The Works of Charles Dickens, 第 19 巻

Chapman & Hall Limited, 1914

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380 ページ - ... agreeably to a preconcerted system of correspondence, artfully contrived by Pickwick with a view to his contemplated desertion, and which I am not in a condition to explain ? And what does this allusion to the slow coach mean ? For aught I know, it may be a reference to Pickwick himself, who has most unquestionably been a criminally slow coach during the whole of this transaction, but whose speed will now be very unexpectedly accelerated, and whose wheels, gentlemen, as he will find to his cost,...
362 ページ - Sam complied with the request, and proceeded as follows ; his father continuing to smoke, with a mixed expression of wisdom and complacency, which was particularly edifying. " ' Afore I see you I thought all women was alike.' " " So they are," observed the elder Mr. Weller, parenthetically. " ' But now,' continued Sam, ' now I find what a reg'lar soft-headed ink-red'lous turnip I must ha' been for there ain't nobody like you though / like you better than nothin
132 ページ - whispered Mr. Tupman. " I don't know," replied Mr. Pickwick in the same tone. " Hush. Don't ask any questions. It's always best on these occasions to do what the mob do.
124 ページ - I do," said Mr. Pickwick, growing energetic, as was his wont in speaking of a subject which interested him, " I do, indeed ; and to tell you the truth, Mrs. Bardell, I have made up my mind.
376 ページ - ... that a counsel, in the discharge of his duty to his client, is neither to be intimidated nor bullied, nor put down ; and that any attempt to do either the one or the other, or the first, or the last, will recoil on the head of the altempter, be he plaintiff or be he defendant, be his name Pickwick, or Noakes, or Stoakes, or Stiles, or Brown, or Thompson.
xiii ページ - Club', the members of which were to go out shooting, fishing, and so forth, and getting themselves into difficulties through their want of dexterity, would be the best means of introducing these. I objected, on consideration, that although born and partly bred in the country I was no great sportsman, except in regard...
59 ページ - To pleasure his dainty whim : And the mouldering dust that years have made, Is a merry meal for him. Creeping where no life is seen, A rare old plant is the Ivy green.
380 ページ - My client's hopes and prospects are ruined, and it is no figure of speech to say that her occupation is gone indeed. The bill is down — but there is no tenant. Eligible single gentlemen pass and repass — but there is no invitation for them to inquire within or without. All is gloom and silence in the house; even the voice of the child is hushed; his infant sports are disregarded when his mother weeps ; his ' alley tors' and his 'commoneys' are alike neglected; he forgets the long familiar cry...
11 ページ - Ah ! fine place,' said the stranger, ' glorious pile — frowning walls — tottering arches — dark nooks — crumbling staircases — Old cathedral too — earthy smell — pilgrims' feet worn away the old steps— little Saxon doors — confessionals like money-takers...
xiv ページ - ... was the nickname of a pet child, a younger brother, whom I had dubbed Moses, in honour of the Vicar of Wakefield ; which being facetiously pronounced through the nose, became Boses, and being shortened, became Boz. "Boz" was a very familiar household word to me, long before I was an author, and so I came to adopt it.