Justice and Caring: The Search for Common Ground in Education

Teachers College Press, 1999/04/09 - 186 ページ

This thought-provoking volume confronts the expected tension between care and justice as moral orientations. These original essays, by renowned educators, reveal how these two moral orientations can work together to produce wiser and more practical policies and practices. The authors explore problems at every level of education and tackle tough questions in theory, practice, and policy making. Using real-life examples, they illustrate the great value of theoretical collaboration—instead of competing with each other, justice and care should complement each other in both moral theory and practice.

Contents and Contributors: PART I: Theory of Justice and Caring (1) Care, Justice, and Equity—Nel Noddings (2) Justice, Caring, and Universality: In Defense of Moral Pluralism—Kenneth A. Strike (3) Justice and Caring: Process in College Students’ Moral Reasoning Development—Dawn E. Schrader PART II: Pedagogical Issues (4) Teaching About Caring and Fairness: May Sarton’s The Small Room—Michael S. Katz (5) The Ethical Education of Self-Talk—Ann Diller (6) Caring, Justice, and Self-Knowledge—William L. Blizek PART III: Public Policy Issues (7) School Vouchers in Caring Liberal Communities—Rita C. Manning (8) Ethnicity, Identity, and Community—Lawrence Blum (9) School Sexual Harassment Policies: The Need for Both Justice and Care—Elizabeth Chamberlain and Barbara Houston

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著者について (1999)

Michael S. Katz is a Professor of Education at San Jose State University. Nel Noddings is the Lee Jacks Professor of Education Emerita at Stanford University and Professor of Philosophy and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. Kenneth A. Strike is Professor of Philosophy of Education at Cornell University.