A Critical Introduction to European Law

Cambridge University Press - 384 ページ
The new edition of this thought-provoking book discusses the history and institutional framework of the European Union without becoming mired in the minutiae of 'black letter' law. Written by one of the leading academics specialising in European law and legal theory, it provides an accessible introduction for students to current critical academic commentary on European law. The structure of the book has been revised, with the law of the market and discussion of EU social policy being brought together under one section heading. There is also increased discussion of the institutions of the EU and a specific section on Human Rights. The final section of this new edition will locate the author in the current critical commentary on the EU and also endeavour to make these sections much more accessible to the student reader. There will be two new chapters in this section to provide an opportunity for discussing the place of Europe within current debates about globalisation and the 'new world order'.

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