The curate of Wildmere, 第 1 巻


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201 ページ - She, who ne'er answers till a husband cools, Or, if she rules him, never shows she rules; Charms by accepting, by submitting sways, Yet has her humour most, when she obeys...
238 ページ - ... Quentin. Nigel's wonderful concert, about which she and Len had dreamed so many dreams, had faded into the background of her thoughts, driven out by her sleepless, bruising anxiety for her lover. It was over a fortnight since he had written. She had before her his last letter, in which he said: " I will write again in a day or two, and tell you the exact date of my return.
14 ページ - Alice had the misfortune to lose both her father and mother, within a few months of each other.
48 ページ - He was a young man of about five and twenty, who had...
319 ページ - Very ill, sir, thank you. It is very good of you to come and see me to-night.
335 ページ - ... the depth of a mother's love — the bitterness of a mother's grief. But hush ! there is his step — Oh ! Heaven support me!