Racing Calendar

proprietor Robert Hunter, 1791

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234 ページ - TO begin the fame by fighting the lighter pair of cocks (which fall in match) firft, proceeding upwards to the end; that every lighter pair may fight earlier than thofe that are heavier.
xxxi ページ - Every horfe, mare or gelding that runneth, is to ftart between the hours of one and four in the/' afternoon; and to be allowed half an hour between each heat to n1b.
xli ページ - ... be difcovered in watching trials himfelf, or procuring other perfons fo to do, or by any unfair means whatfoever endeavouring to difcover trials; on fuch complaint being carried to...
xliv ページ - Newmarket, and the faid appointed perfon is to fign a certificate of fuck examination, and his opinion thereupon, which certificate is to be hung up before eight o'clock the evening of the faid day of running, in the coffee-houfe at Newmarket. — But for all Plates, Matches...
xliv ページ - It is alfo expected, that every groom will attend to the regulations and orders which the Stewards of the Jockey-Club may give, relative to the prefervation of the courfe and exercife ground.
xlvi ページ - October meeting in each year ; and the acceptance must be signified, or the whip resigned, before the end of the same meeting. If challenged for and accepted in the Spring, to be run for on the Tuesday in the second October meeting following ; and if in the October, on the Thursday in the second Spring meeting following.
233 ページ - Cockpit on the day of next, beginning at the hour of feven o'clock in the feid morning, cocks, none to be lefs than three pounds fix ounces, nor more than four pounds eight ounces; and as many of each party's cocks as come within ounces of...
xl ページ - The Stewards are to be refponfible to the JockeyClub for all the money collected, as belonging to the 'Club. The Stewards fhall have it in their power to fix the hours of ftarting for each Match, &c. but they {hall be obliged to fix thofe hours of ftarting by eight o'clock' in the evening preceding the day of running.
234 ページ - ... fight for two guineas each battle, to be as equally divided as can be, and added to each pit or day's play with the main of cocks ; and it is alfo agreed, that the balance of the battle money...
234 ページ - ... fhall be paid at the end of each pit or day's play ; and to fight in fair reputed filver fpurs, and with fair hackles ; and to be...