** Gentlemen and Publishers who have works in the press, will oblige the

Conductors of the ECLECTIC Review, by sending information (post paid) of the subject, extent, and probable price of such works ; which they may depend upon being communicated to the public, if consistent with its plan.

Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Valpy take this public opportunity of observing that they have waved the publication of their Hebrew Bible, lately advertised, for the present. Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Valpy, are induced to relinquish the undertak ing, in consequence of the recent public cation of a similar work by the Rev. Mr. Frey, which is intended to embrace the same advantages, two parts of which are already published, and have been noticed with approbation in the Oct.No. of our Review,

Mr. Wilson, of Magdalen college, Oxford, has a volume of Poems in the press. The principal poem is entitled the Isle of Palms; and there are many descriptive of the scenery among the English lakes,

Mr. Wm. Tucker will shortly publish, in an octavo volume, the Elements of the History of Revolutinary Europe, with a large engraved chart.

Thomas Myers, M. A. of the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, will shortly publish an Introduction to Historical, Physical, and Political Geography, in an octavo volume, illustrated by eighteen quarto maps. * Mr. Saint, of Norwich, is about to publish Letters on the Necessity of Reform in the Studies at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, and on the Abuses in the public Military Institutions of the Country.

The Life of Prince Potemkin, field. marshal in the service of Russia, during the reign of Catherine II, compiled from authentic documents, is printing in an octavo volume.

Mr. Parkinson's third volume of the Organic remains of a former World, is ready for pnblication.

Mr. B. Travers' Inquiry concerning Injuries to the Canal of the Intestines, in an octavo volume, will shortly appear. "A correct and elegant edition in French of Madame de Stael's work. “De la Litterature Ancienne et Moderne,” which has been: suppressed on the continent, will be published in a few days,

with Memoirs of the Author's Life prefixed. In two volumes, small octavo.

The late Mr. Smeaton's Reports, Es. timates, and Treatises, on Canals, Navigable Rivers, Harbours, &c. with other Miscellaneous Papers, printed chiefly from his manuscripts, in three quarto volumes, are nearly ready for publication.

Edward Wakefield, esq. will shortly publish, in a quarto volume, the Present State of Ireland.

Shortly will be published, Northern Antiquities; or, Tracts, designed to il. lustrate the early History, Poetry, and Romance of the Nations of the North of Europe. In royal 4to, printed in the best Manner, by Ballantyne and Co. price 31. 3s. boards. : In the press, and speedily will be published, a new edition of Richardson's Essays on Shakespeare's Dramatic Charecters, enlarged and corrected.

Mr. T. Thomas, of Wareham, will shortly publish, the Analogies and Anomalies of the Hebrew Language consi. dered, particularly in relation to the Languages of Greece and Rome.

Robert Southey, esq. has nearly ready for publication, Omniana, in a duodecimo volume; also a second edition, in two duodecimo volumes, of the Curse of Kehama,

The Spicure No. 1. will be published on the First day of January next and continued monthly.

The third volume of the second and enlarged edition of Aiton's Hortus Kewensis, is nearly ready for publica. tion.

Mr. E, H. Barker, of Trinity College, Cambridge, will speedily publish, Cicero de Amicitia, et Senectute, from the text of Ernesti, with notes and remarks; and an Appendix, in which will be found some curious articles on the affinity of different languages to the Latin, including two Essays on the Origin and Extinction of the Latin tongue, communicated to the author by the Rev. R. Patrick, of Hull.

Mr. James Savage, will publish in

the course of next month, Observa. be found some pieces, by Dryden, Santions on the Varieties of Architecture, dys, Fanshawe, and other contemporary used in the structure of parish churches. Poets, discovered at Tixall, and never

The author of " The Battles of the before published. Danube and Barrosa," will shortly pub The second volume of the Medicolish a Poem, in two parts, entitled The Chirurgical Transactions, is nearly ready Conflict of Albuera, without notes, price for publication. 58.

The fourth volume (containing IreMr. Shulher, is preparing for the land) of the Biographical Peerage of press, the Triumphs of Learning, a the United Kingdom, is in a state of forPoem.

wardness. Mr. C. Bradley, of Wallingford, has Mr. Maddock, has in the press, in a in the press an edition of Phædrus, quarto volume, the Life of Lord Chanwith English notes, for the use of cellor Somers, including Remarks on the schools. The objectionable fables are Public Affairs of his Time and the Bill omitted.

of Rights, with a commentary. Mr, Thomas Todd, of St. Martin's Mr. Allan Burns, of Glasgow, will lane, announces a New History or Dic soon publish, in an octavo volume, Obtionary of Engravers, who have prac servations on the Surgical Anatomy of tised the art in its different branches, the Head and Neck, illustrated by nuin wood, metal, or other substances, merous cases and engravings. from its appearance in the fifteenth cen Sir R. Philips, intends to publish, a tury to the present time.

new periodical work under the title of Shortly will be published, Tixall Poe- the Spirit of Literature, on the plan of try; from Originals in the Possession the Supplemental Numbers of the of, and accompanied with Notes, Illus- Monthly Magazine, but independent of, trations, and an Introduction, by Ar- and unconnected with that work. thur Clifford, esq. Editor of the State Mr. J. M. Flindall, Bookseller of Papers and Letters of Sir Ralph Sadler, Lambeth Marsh, has in a state of forIn demy and royal 4to, printed in the wardness, a Catalogue of Scarce and best Manner, by Ballantyne and Co. Rare English Portraits, and of Books with Engravings. This volume will containing such Portraits, chiefly comcontain a number of original Poems, piled from the more bulky volumes of chiefly composed by individuals Bromley and Grainger; and, for the of the Aston Family (for many convenience of collectors, it is printed centuries resident at Tixall, near Staf- in a pocket size. Subjoined are notes ford) during the early part of the 17th by the compiler, who has for several century. A few vriginal Letters will years employed his leisure hours in this be added, which throw some light on task. the Poems ; and in the Appendix will


CLASSICAL LITERATURE. A general view of the Agriculture of Bibliotheca Classica Selecta: a CaAberdeenshire, drawn up under the di- talogue of a valuable and useful col. rection of the Board of Agriculture. By lection of Greek and Latin Classics, G. S. Keith, D. D. 8vo. 15s.

Lexicons, Biblical Literature, &c. &c. A Treatise on the breeding of Swine Several on large paper, and in morocco and curing of Bacon; with hints on and russia leather bindings. They are otber Agricultural Subjects. By R. An- now on sale, with the prices affixed, at derson, 8vo. 58.

Lunn's Classical Library, Soho-square

gratis. ASTRONOMY.

EDUCATION, A set of Astronomical Tables, for the Years 1780, 1781, 1782, 1783, for the A Vindication of Dr. Bell's System of use of those who study. Elementary Tuition, in a Series of Letters. By Philosophy, or Astrology. By Thomas Herbert Marsh, D.D.F.R.S. Margaret White, Vol. 1. 12ino. 8s. Or each Professor of Divinity in the University Year separate, Price 2s.

of Cambridge. 8vo. 18.

Maxims and Directions for Youth, on

MILITARY AFFAIRS. a variety of important and interesting The excellence of the British Military Subjects, calculated for private Families

Code, and the expediency of a strict atand Schools. By the Rev. J. Thornton, tention to the details of its administra18mo. Is. 3d.

tion. 8s. Lessons, Astronomical and Philoso.

MISCELLANEOUS. phical, for the Amusement and Instruction of British Youth : being an at

Histoire des Femmes Franaises, les tempt to explain and account for the

plus celebres, et de leur Influence sur

la Litterature, &c. Par Mad. De Genlis. most usual appearances in nature in a

2 Vol. 12mo, 10s. familiar manner, from established principles. The whole interspersed with mo

The Dairyman's Daughter ; an aural reflections. By Olinthus Gregory,

thentic and interesting Narrative, in LL. D. of the Royal Military Academy,

five Parts. 6d. Woolwich. The fourth edition, much

Patriarchal Times, or the Land of enlarged and improved. 12mo. 5s.

Capaan. A figurative History, in seven Barrow's five hundred questions on

books. By Miss O'Keefe. 2 rols. 10s. the New Testament, for the Use of all

Londina Illus' rata, Number X. Con. Schools in which the Christian Religion

taining, 1. A large View of the Great

Fire of London, in 1666, engraved from is taught. Is. Adair's five hundred questions on

an original Picture.--2. The Theatre Goldsmith's History of England, for the

Royal, Drury-lane, with a Ground-plan Use of Schools. 1s.

of the Structure.-3. View of the ConA New Elementary Grammar of the

flagration of Drury-lane Theatre, taken English Language. By J.Fenwick, 12mo.

from Westminster Bridge ; and à Vig9s. 6d.

nette, exhibiting the Roins from Transactions of the Geological Socie.

Brydges-street. The printed Descrip.

tions are of Somerset-house, Howell's ty. Vol. 1. 4to. 21.

View of London, Whitehall and St.

James's Palaces, both from Drawings by RISTORY.

Hollar. 8s. · The Lives of the Twelve Cæsars. By The Projector; a Periodical Paper, Elisa Rogers, with an Atlas, containing originally published in Monthly Num. Ten Maps; (seven finely coloured.) 5 bers, from January 1802, to November Vol. 8vo. 31. 13s.6d. boards.

1809; revised and corrected by the au. A Sketch of the principal Events in thor, 3 Vol. 8vo. 11. 7s. English History. By William Fell, 12mo.

The Modern Domestic Brewer, in two 3's. 6d,

parts. 1. Preliminary Discourse and

Observations on Water, Malt, and Hops; MATHEMATICS.

together with a dissertation on the four

quarters of the Year, as they relate to A compendious and practical Treatise

Brewing.-2. The most approved meon the Construction, Properties, and

thod of brewing Malt Liquors, with ObAnalogies, of the Three Conic Sections.

servations on the Use of the ThermoBy the Rev. B. Bridge. B. D. '8yo. 5s.

meter, and all other matters relating to Mathematical Lectures. By the Rev.

Brewery. By G. Cooper, 1s. 6d. B. Bridge, 2 vols. 8vo. 15s.

A Selection of Articles from the Gen

tleman's Magazine. Vol. IV. 8vo. MEDICINE,

145. Essays on the Changes of the Human

An, Abridgement of Locke's Essay, Body, at its different Ages; the Dis concerning Human Understanding. By eases to which it is predisposed in each Louisa Capper, 4to. ll. Period of Life ; and the physiological A collection of scarce and valuable Principles of its Longevity. The whole .

Tracts on the most interesting and enterillustrated by many Analogies in Plants taining Subjects; selected from various and Animals. By Thomas Jameson,

public and private libraries, particularly M. D. Member of the Colleges of Phy that of the late Lord Sumers. Revised, sicians in London and Edinburgh, and

augmented, and arranged. By W. Scott, resident Physician at Cheltenham. 8vo. esq. Vol. VI. 4to. 31, 3s. 9s.

Advice to all who bathe for Amusement, Health, or who are desirous of acquiring the Art of Swimming. By W. uct of the Past and Present AdminisH. Mallison, 6d.

trations of the American Government,

toward Great Britain and France. By NAVI GATION.

Colonel Timothy Pickering, Formerly Directions for Sailing to and from the Secretary of State to the Government of East Indies, China, New Holland, Cape the United States. Svo, 5s, stitched. . of Good Hope, and the interjacent parts. By J. Hasburgh, F. R. S. Part 1.

THEOLOGY. 4to. 21. 5s.

Remarks on Two Particulars in a Re

futation of Calvinism, &c. By a Friend, POETRY, lus!

is to the Principles of thạt Work. 8vo. Poems. By Lieut. Charles Grày, of 26. 6d. : ' · the Royal Marines, foolscap, 8vo. 6s. and The Advantages of Early Piety unpost 8vo. 10s. 60.. ..

folded and displayed, in a Series of plain Poems and Letters. By the late W. Discourses addressed; to Young PeoplesJ. Roberts, with some account of his By the Rey, J. Thornton, Author of the, Life, 8vo. 10s. 6d. "

Christian's Consolation, 1200.-3s, 6d. The Capital; a 'satirical and senti- Sketches of sentiment on several im-, mental poem, dedicated to the 'Earl of portant Theological Subjects... By J. . Stanhope. 2o. 6d.

Vir Clarke, 12mo. 55. Carlton House Fête ; or the - Disap The Life and Death of the ever-bles.' . pointed Bard, in a series of Elegiés; to sed, Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the which is added, Curiosity in Rags, an World. By Jeremy Taylor, D.D. 2 Vols. Élegy. By P. Pindar, ēsq. 2s. 60.. 11. 45. a new edition.

The Regent's Fête; or the Prince The Connection between the Simpliand his Country. By E. Fitzgerald, city of the Gospel and the leading Prin

ciples of the Protestant cause: A Ser

mon preached July 10,1811, at George's POLITICAL ECONOMY.

Meeting-house, Exeter, before the SoThe Substance of a Speech delivered ciety of Unitarian Christians established by Lord Viscount Castlereagh, in the

in the West of England, for promoting House of Commons, on the second read.

Christian Knowledge and the Practice ing of Earl Stanhope's bill. 2s.

of Virtue, by the distribution of books. A brief Statement of the Origin and By John Kentish, 8vo. 18.; :

' Advantages of the New Western Road.

Four Sermons preached in London, 1s.

May 8, 9, 10, '1811 ; at the Seventeenth Money, what it is, its Value, &c. in

General Meeting of the Missionary So. reference to Bank of England Notes,

ciety. 33. and any valuable circulating medium.

A Selection of Psalms and several By N. Cooke, esq. 1s. . ,

Hymns, for the Use of the Established The Speech of Mr. Johnstone on the Church. 2s. third reading of the Bill, commonly An Exposition of such of the prophecalled Lord Stanhope's Bill, July 19,

cies of Daniel as receive their accom1811. 2s. Bd.

plishment under the New Testament, by
Substance of the Speech delivered in the låtė Rev. M. F. Roos, A. M. Trans-
the House of Commons, by the Right lated from the German by E. Hender-
Hon. G. Rose, May 1811, on the Reo son, 8vo. 78.
nort of the Bullion Committee. 3s. 6d.


A Journal of a Tour in Iceland, in the
An Address to the People of the Summer of 1809. By William Jackson
United States. By the Hon. R. Smith, Hooker, F. L. S. and Member of the
1s. 60.

Wernerian Society of Edinburgh, 10%
Letters addressed to the People of the 6d.
United States of America, on the Con-

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[merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small]

The Title Page and Contents of Vol. VII, Part II. and the General-Index, will

be found in the Number for January, 1812.


Abu Taleb, travels of, in Asia, Africa, and tions on the authority of the narrative,

Europe, 72; remarks of a remote stran 222, 226
ger, unless of extraordinary endowinents, Aquitani, distinguished by Strabo from the
amusing rather than instructive, 73-4; Gallic Celtæ and the Belgæ, 111
Abu Taleb's history of his descent, &c. Arabians, historical reflections on the, 353
75, 6; engages a passage to England, 77; Arches, Gwilt's treatise on, 530
is detained at the Cape of Good Hope, ib.; Art, Shee's elements of, 612 ; exaggerated
account of the morals of Cape Town, 78; estimate of the importance of,613; extracts
wonderful adventure of an English captain, from the poem, &c. 613, 618
79; arrives in Ireland, where he is hos Asia, Buchanan's Christian researches in,
pitably received, 81; character of the 599; translations of the Scriptures, 570,
Irish, ib.; confuses an angel' by tea table 576; Dr. B.'s mode of allusion to the
repartee, 80; praises the virtues of a Baptist missionaries, 577-8; religious
cold climate, 82; proceeds to London,83; condition of the Hindoos, 576; series of
enumerates twelve national vices, ib.; descriptions respecting the temple of
returns through France, &c.

Jaggernaut, 576, 583; this horrible ido- -
Acid Oxymuriatic, researches on its nature latry a source of revenue to the British go-
and combinatious, 227

vernment, 583; reflections on this shameful
Addison, remarks on the humour of, 799 patronage,726-8; a congregation of Hindoo
African institution, fifth report of the di Christians, 730-1; state of Christianity in

rectors of the, 987; efforts made to carry Ceylon, and the Malayan Archipelago,
the abolition act into effect, 989-1000 : 732-4; Syrian Christians at Malabar,
recent decisions in the prize courts, 990,2, 734-36; inquisition at Goa, 736
3, 5, &c.; horrible cruelty of Huggins, Assessments on places of Worship, when
a planter, 1001

exigible, 1139
Aged, Brewster's meditations for the, 84;
Lawson's sermons to the, 611

Banks of the Wye, Bloomfield's poem of the,
Agricultural mechanism, Williamson's, 237 1 103; character of Mr. Bloomfield's
Algebra, Bridge's lectures on the elements poetry, 1103; Farmer's Buy and Rural

of, 153; their merits and general con Tales, 1104-5; extracts from the Banks of
tents, 153-4; theorem on the subject of po the Wye, 1106-10
pulation, 155-7

Beddoes, Dr. Stock's life of, 491; estimate
America, Pike's travels in. See North Ame of the character and speculations of Dr.

Beddoes, 491-3, 504-5; outline of his life,
Angelo Michael-poetical estimate of his pro. 495-503

fessional character. 616; Duppa's, life of, Bible society, British and Foreign, review of
1083; biographical sketch of, 1084-1091; the controversy respecting the, 59.257;.
professional estimate of, by Mr. Fuseli, 1092; history of its origin and formation, 61-62;
extracts from his poetry and letters, statement of facts regarding the Welsh

bibles, 62-67; account of the Society's
Angles, solid, Dr. Gregory's simple and proceedings--number of bibles printed and
beautiful theory of, 968-70

issued, and in what languages-pecunia.
Animals luminous, observations on, 224 ry suppliesmand testimonies in proof of
Antiquities of nations. "See Pezron

its excellence, 68-71; remarks on a coun-
Aphoristical writing, remarks on, 145

try clergyman's letter and second lettera
Apollonius of Tyana, Berwick's translation Dr. Wordsworth's letter to Lord Teign-

of the life of, from the Greek of Philos mouth-Lord Teignmouth's reply to Dr.
tratus, 215; probable design of the work, W.; Mr. Dealtry's letter-letter to Dr.
215-6; abstract of the life of Apollonius, Gaskin--and the productions of Messrs.
316-222 ; character of Damis, 217, 224 ; Spry and Sykes, 257, 260; objections to
method of taming a satyt, 221; considera. the British and Foreign Bible Ssociety diso

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