Money and Its Relations to Prices: Being an Inquiry Into the Causes, Measurements, and Effects of Changes in General Prices

S. Sonnenschein & Company, limited, 1896 - 200 ページ

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69 ページ - I should say, has already a most powerfully beneficial effect. It loosens the country, as nothing else could, from its old bonds of debt and habit. It throws increased rewards before all who are making and acquiring wealth, somewhat at the expense of those who are enjoying acquired wealth. It excites the active and skilful classes of the community to new exertions...
12 ページ - Labour alone, therefore, never varying in its own value, is alone the ultimate and real standard by which the value of all commodities can at all times and places be estimated and compared.
71 ページ - The discovery of America, and that of a passage to the East Indies by the Cape of Good Hope...
15 ページ - Transactions for 1798 (part i, p. 176), it was proposed, more than thirty years ago, -to correct the legal standard of value (or at least, to afford to individuals the means of ascertaining its errors), by the periodical publication of an authentic price current, containing a list of a large number of articles in general use, arranged in quantities corresponding to their relative consumption...
14 ページ - Chronicon Preciosum: or, an Account of English Gold and Silver Money; the Price of Corn and other Commodities; and of Stipends, Salaries, Wages, Jointures, Portions, Day-labour etc.
97 ページ - But notwithstanding this conclusion which must be allowed just, it is certain that since the discovery of the mines in America, industry has increased in all the nations of Europe, except in the possessors of those mines; and this may justly be ascribed, amongst other reasons, to the increase of gold and silver.
14 ページ - ... and to see how much of the modern money will be requisite to purchase the same quantity of corn, meat, drink, or cloth, nowadays. To this end, you must neither take a very dear year, to your prejudice, nor a very cheap one, in your own favour, nor indeed any single year, to be your rule ; but you must take the price of every particular commodity, for as many years as you can (20, if you have them) and put them all together ; and then find out the common price ; and afterwards take the same course...
72 ページ - What those adventurers were reported to have found, however, was sufficient to inflame the avidity of all their countrymen. Every Spaniard who sailed to America expected to find an Eldorado. Fortune too did upon this what she has done upon very few other occasions. She realized in...
73 ページ - The discovery of the abundant mines of America, seems to have been the sole cause of this diminution in the value of silver, in proportion to that of corn. It is accounted for, accordingly, in the same manner by everybody ; and there never has been any dispute, either about the fact, or about the cause of it.
103 ページ - we have the fullest warrant for concluding that any partial inconvenience that might arise from the effect of the American supplies of the sixteenth century in raising prices, was compensated and repaid a hundredfold by the activity, the expansion, and vigour which they impressed for more than one generation upon every enterprise, and every act which dignifies human life, or increases human happiness.