Am I Crazy, Or Is It My Shrink?

Oxford University Press, 1998/04/23 - 224 ページ
With over 400 types of psychotherapy available, ranging from the highly effective to the highly questionable to the downright fraudulent, the task of choosing a therapist can be daunting. Now, Am I Crazy Or Is My Shrink? gives you all the information you need to get the most effective help and to know when your therapy is working--or when it's time for a change. Drawing on years of practical experience and the most up-to-date research, the authors give you expert guidance on all the issues you should consider, whether you're seeking therapy or uncertain about the therapy you're receiving: What questions should I ask my therapist about a recommended treatment? What personal qualities and professional qualifications should I look for in a therapist? What do research studies say about the effectiveness of a particular therapy? How do I recognize when a therapist is not right for me? How can I tell when my therapist's behavior is unethical or unprofessional? What strategies can I use to evaluate my progress? The authors also provide an overview of the main branches of psychotherapy and suggest which approaches are best suited to the most commonly occurring problems, such as depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders, eating disorders, relationship and sexual difficulties, and many others. Finally, the authors stress that because therapies don't come with warning labels, and because a therapist will typically apply his or her theory to whoever walks through the door, regardless of their unique symptoms and circumstances, it is essential to choose your therapist wisely, with as much forethought as possible. Am I Crazy Or Is My Shrink? empowers you to make that choice with confidence and to be a knowledgeable participant in your own treatment.

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Am I crazy, or is it my shrink?

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Despite its frivolous title, this book is the serious product of research by two experts on psychotherapy (Beutler, Univ. of California at Santa Barbara; Bruce Bongar, Stanford Univ.) working in ... レビュー全文を読む


1 What You Should Know About Therapy
2 Who Offers Help and Does It Make a Difference?
3 How Treatment Is Kept Accountable
4 Seeking the Healing PatientTherapist Relationship
5 How Helpful Is Diagnosis?
6 What Is Different About Different Therapies?
7 How We Discover What Works
8 What Works with What Problems?
9 Am I Crazy Or Is It My Shrink?
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著者について (1998)

Larry E. Beutler is Professor of Education and Psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Bruce Bongar is Associate Professor of Psychology at Stanford University. Joel N. Shurkin is a freelance journalist.