The Depreciation of the Paper Currency of Great Britain Proved

Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1812 - 196 ページ

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190 ページ - House: and he read the report in his place, and afterwards delivered it in at the clerk's table; where the same was read, and is, as followeth; viz.
43 ページ - ... hands are safe, the operation is so far, and in this its first step, useful and productive to the public. But as soon as the portion of circulating medium in which the advance was thus made performs in the hands of him to whom it was advanced this its first operation as capital, as soon as the notes...
106 ページ - The banks, however, by refusing in this manner to give more credit to those, to whom they had already given a great deal too much, took the only method by which it was now possible to save either their own credit, or the public credit of the country.
195 ページ - Your Committee, having further examined the Governor and Deputy Governor, as to what may be meant by the political circumstances mentioned in that resolution, find, that they understand by them, the state of hostility in which the nation is still involved, and particularly such apprehensions as may be entertained of invasion, either in Ireland or...
43 ページ - Merchants in the shape of discount, becomes an addition also to the mass of circulating medium. In the first instance, when the advance is made by notes paid in discount of a bill, it is undoubtedly so much capital, so .much...
111 ページ - Committee : which he read in his place, and afterwards delivered the same in at the Clerk's table; where the same was read: and, upon the Question, agreed; and is as followeth : viz.
173 ページ - Treasury, ordered their receivers of taxes to take them at no more than 27«. 6d. Afterwards many gentlemen in the west sent up to the treasury a petition, that the receivers might take them again at 28«. and promised to get returns for this money at that rate ; alledging, that when they went at 28«.
73 ページ - Lycurgus, whatever in itself possesses an embodied form, and an intrinsic value, must, as a material commodity, be subject to variation, under the universal principle of the relative proportions of product and demand. And paradoxical as it may seem in theory, it is nevertheless most incontcoverdbly true in practice that it is this very attribute of intrinsicality which necessarily imposes the quality of variation.
108 ページ - ... rise much whilst such high taxes continue upon it, and whilst there are so great advantages to be made by lending money to the publick. The Bank gives money for tallies on funds, having a credit of loan by act of parliament, and which are payable in two years time, for the growing interest only, without any other allowance...
73 ページ - Observations on the Fallacy of the supposed Depreciation of the Paper Currency of this Kingdom, with Reasons for dissenting from the Report of the Bullion Committee.