An accent very low
In blandishment, but a most silver flow

Of subtle-paced counsel in distress,
Right to the heart and brain though undescried,

Winning its way with extreme gentleness
Through all the outworks of suspicious pride.



When the heart-sick Earth
Turns her broad back upon the gaudy Sun,
And stoops her weary forehead to the night
To struggle with her sorrow all alone,
The Moon, that patient sufferer, pale with pain,
Presses her cold lips on her sister's brow
Till she is calm,



COME, paint me earthly grandeur. So he dipp'd
His pencil in the gorgeous sunset hues,
And on the canvass soon there shone and glow'd
A regal figure, dazzling to behold;
But, while I gazed, it faded from my view;
A cloud, like that of night, came over it
And left nought but a black, unsightly blot.
Now paint me Heavenly grandeur. Straight he turn'd
Unto the east, with rosy light suffused,
And with its rays he limn'd a radiant form
Clothed in celestial splendours mild yet bright;
It dazzled not, but had a glory far
Above all earthly glories, and the soul
Believed in its eternity, and worshipp'd.

Old Play.

As BEAUTIFUL POETRY is a good medium for Advertisements, and as only a few can be inserted, the following will be the Scale of Charges :

S. d.
Under 40 words ................. 5 0

For every 10 words above 40...... 0 9 Advertisements should be sent to the Office by the 20th of the month.


at Rugby, in MADAME BERARD'S ESTABLISHMENT (which offers all the comforts of an English home), for a select number of YOUNG LADIES. The family is Parisian. German and English Governesses reside in the house. The course of Studies embraces all the essential branches of a sound Education, including English and Foreign Literature. The best Instruction to be had in Singing, Piano, Italian, Drawing, and Dancing. Terms moderate. Refer. ences may be made to the Ven. Archdeacon of Coventry; Warden of the Queen's College, Birmingham; the Rev. J. Moultrie, Rector of Rugby; the Very Rev. Dean of Carlisle; the Rev. Dr. Kennedy, Head Master of the Shrewsbury School; the Rev. Dr. Marsh, late of Leamington; the Rev. Derwent Coleridge, Principal of St. Mark's Coilege, Chelsea ; and the Rev. F. Chalmers, Rector of Beckenham, Kent, and Chaplain to the Earl of Carnwath.

Address, Bilton-road, Rugby.

NOVERNESS.—A LADY who has resided in

France is desirous of obtaining a re-engagement as GOVERNESS. She is competent to instruct in Music, Singing, Drawing, Flower-painting, French, and Italian, with the general routine of an English Education. Would have no objection to go abroad.

Address (prepaid), “S.R.L.” Grove-cottage, Hardwick, near Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

A LLISON and ALLISON beg to solicitan

inspection of their STOCK of PIANOFORTES, manufactured after the most approved designs of modern and antique furnitnre, in Spanish mahogany, rosewood, French walnut-tree, &c., from 25 Guineas upwards, at their warerooms, 75, Dean-street, Soho, and Chappells, 50, New Bond-street. No connexion with any other House of the same name.


PAINTING, addressed to the Amateur and Student. Illustrated by Eight Plates from the designs of Mr. Henry Warren, and Mr. Edward Corbould, Members of the New Water-Colour Society, developing in their Four Progressive Stages the principles of Figure and Landscape Painting. Printed in Colours by Owen Jones. Price 21s.

A TREATISE on LANDSCAPE PAINTING in OIL COLOURS, addressed to the Amateur and Student, developing in their Progressive Stages the principles of Landscape Painting. Price 55. London : MILLER and Co., 56, Long Acre; and ACKERMANN & Co., 96, Strand.

U title it is proposed to publish, in Monthly Numbers, price 6d, each, with coloured Plates and numerous Woodcuts, uniform with “ Favourite Field Flowers," "Flowers from Foreign Lands," &c., a series of Ornithological Sketches. No. I. published January 1, contains HUMMING BIRDS; their Natural History, including an Account of their Structure, Habits, Nidification, &c., &c. Edited from the Manuscript of the late JOHN COTTON, Esq., by ROBERT TYAS, B.A., F.R.B.S. The Plates drawn and coloured by James Andrews.


Just published, price 2s. 6d. Second Edition, THE ENDSLEIGH POLKA. Composed and

i respectfully dedicated (by express permission) to her Grace the Duchess of Bedford, by JOHN T. GRIBBELL, Tavistock. To be had of ADDISON and HOLLIER, 210, Regent-street; all respectable

Music-sellers; and the Author. “It is one of the best Polkas that has come under our notice; it ought to become a great favourite, for it is well arranged, and speaks well for the composer's knowledge of music.”—Plymouth Journal, November 25, 1852.

For Five Shillings, originally Two Guineas. THE SCENERY of FRANCE.-FIFTY LARGE

1 and BEAUTIFUL VIEWS by Heath, Finden, &c., Scenery of Italy, 58.; Switzerland, 58.; Germany, 58.; The Rhine, 58.; each Series comprising Fifty large and beautiful Views. 100 Engravings from the Annuals, 58., or 200, 8s. 60.; Heath's Comic Album of 500 Humorous Etchings, 5s. All sent free on receipt of Fost-office Order.

JAMES REYNOLDS, Publisher, 174, Strand.

Just published, 12mo. price 3s. 6d. bound. TWING'S PRINCIPLES OF ELOCUTION; 1 thoroughly Revised and greatly Improved by F. B. CALVERT, A.M. of the New College, Edinburgh, and the Edinburgh Academy.

In order to give freshness and interest to this popular work, numerous extracts have been expunged, and replaced by others of equal or superior merit; and specimens are introduced of the distinguishing styles of Jeremy Taylor, South, Barrow, Chalmers, Robert Hall, Foster and others.

* The work is without a rival in its own department in the whole range of school books.”- Britannia, Oct. 30, 1852.



This day, with Frontispiece, &c., price 7s. 6d. in cloth antique, VE COLLOQUIES OF EDWARD OSBORNE,

Citizen and Cloth-Worker of London. “For truthful painting, exquisite touches of feeling, of quaininess, and of beauty-for power of delineating variety and distinction of character-and for sustaining interest without departing from nature and simplicity, this volume has probably, in its way, no superior.”--Church and State Gazette.

Recently published. YE HOUSEHOLD OF SIR THOMAS MORE, Libellus a Margareta More, quindecim annos nata, Chelsiæ inceptus. Second edition, with portrait, &c.

QUEENE PHILLIPPA'S GOLDEN BOOKE. Handsomely bound and gilt, with illuminations.

YE MAIDEN AND MARRIED LIFE OF MARY POWELL, afterwards Mistress Milton. New edition, with Portrait.

ARTHUR HALL, VIRTUE & Co., 25, Paternoster-row.

[blocks in formation]


Ode to a Nightingale ....KEATS 57 | The Death Bed .......... Hood 73
Beauty........ ........ MOORE 60 The Dream of Love............
Genevieve .......... COLERIDGE 61

A Starlight Winter Night. BYRON 64 Prayer .... JAMES MONTGOMERY 74
Come Home..............ANON. 65 The Pale Image .... ALLINGHAM 75
To the Humble Bee .... EMERSON 66 Blind Mary.............. DAVIS 76
To my Love ........ SHAKSPERE 67 Evening ............ REYNOLDS 77
The Beleaguered City ..........

The Alpine Flowers.. SIGOURNEY 78
LONGFELLOW 68 England s Dead .. Mrs. HEMANS 79
A Summer Morning...... MILLER 69 The Weaver's Song...........
I wandered lonely.. WORDSWORTH 71

Hyınn of the City ...... BRYANT 72 BRILLIANTS ....... ....... 82

This work is designed to form a collection of the choicest Poetry in the English language. Nothing but what is really good will be admitted. No original poetry will find a place.

I minn




"R. A.” — There is not sufficient originality in the “ Ode to Knowledge.” Its thoughts are thoroughly commonplace.

“D. M. WEST, (Glasgow.)”—Thanks for the “ Brilliants;" they are such, and will be inserted. We shall be glad of more. Please to write all contributions plainly, and on one side of the paper only.

“R. J. L.”- Although “A Word of Cheer” is not quite within our scheme, we shall be glad to receive others.

" AMATOR POESIS.”—“The Last Plague” is, certainly, not beautiful. The two “ Brilliants" are wise sayings, but not poetry. Our correspondent has fallen into the very common error of mistaking a good moral sentiment in verse for good poetry.

“MIDAS” will see that we have already used some of his welcome inclosures.

“ G.,” “ JUVENIS,” “Rev. E. M.,” “ A LOVER OF Poetry,” “VIATOR."— Thanks to all for the contributions forwarded. Many of them will have a place.

“A SUBSCRIBER."—We will endeavour to adopt his suggestion in future.

A CORRESPONDENT" informs us that the poem “A Mother to her Child,” attributed to Wordsworth, was written by his sister, although published among his works, and that the “Lines to the Redbreast," of which Keble is stated to be the author, were by a friend of his.

To Readers.

Number IV. will be published on the 1st of March.
Part I., price 18. sewn in a cover, will be published on the same day.

The success of Beautiful Poetry has far exceeded any expectation we had formed of it, and the universal approval of the selections is very gratifying.

No. II. of Wit and Humour will be published on the 1st of March.

Beautiful Poetry may be hud by order of all Booksellers, in Numbers at 3d., or Parts at 1s. It will also be sent direct from the office, stamped to pass free by post, to any person prepaying for not less than twelve nuinbers, 3s. 6d., which may be transmitted in postage stamps.

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