Luke's Quest: Time to Learn

AuthorHouse, 2007/05/01 - 316 ページ
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Just a year ago, Luke Bradley was a relatively unknown historian living in his hometown of Blissville, Arkansas, and struggling to pay his bills. Now he is married to the woman of his dreams - brilliant, gorgeous, sexy and sassy - and they have enough money to go anywhere and do anything they want, not to mention the time-travel devices she invented that can instantly transport them to any time in the past. Yet major problems cast giant shadows over their seemingly perfect lives. Several people want those time-travel devices, some badly enough to kill for them. Can Luke protect his wife and himself from unknown assassins? Will he find healing for his damaged heart in modern medicine or perhaps in the rituals of an ancient culture? And is it just his heart that needs healing? What will be the cost? A Time to Learn is the second volume in the Luke's Quest series. The setting alternates among present-day rural Arkansas, a 2,500-year-old mound village on the Mississippi River and 20th Century Paris. This story explores love, romance, adventure, history and shamanism. Once again, Luke finds his life taking unexpected twists and turns, but this time he is not alone.

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著者について (2007)

Karen and Al Collier are a unique writing team. Al experiences severe epileptic seizures and ‘blackouts.’ During these blackouts he sees visions or mental movies, which he later describes to Karen, who then helps him convert these stories into novels. Al’s seizures cause dyslexia and other reading problems as well as writing difficulties. Karen translates and weaves his ramblings into a magical tale.

Prior to the onset of the seizures, Al worked in both print and broadcast journalism as well as being a paranormal investigator.

Karen and Al share a love of history, especially of the ancient Americans, and genealogy. For more information about them visit the web sites: or