An Enquiry Into the Nature, Causes, and Cure of Hydrothorax: Illustrated by Interesting Cases, and Many Living Examples of the Success of the Mode of Treatment Recommended

Burkitt, 1810 - 519 ページ

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287 ページ - O gentle Sleep, Nature's soft nurse, how have I frighted thee, That thou no more wilt weigh my eyelids down. And steep my senses in forgetfulness...
287 ページ - Wilt thou upon the high and giddy mast Seal up the ship-boy's eyes, and rock his brains In cradle of the rude imperious surge ; And in the visitation of the winds, "Who take the ruffian billows by the top, Curling their monstrous heads, and hanging them With deaf'ning clamours in the slippery clouds, That, with the hurly * death itself awakes...
287 ページ - Let me have men about me that are fat ; Sleek -headed men, and such as sleep o' nights : Yond' Cassius has a lean and hungry look ; He thinks too much : such men are dangerous.
294 ページ - ... so far improved, that he could carry a quarter of a ton weight; which weight he in vain attempted to carry when he was" about tHe age of thirty years.
253 ページ - On the contrary, if the pulse be feeble or intermitting, the countenance pale, the lips livid, the skin cold, the swollen belly soft and fluctuating, or the anasarcous limbs readily pitting under the pressure of the finger, we may expect the diuretic effects to follow in a kindly manner.
295 ページ - ... pudding of sufficient consistence to be cut with a knife. Of this his quantity used to be one pound and a half at four or five o'clock in the morning, as his breakfast, and the same at noon, as his dinner ; after which he abstained from food until the next day. But having grown fatter under...
294 ページ - ... carry a quarter of a ton weight, which weight he in vain attempted to carry when he was about the age of thirty years. His voice, which was entirely lost for several years, is now become clear and strong.
14 ページ - In 67 months she was tapped 66 times : Had taken away 240 gallons of water, Without ever repining at her case, Or ever fearing the operation.
300 ページ - His father having resigned the office of keeper of the prison, Mr. Lambert succeeded to the situation. It was within a year after this appointment that his bulk received the greatest and most rapid increase. This he attributed to the confinement and sedentary life to which he was now obliged to submit, which produced an effect so much the more striking, as from his attachment to sporting, he had previously been in the 'habit of taking a great deal of exercise. Though he never possessed any extraordinary...
67 ページ - Those who have dissected or inspected many bodies have at least learned to doubt, when others, who are ignorant of anatomy and do not take the trouble to attend to it, are in no doubt at all.