The Chronicles of Enguerrand de Monstrelet: Containing an Account of the Cruel Civil Wars Between the Houses of Orleans and Burgundy; of the Possession of Paris and Normandy by the English; Their Expulsion Thence; and of Other Memorable Events that Happened in the Kingdom of France, as Well as in Other Countries ... Beginning at the Year MCCCC. where that of Sir John Froissart Finishes, and Ending at the Year MCCCCLXVII. and Continued by Others to the Year MDXVI.

Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1810


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I bought this in two separate volumes. The first volume I bought more recently from Forgotten Books reprints. The second volume I bought much earlier from Kissinger reprints. These chronicles continue ... レビュー全文を読む

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Volume one of the 1840 translation of the Chronicles of Enguerrand de Monstrelet. The translator was the same Thomas Johnes who did Froissart at about the same time. EM took up where Froissart stopped ... レビュー全文を読む


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183 ページ - King Edward, with sighs and tears, replied — " ' Lady, name them ; whatever be your requests, they shall be granted.' " ' My lord,' she said, ' I beg you will fulfil whatever engagements I have entered into with merchants for their wares, as well on this as on the other side of the sea ; I beseech you to fulfil whatever gifts or legacies I...
180 ページ - Troops continued to pour in from adjacent and distant posts ; and, as the few soldiers with the king refused to fire on those surrounding the palace, the people, though pitying the king, did not take up arms in his...
89 ページ - Fair cousin, we wish you to know that we will have the daughter of your king, or we will drive him and you out of his kingdom.
370 ページ - ... life of king Henry in the flower of his age, for when he died he was but forty years old. He was very wise and able in every business he undertook, and of a determined character. During the seven or eight years he ruled in France, he made greater conquests than any of his predecessors had...
369 ページ - Near the car were the relations of the late king uttering loud lamentations. On the collar of the first horse that drew the car were emblazoned the ancient arms of England : on that of the second, the arms of France and England quartered, the same as he bore during his lifetime; on that of the third, the arms of France simply. On that of the fourth horse were painted the arms of the noble King Arthur, whom no one could conquer : there were three crowns or, on a shield azure.
188 ページ - ... and vassals to our said son king Henry, and obey him as the true king of France, and, without any opposition or dispute, shall receive him as such, and never pay obedience to any other as king or regent of France but to our said son king Henry, unless our said son should lose life or limb, or be attacked by a mortal disease, or suffer diminution in person, state, honour, or goods. But should they know of any evil designs plotted against him, they will counteract them to the utmost of their power,...
339 ページ - Pol at table with his queen, deserted by the grandets and others of his subjects, as if he had been quite forgotten. The government and power of the kingdom were now transferred from his hands into those of his son-in-law king Henry ; and he had so little share, that he was managed as the king of England pleased, and no attention was paid him, which created much sorrow in the hearts of all loyal Frenchmen, and not without cause.
362 ページ - KING HENRY, finding himself mortally ill, called to him his brother the Duke of Bedford, his uncle of Exeter, the earl of Warwick, sir Louis de Robesart and others, to the number of six or eight of those in whom he had the greatest confidence, and said that he saw with grief it was the pleasure of his Creator that he should quit this world. He then addressed the Duke of Bedford : ' John, my good brother, I beseech you, on the loyalty and love you have ever expressed for me, that you show the same...
181 ページ - On the morrow of Trinity-day, the king of England espoused her in the parish church near to which he was lodged ; great pomp and, magnificence were displayed by him and hie princes, as if he were at that moment king of all the world.
365 ページ - Domine," where mention is made, " Muri Hierusalem," he stopped them, and said aloud that he had fully intended, after he had wholly subdued the realm of France to his obedience, and restored it to peace, to have gone to conquer the kingdom of Jerusalem, if it had pleased his • By different writers described as a dysentery, a fistula, and a pleurisy. Creator to hare granted him longer life...