad--by what they write." Not to dwell on the numerous acknowledged errors of computation, it is sufficient to glance the eye over a single page, (15) where Mr. William Rusher of Banbury, (who by the way 18 the printer of the book, accusés Mrs. Vinders of having purchased Montgomery's West India; and Mr. Samuel Grainger, of Newbury, with a flintiness of conscience not exceeded, we will venture to affirm, in the memory of taylors, actually puts down the abominable price of 83 90 for two pairs of braces! Such oversights as these detract considerably from the utility of a school book.


Gentlemen and Publishers who have works in the press, will oblige the Conductors of the Eclectic Review, by sending information (post puid) of the subject, extent, and probable price of such works; which they may depend upon being communicated to the public, if consistent with its plan.


of Iceland, will precede the journal of the GRBAT BRITAIN,

travellers. In the journal will be desIn the press, and nearly ready for

cribed the country, the hot springs, vol. publication, A Series of Letters to a

canoes, and other natural curiosities, Friend on the Evidences, Doctrines, and also the manners and customs of and Duties of the Christian Religion; the inhabitants; and it will be followed designed chiefly for young persons. In by distinct chapters, on rural, pol.tical, 2 vols. 12mo. By Dr. Gregory of the and ecclesiastical affairs; on the preRoyal Military Acadenzy, Woolwich. sent state of fi:erature; on natural

Dr. Thomas Thomson has nearly history, botany, and mineralogy. completed for the press a History of the A Translation of the Continuation of Royal Society, introduced as a

Humboldt's Travels, &c. in New Spain, panion to the Recent Abridgement of recently arrived in this country, is in the Pbilosopbical Transactions. The the press, and will be speedily pubobject of the work is to trace the pro- lished. gress of sciences since the establish

To be speedily published, in 4to. with ment of that illustrious society, and to plans of battles, &c. &c. Observations take a comparative view how much they on the Present State of the Portuguese are indebted to British, and foreign Army, as organised by Lieutenant-genecultivation, Biographical Sketches of ral Sir William Carr Beresford, K. B. many distinguished Fellows

of the Field Marshal and Commander in Chief Society will be interspersed throughout of that Army With an account of the work.

the different military establishments Mr. Boothroyd has just completed the and laws of Portugal, and a sketch of third part of Biblia Hebraica or Hebrew the campaigns of the last and present Bible in 4to. without points. The fourth year, during which the Portuguese army part which will complete the Pentateuch was brought into the field, against the is at press and may he expected in the enemy, for the first Time, as a regular course of the month.

force. By Andiew Halliday, M. D. Mr. Frey has also completed ihe Dr. Aikiu will speedily publish, in an second part of Vanderhooght's Hebrew octavo volume, the Lives of John Bible in 8vo. with points, and is going Seldon, Esq. and Abp. Usher, with on with the subsequent parts.


notices of the English literary characwork will not be advanced to subscri- ters with whom they were connected, bers though from its great expences it Mr. Nichols bas nearly completed his must be raised to non-subscribers after very laborious work on Leicestershire ; November 1.

also bis extended edition of Anecdotes In the press, in an 8vo. volume, of Bowyer, which will be in six octavo Lectures on the Pastoral Character. volumes. By the late George Campbell, D. D. A second volume of Dr. Brichan's F. R. S. Edin. Principal of Marischal Sermons, and a new edition of the first College, Aberdeen. Edited by James volume, may be expected by the end of Fraser, D. D. Minister of Drumoak, next month. Aberdeenshire.

Mr. James Gillman, Surgeon, HighSpeedily will be published, in 4to, gate, will shortly publish, An Essay on with a number of engravings. Travels, the Bite of a Rabid Animal; being the in Iceland, during the summer of the substance of an essay that received. a year 1810, with maps and other plates. prize from thc Royal College of SurThis work contains the observations

geons. made in that interesting island, by Sir Mr. John Thelwall, author of the George Mackenzie, Bart. Mr. Holland, Vestibule of Eloquence, will shortly and Mr. Bright. A preliminary dis- publish, in an 8vo. volume, Elements sertation on the history and literature of English Rhythmus; with an Analysis Price to subscribers i Os. 6d. SubscripA translation of Chateaubriand's tions are received by T. Williams, StaTravels in Greece, Palestine, Egypt, and tioners Court; Button, Baynes, HamilBarbary, in 1806-7 is printing in two ton, Paternoster Row; Black, Parry, 8vo volumes.

" The


of the Science and Practice of Elocu- of the Rev. Thomas Spencer, late of tion.

Liverpool, In one volume 12mo. price 3s. A Translation of Mad. de Genlis' Mr. Harwood, son of the late Rev. new work is preparing for the press ; Dr. Harwood, will shortly publish in the original is entitled, “ Histoire des Latin, a description of more than a hunFemmes Françaises les plus celebres, dred imedited Greek brass coins, most et de leur influence sur la Litterature of them lately acquired, with illustrations &c., and conta us anecdotes of the most and plates. distinguished French female writers, Guy's English School Grammar, in criticisms upon their works, &c.

which practical illustration is, in every Mr. Walker has set 10 music for step, blended with theory, by rules, exthree voices with a piano forte and flute amples, and exercises, will be ready for accompaniment, Montgomery's traps- sale, by the middle of October. lation of “Ranz des Vaches" or

Mr. Jefferson of Basingstoke, has in “ Swiss Cowherd's Song". It will be the press a Sermon occasioned by the published in a few days.

appearance of the Comet in our hemisEarly in next month will be pub- phere. lished a series of twenty-four etchings Proposals, we understand, are in cirin soft ground. By Mr. W. P. Sher- culation for publishing by subscription lock. After drawings by the follow- à volume of Sermons, by Mr. Styles. ing masters of the British School, D. The work is to consist of twenty-eight Cox, Rd. Frebairn, T. Girtin, S. Owen, 8vo. sheets of letter press, and will conW. Payne, N. Pocock, C. M. Powell, tain , about twenty-five sermons P. Sandy, R. A., I. Varley, Rd. Wil- interesting and important subjects. son, R. A., &c.

and Kingsbury, Leadenhall Street; and Mrs. Bitson has ready for the press, by the author, Brighton. Those who The Poetic Chain, consisting of miscel- wish to forward this work are requested laneous poems on familiar and interest- to send in their subscriptions as early ing subjects,

as possible. An edition of Jarvis' translation of Shortly will be published, in one Don Quixote is printing in a inanner volume: 1. “ Certayne notes of Into correspond with the British Novelists, struction concerning the making of verse edited by Barbauld.

or rymes.” By George Gascoigne, Esq. Selections froin the Portfolio of the Imprinted at London, by Henrie BinneLady Ursula, consisting of poenis, roan, Anno Domini 1575.-2. Ane Schort essays, &c. said to be the production Treatise, containing some reulis and of a late amiable viscountess, will cautelis to be obseruit and aschewit in shortly appear embellished with an Scottis Poesie. By king James the VI, elegant portrait.

of Scotland. Imprinted at Edinburgh, The long.expected edition of Tusser's by Thomas Vantrollier, 1584.-3. A Five Hundred Points of Good Husban- Discource of English Poetrie. Todry, will be published in the course of gether with the Author's judgment next month,

touching the reformation of our English The Projector, a periodical paper, verse: by William Webbe. Imprinted revised and corrected by the author, is at London, by John Charlemond, 1586, expected this month, in three 8vo. From the extreme rarity of these very volumes.

curious volumes, the present reprints of Mr. Parkes has in the press a new them published at a fifth of the price and improved edition of his Chemical which the old editions have produced, Catechism.

will, it is presumed, be considered an The Rev. C. Buck has in the press a acceptable service rendered to the cola work entitled Serious Enquiries or lectors of early English poetry. The text Important Questions relative to this throughout, is printed verbatim ; and world and that which is to come, to the addition of indexes, &c. renders the which are added Reflections on Mortality present edition more complete thau accasioned by the much lamented death the former.


Mr. George Barrett. of Petworth, Miscellaneous Classics, comprising the bas issued proposals for publishing by entire works of Pope, Swift, Sinollet, subscription a very extensive set of Addison, Goldsmith, Johnson, Sterne, Tables for determining the value of and Fielding, in sixty volumes duodeLife Annuities and Assurances: amongst cimo, to be ornamented with plates en-s which there is one table that will graved by the first American Artists. occupy the whole of a large quarto This work is now publishing by subscripvolume, for ascertaining the value of tion in Boston; on a fine vellum paper, an annuity on three joint lives for every at one dollar per volume. In extra possible conibination of age, and accord- boards, and hot-pressed, at one dollar ing to the Swedish observations. The and twenty-five cents. The two first author has beey employed twenty-five volumes have already made their apyears on the work; and its publication pearance, will depend on the success of the sub- Hopkins and Earl, Philadelphia, scription.

propose to publish by subscription, a systematic and practical Treatise of the

Doctrines of Divinity, intended to exM. Ch. Fr. Viel, architect, member plain some of the most essential articles of the Council of Public Works in the

of the Christian Faith. By the Rev. department of the Seine, and one of the

William C. Davis. To be comprised special committee appointed by the

in one vol. 8vo. containing nearly 600 minister of the Interior for the purpose

pages. of reporting on the plan proposed for

A History of the United States, by the dome of the Halle au Blé at Paris, Benjamin Trumbull, D. D). Proposals has published Dissertations on the Plans

are issued for publishing this new and received for the strengthening the

valuable work, being the first and only exterior wall of that Building against general History of the United States the pressure of the Circular Vaulted

ever published : it is written at the reRoof; preceded by general and particu- quest of the general association in Conlar principles of the construction of

necticut for the purpose of displaying Vaulted Roofs, of Peristy les, of Pedi

the divine agency in their settlement, ments, and supports of Doines.

its growth, and protection, especially The Beauties of English History, a

during the late revolutionary War; and work designed for the instruction of

will contain an accurate and faithful youth is published at Paris, and con

narration of the first Principal Dissists of accounts of the most interesting coveries of North America, its Settleand remarkable epochas, customs and

ment and subsequent Events which have manners, and famous battles from the transpired to the present time. On the commencement of the Monarchy to the reputation of the author as a scholar end of the reign of George II.

and historian, bis history of Connecti* M. J. R. Selves, has published a

cut, and his numerous other producwork entitled “ Destruction to Law

tions, are a sufficient coinment. It Suits,” intended to perfect civil process, will be comprised in three vols. 8vo. with an explanation on the origin and

of about five hundred pages each, of the the secret of trial by Jury.

size of the English edition, of Doctor M. Calvel has published an Essay on

Gordon's History of the Revolutionary the Cultivation of the Beet-root, parti. War. The first volume, the MSS. of cularly considered as to the Sugar which has been submitted to the critical extracted therefrom.

inspection, and received the decided apM. G. B. Depping has published the probation of the Rer. Doct. Durght, Prefirst two volumes of a general History

sident of Yale College, and the Honorable of Spain, from the earliest times to the

Jobn Trumbull, one of the Judges of the end of the eighteenth century; these

Superior Court in Connecticut, is at volumes contain, Spain under the Phe

press. nicians, Carthaginians, the Romans,

Proposals are issued for publishing the Roman Emperors, and the Gothic by subscription in four vols. 8vo, a Kings.

New Translation of the Sacred Serip. tures, the Old Testament from the

Septuagint, and the New from the most Messrs. Hastings, Etherige, and Bliss, correct Greek Text: with occasional have engaged in an edition of Select notes. By Charles Thompson, late


Secretary to the Congress of the United System of Universal Geography, &c. &c. States. The conditions are, that the ornamented with maps. work will be delivered to those who sub- Messrs. Mills and Day, New Haven, scribe before the first voluine is com- propose to publish by subscription an pleted, at eight dollars, for each copy. edition of the Hebrew Bible, without The first volume of this work is pub- points, from the text of Van Der lished.

Hooght, carefully correcting the few Thomas and Whipple of Newbury- typographical errors which occur by a port, and M. Carey of Philadelphia, comparison with the large Bible of propose to print by subscription, four Kennnicot. kinds of quarto Bibles, to be published A new edition of Lord Hale's Treatise at six, seven, ten, and twelve dollars, De Jure Maris, &c. and De Portibus to be handsomely printed on good Maris, with notes referring to late paper, and neatly and strongly bound decisions in the American Courts; in plain or elegant bindings, to be em- some of which have never been pub. bellished with from ten to twenty maps lished, by Daniel Davis, Solicitor and historical engravings.

General of Massachusetts, is in preE. and E. Hosmer, Albany, propose, paration for the press. by subscription, a work entitled the Mr. William Allen, Regent in the Testimony of Christ's second appearing ; University at Cambridge, has prepared containing a general statement of all and is about immediately to publisli, in things pertaining to the faith and prac- a handsome octavo volume of about 500 tice of the church of God in this latter pages ; an American Biographical and day. Published by order of the minis- Historical Dictionary, containing an try in union with the church,

account of the lives, characters, and A course of Lectures on Rhetoric and writings of the most eminent persons Oratory, delivered to the two senior in North America, from the first disclasses of Haward College by John Q. covery of the country to the present Adams, Esq. late professor of Rhetoric time, and a summary of the History of and Oratory in that seminary, one vol. the several colonies of the United States, 8vo, is in the press by Williarr. Stilliard, Bradford and Inokeep, Philadelphia, Cambridge.

are publishing by subscription in imThomas and Whipple, Newbury port, perial quarto, price 12 dollars each have in the press a new System of Modern volume, half bound in Morocco, on a Geography, or a general Discription of rich vellum paper, vol. 1. of American all the considerable Countries in the Ornithology, or the Natural History World; compiled from the latest of the Birds of the United States; European and American Geographies, comprehending those resident within Voyages, and Travels. Designed for our, territory, and those that migrate schools and Academies. By Elijah hither from other regions, among which Parish, D., D. Minister of Byfield Massa- are a great number of land and water chusetts. Author of a Compendious birds hitherto undescribed, &c. &c.

By Alexander Wilson.



ture. It is proved that the Vicuna can A historical, and descriptive accouut

be domesticated; and its introduction of the four species of Peruvian Sheep, is strongly recommended to cross with called Carneros de la Tierra : to which

our own sheep. By William Walton,

Jun. 8vo. 8s. are added, particulars respecting the domestication of the two wild species,

On the name and origin of the Merino, and the experiments hitherto made by

sheep, a historical essay. 8vo. 2s. the Spaniards, to cross their respective

A r port on the farming system of breeds, to 'improve their wools, &c.

Thomas Greg, Esq. at Colis, in Hert. Also a particular report on the different fordshire. 8vo. 2s. kinds of wool brought from South

Historical inquiries concerning forests, America ; their applicability to manu

and forest laws; with topographical racture; with general ideas of the dyes remarks upon the ancient and modern used by the Indians in their manufac

state of the New Forest in the County

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