The Kings of Ayutthaya: A Creative Retelling of Siamese History

Silkworm Books, 2017/07/07 - 368 ページ

Part fact, part fiction, part myth, and part legend, this book brings to life the kingdom of Ayutthaya from its roots in the kingdom of Sukhothai to its eventual destruction by the Burmese in the year 1767. It is the turbulent story of both the kings and their kingdom, from its birth to its downfall. 

Robert Smith retells the history of Ayutthaya by reimagining and dramatizing the exploits of its rulers, building his account around a framework of documentary evidence and hints in the historical record. Intrigues, honor, and deception wind through the tale as do ingenuity, determination, and the will to greatness that made Ayutthaya a major regional power for centuries. This account of the development of a nation—and the myths and legends that have gone with it—shows how Ayutthaya and its kings laid the foundation of modern-day Thailand.


• Engages readers with its presentation of the history, myths, and legends of the Ayutthaya kingdom
• Shows the development of cultural heritage, kingship, and governance of Thailand
• Narrates the stories of the kings and ruling dynasties of Ayutthaya
• Dramatizes famous figures and events in Ayutthaya history through dialogue, narration, and description

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Authors Note
King Ram Khamhaeng the Great
King Ramathibodi
King Borommaracha I
King Ramesuan
King Ramaracha
King Intharacha
King Borommaracha II
King Borommaracha III
King Ratsada
King Maha Chakkraphat
King Mahinthrathirat
King Maha Thammaracha
Prince Naresuan
King Naresuan the Great
King Ekathotsarot

King Trailok Ayutthaya
King Trailok Phitsanulok
King Chetthathirat


著者について (2017)

Robert Smith is a writer living in Phitsanulok, Thailand. He specializes in historical fiction.