Ludus Patronymicus: Or, The Etymology of Curious Surnames

Trübner & Company, 1868 - 166 ページ

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82 ページ - At Preston, before the passing of the Reform Bill in 1832, every person who had a cottage with a chimney, and used the latter, had a vote, and was called a smoker.
76 ページ - Surnames" : To the Memory of A. Shurt, " The Father of American Conveyancing ;" Whose name is associated alike with My Daily Toilet and my Daily Occupation.
xvi ページ - Patronymica Britannica ; a dictionary of the family names of the United Kingdom. 443p.i por.Q. Lond. 1860. John Russell Smith 253. 929.4 qLgs Hozier, Louis Pierre d' & Hozier de Serigny, Antoine Marie d'.
80 ページ - Slack, slak, slake, an opening in the higher part of a hill or mountain, where it becomes less steep, and forms a sort of pass ; a gap or narrow pass between two hills or mountains.
37 ページ - Records, he lias the alias of JOSEPH GALLON, — that having been his popular name. PLAMBOECK, in some of our conveyances, became PLUMBACK. These are names in a transition state. So likewise a Spanish boy, having the Christian name of BENITO, pronounced Beneeto, who shipped with Юr.
19 ページ - COLLEUGE.— -These names have no reference to a University. Lower says, in the north of England any court or group of cottages having a common entrance from the street is called a college. The last syllable however may be from ledge, a ridge of rocks near the surface of the sea. Cf. Cumberledge, Routledge, &c." Of course they have nothing to do with " a University," and it is mere inaccuracy to imagine any such thing.
18 ページ - Coffee I take to be the same as Coifi, the name of a converted heathen priest who, on the reception of Christianity by the people of Northumbria, undertook the demolition of the ancient fanes. It has been asserted that this is not an Anglo-Saxon but a Cymric name, and that it denotes in Welsh a Druid, but Mr. Kemble has shown that it is an adjective formed from cuf, strenuous, and means the bold or active one.
75 ページ - It occurs in Nominale MS. PISTER. To whisper. Exmoor. PISTOL. A swaggering fellow. Perhaps from pistdlfo, explained by Florio, " a roguing begger, a cantler, an upright man that liveth by cosenage.
5 ページ - Barnakal was a surname, or a nickname, given to a celebrated Norwegian pirate, named Olver, who, setting his face against the then fashionable amusement of tossing children on spears, was christened by his companions, to show their sense of his odd scruples, Barnakarl, "baby's old man.
100 ページ - A hoult; a little thicke groue or tuft of high trees, especially such a one as is neere a house, and serues to beautifie it, or as a marke for it.— Colgrait hallen, i.109/55, A.-S.