From Musket to Metallic Cartridge: A Practical History of Black Powder Firearms

Crowood, 2013/11/30 - 240 ページ
From Musket to Metallic Cartridge is an historical introduction to the use of black powder firearms, from the primitive smooth-bore musket to breech-loading cartridge guns, as well as a primer on their practical use for today's black powder shooters. Drawing on his experience of countless hours on the shooting range, backed up by meticulous research, Oyvind Flatnes relates over 500 years of development and covers the huge range of different ignition systems, models and patents. He describes the use of antique firearms and replicas, discussing their historical and safe modern use. The book is profusely illustrated throughout, with both photographs and diagrams, showing a range of guns and their ammunition, with some live firing shots showing them in action. Aimed at shooters, collectors and general gun and weapons enthusiasts, this book will inspire the reader to learn more about how firearms work, and to take them onto the range too. Superbly illustrated with 265 colour photographs and diagrams.



The Age of Firearms
The Gun in Warfare
MuzzleLoading Ignition Systems
The SmoothBore Musket
The MuzzleLoading Rifle
The MuzzleLoading Pistol
The Percussion Revolver
The Repeating Rifle
The Cartridge Revolver
The Paperpatched Bullet
Black Powder Cartridges
Black Powder and Shot
Getting on Paper
Bullet Casting
Black Powder Hunting

The Rifle Musket
The Percussion Target Rifle
The Percussion BreechLoader and NeedleGun
The SingleShot Cartridge Rifle
The Black Powder Community
Bibliography and Links

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