Imagining Culture: Essays in Early Modern History and Literature

Jonathan Locke Hart
Psychology Press, 1996 - 262 ページ
This book of original essays explores three important areas in comparative literature and history and in cultural studies: the boundaries between history and fiction; women as writers and subjects; and the connection between the early modern, modern and postmodern. New history and new literary studies look at innovative ways to see past cultures in a new light. Traditional methods are used to new ends and writers who are familiar within their cultures are translated to other cultures. This study promotes an expanded understanding of our cultural artifacts in a rapidly changing present. It discusses English-speaking culture in the early modern period in the context of other European cultures and relates Europe to other parts of the world, most notably America. After grounding the discussion of culture in history, identity, dialogue as a genre that crosses the boundaries between philosophy and fiction, the rhetoric of prefaces to historical collections, cosmographies and histories that share something with the techniques of literary and forensic rhetoric, the book proceeds to discuss two central issues in cultural studies today: gender and postmodernity. The final section of the book provides a general assessment through early modern texts of modernity and postmodernity.


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Crossing Boundaries
History and Anthropology and the History
The Emergence of the Paradoxical Self
Sperone Speroni and the Labyrinthine
Pour une poétique de la nouvelle

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